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About Snowboard Shoes

Thrill, challenge, fun, excitement, and endless recreational opportunities – snowboarding brings everything no other sport can bring to a young heart. However, none can get a taste of what we just mentioned if they do not have the right type of snowboarding equipment and tools, including snowboard shoes.  

These special snowboard shoes, along with binding, are an integral part of your snowboarding venture. The snowboard boots are designed with special stiffness to offer better performance with enhanced control to high speed and softness. The unique combination of comfort and stiffness offers more manoeuvrability during jumps and tricks. Consider the importance of these sports shoes in the performance of the rider; it is important to pay attention to the construction, size, style and features of the shoe while buying. One must choose a pair that suits the snowboarding abilities and techniques and pick any of the below-discussed options. 

Different types of snowboard shoes 

Just like anything else that you can find the market today, there is a wide variety of snowboard shoes available. Before you head to buy, it is essential to note that not all types of snowboard shoes are made from the same purpose. This section of the article will outline different types of snowboard boots. For sure, everyone has personal preferences, but there are broad types of boots that differ based on the ability and style of sports. Therefore, before anything else, it is essential to understand the different forms of snowboard shoes available in stores online.  

The beginner’s snowboard boots 

Unfortunately, many label them as a cheap boot. However, not all cheap boots are ideal for beginners. To the fact if you just for the price you will surely miss some dangerous aspects that take part in polishing your skills. An ideal beginner boot is the one that comes with soft or soft-medium flex. Boots that are too stiff are challenging to ride in for beginner. That is why they are less forgiving and are painful to use. Therefore, for a beginner, it is important that the shoe is comfortable and have a heel that offers better hold on the feet. Generally, such boots are cheaper and thus is a win-win situation for all. You can consult online reviews of selected options to know the effectiveness in use.  

The freestyle snowboard boots 

Just like beginner boots, the freestyle boots also have a bit of giving too. However, the comfort level depends on the type of freestyle that you like to do. For instance, if you like to jib all day long, then something like medium-soft (3-4/10) is an ideal option. But if you lie larger jumps or riding a pipe, you will need to go for stiffer option (5-6/10). Shock absorbency is another important feature of these boots. During freestyle, you are constantly airborne and thus constantly landing. This is why you will need some serious cushioning while landing. So, it is important to check the inside and pick an option with sufficient amount of cushion.  

All-mountain boots 

All-mountain boots need to strike a balance of being able to ride the whole mountain from backcountry to piste to park. And they need to be able to do everything that comes along. Generally, medium (5-6/10) or medium-stiff (7-8/10) flex is an ideal way to go for all-mountain boots. For those who like to play more casual or incorporate freestyle type of things, a medium flex will be good. But if you like to ride aggressively, you will need to opt for medium-stiff boot. Besides all these boots needs to have shock absorption capabilities. So, once again, you need to pay attention to the inner construction of the boot and make sure it offers sufficient cushioning. 

The freeride snowboard boots 

For free riders who like to ride aggressively and move faster in backcountry or trails, the freerides boots are everything they will need. These boots are designed to help them handle everything that thrown in their way. These boots tend to be expensive as they have sturdy construction that delivers the highest possible performance. So, if you are searching boots for freeriding, then you must look for options with a stiffer flex. Here medium-stiff (7-8/10) or stiffer (9-10/) are ideal options. With these, you can expect to get any response and become an advanced rider who can handle all the stiffness and do whatever you love to and on any trails. 

Tips on how to buy Snowboard Boots online in the UAE 

If you are looking for cheaper options, explore some men’s snowboard boots clearance sales online. But if you are looking forward to best snowboard boots to buy, brands should be on your list. Here on, you can find everything from the best beginner snowboard boots to the most affordable women’s snowboard boots. However, no matter what your gender or brand demands are, there are some tips to make an impressive usable purchase that can last with you for longer and serve you in your specific sporting style and needs. 

  • The fit of boot – First thing first, you need to buy a boot that is a tight fit around your foot but cause no pain. But remember most of the snowboarding boots soften after few rides. Plus, you will be wearing socks while boarding so consider leaving some space when checking the fit. 
  • Check to size chart – As during online shopping you cannot put on the shoe to check the fit. Therefore you will need to take the fresh measurement of your foot and consult the sizing chart available on the brand you are willing to buy.  
  • Check the flex – The snowboard boot flex is rated from 1 to 10., With being one we mean softest and 10 being the stiffest. Remember an ideal boot fit depends on the preferences. Usually, beginners go for softer flex while advanced rider prefers stiffer flex.  
  • The lacing on boots – There are three types of lacing system on these boots. Traditional lacing is the best-personalized option while quick pull lacing is a faster option with zonal lacing to tighten the forefoot as well. Or you can consider BOA lacing for ease and micro–adjustability.  
  • The liner of snowboard boots – These boots are usually lined with a mouldable, lightweight material for a custom fit. So, pay attention to the liner as it offers cushioning, insulation, and stability for all–day–long use. And prefer going for shoes with removable liners for easy drying and washing.   

Luckily, today we have a wide range of snowboard shoes offered by top global brands and manufacturers. Every second option that you can find in the store is undoubtedly better than the first, in one way or another. Therefore, until you are not an advanced level rider, who knows exactly what he needs, the market search is recommended. It is always a great idea to ask your peers, explore any product search engine, read reviews of customers, and think carefully before you pay for any particular products. This way, you can make a better buying decision for your pocket as well as sporting needs. 

Question & Answer

How should snowboard boots fit?

A good pair should be a tight, stable fit over the top of the foot. Initially, they will resist slightly when you lean forward or flex but will still allow a comfortable range of motion without pressure points. Also, your toes should barely brush against the toe box. Additionally, your heel should be firmly held into the heel cup of the boot. Make sure you toe should not curl or feel even a slightest of pressure on the tips of your toes. But it’s okay if they are grazing or closer to boot liner.

What snowboard boots should I buy?

The choices based on your age, feet size, gender, level of expertise and type of sporting you are into. However, some of the bestselling items that you can consider starting your hunt are Burton Ion Boa, Vans Aura Pro, Burton Swath Boa, or Burton Driver X. Other options are Salomon Dialogue Focus Boa, Burton Ruler Step On, K2 Renin or K2 Boundary. Luckily all these products are readily available in the online market. You can explore to find these, along with many other branded items in higher quality and lower price.

Can you wear snowboard shoes for walking?

By construction, snowboard boots are stiffer and are suitable for an aggressive movement like sporting actions involved in snowboarding. These boots do not allow any ankle movement except for forwarding ankle motions. If you walk with such restricted motion of foot muscles, the result will include pain and stiffness in leg muscles, and you will get tired quickly. Therefore, using these boots for walking is never a good idea. It is better to use these boots for snowboarding only and opt for regular shoes for walking and other daily life activities.

Where to buy snowboard shoes?

Explore a superfast product search engine to find the most trending items in the market. This is where you can find top global brands selling their latest products. With the competition, there is a definite price difference in trending items. As a result, you will be able to get hands on stylish and trending items with cheaper price tags. Here on, you can find top brands like Burton, DC Shoes, Yundxi, Pure Compression, Topnaca, Adidas, Reebok, Asics, and Nitro.

Get started by exploring to find the latest options in Ski Boots. Wish you luck with your upcoming ski ventures.