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About Skate Shoes

Only a skateboard lover can tell you that wearing proper skate shoes can make all the difference. According to experts, it is essential to wear skateboard shoe for several reasons.  

Skateboard shoes are a special type of shoes that are made with the consideration that those skaters need additional protection and reinforcement in the right places. This special consideration is because a skater’s feet are exposed to activities and environment that involved a lot flipping and jumping. Therefore their shoes should be durable and strong. Skate sports shoes have grippe, flat and wide soles that help the riders to hold and have better control on their boards. Additionally, the extra padding on the inside ensures maximum comfort and stability during those demanding tricks. Hence we can say that just like sport, shoes are a bit tricky. Therefore you need to know them well before buying a pair.  

Everything you need to know about skate shoes 

Just like running or ballet shoes, skate shoes are designed in a certain way. This special design is meant to support the feet of skater while boarding. Skating is an entirely different activity which is why you cannot use common running or other types of sporting shoes for skating. It is unsafe and uncomfortable. For example, in ballerina, you need to wear shoes that allow graceful movements and protect the feet. The skate shoes come with particular design and material that helps to deal with hard kicks and managing skating turns, jumps and flips without causing any harm to the bones in feet and legs. Surprisingly many elements incorporated in making an ideally perfect skate shoe. Some of them are;  

The material of skate shoes 

Commonly they are made of hemp, canvas, leather and suede. Canvas and hemp are ideally lightweight and breathable, but they may not be as durable as leather or suede. Meanwhile, you will need to decide based on your skating skills and how hard you will be skating. So if you are skating for fun, canvas or hemp will work fine. But if you plan to practice a bit more technical skateboarding and get into a competition, go for skate shoes that can deal with wear and tear. Here you will need to choose between full-grain leather and suede because these materials can handle rough surface like concrete and grip tape.  

The stitches on skate shoes  

Here stitches are important. The reinforcement of the skate boots depends on the quality of stitches or the type and stitching. So if you see that these skate shoes have rough stitching, probably it will not wear out quickly. Besides, thorough stitching can also offer extra support in key areas of your feet. A high-quality skate boot will have double or triple stitching around the toe box and in the kickflip zones (this is where the impact on your foot is greater). This is why stitches are an important factor to consider while you head to buy skating shoes. 

Sole construction

The sole offers you all the required cushion and support while you jump, flip and touchback the ground. The construction of the sole is all you need to focus on while making the purchase. There are basically two types of sole constructions of skate shoes. One is called vulcanizes while the other is cup sole. The best sole construction boils down to your preferences. However, you need to look beyond the looks and style of kicks but consider your feet. This is because all people have different feet, and one type of sole construction may not work better for you than the other.  

The skate shoe profile  

As by now, you know well about the skate shoes and what they are constructed of, you must also know a bit about different designs. When you explore a product search engine, you will see skate boots with low, mid and high profiles. All these profiles have their unique benefits. A low-top shoe is for more mobility while the mid-profile is to offer added support to your feet. Meanwhile, the high profile skate shoe provides maximum protection for the ankle. But the high profile will also restrict your movement, and you will feel bulky, which is probably due to the weight. Once again, the category depends on your personal preference and sporting style. 

Tips on how to buy Skate Shoes online in Dubai 

Finding cheap skate shoes on sale is the easiest thing you can ever deal with. But the question is if they are really worth paying for or just a waste of time and money? This question is of consideration because cheap options are made by local sellers who do not bother considering the essential features and invest all energy on the looks. This is not a worthy option to consider. Beside cheap options, the online skate shoe shops offer a plethora of branded best skate shoes to choose from. This is something you can trust. But still, you need to be picky and focus on certain aspects during the purchase process. Here are somethings that you need to consider while processing skate shoe shopping.

  • The stitching  Explore the shoe from all sides and find how different parts are glued together. Prefer buying an option that comes with a double or triple stitch. A good quality skateboard shoe needs to be perfectly stitched together to last longer.
  • The material – Material of the shoe is the next thing you need to consider. Canvas is not suitable until you are planning for aggressive sport. Whereas stronger material like leather can be an ideal option as they are durable, lasting and offer better grip.
  • The shoe reinforcement – Having the shoe made of leather is not enough; you need to check the reinforcement. Look for extra layers on the toe cap. Also look for some layers on the sides, with the lace eyelets, and the heel.
  • Weight of shoe – Additional reinforcement is great, but if the shoe is heavier like a concrete block, you will not be able to pull many tricks with them. So, all the technologies and design need to be light enough that it does not drag you down. Plus, it must not be too light to make you feel flimsy.
  • Grip and padding – The sole of the shoe needs to be grippe (made of gum rubber) rather than regular street shoe rubber. Plus, padding in the tongue and heel collars can also help the skater enjoy specific types of sport and jumps.

In the end, you may also need to consider the lace protection system that comes on the skate shoe you pick. This is a little yet important think most of the skaters miss while looking at the shoe. However, with branded items, you need not worry about the lacing structure. This is because all the available designs are serving the skaters in one way or another. All you need to do is to look reliable and know the brand for your skate shoe needs.

Question & Answer

What are the best skateboard shoes?

Every player has its preferences and needs based on the sporting style and body features (foot size). Therefore, an ideal option varies from one person to another. However, some hot selling items satisfy the needs of most of the skaters out there. Some of the best-selling items that you can explore are Vans Sk8-Hi Casual Skate Shoes., Adidas Seeley Skate Shoe, DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe, and the Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski Skate Shoe. Other considerable options are Vans Checkerboard Slip-on Skate Shoes, Etnies Fader Skate Shoe, Globe Tilt Skateboarding Shoe, and Lakai Men’s Sheffield.

Are skate shoes good for walking?

Generally, there is not much difference between skate shoes and a normal walking shoe. But when it comes to serious and professional skaters and runners, both shoes have a different purpose. Some people might have serious issues with skate shoes if they use it for walking for long-distance. The sole of skate shoes is flat and not ideal for continuous thumping. Even though the inside of the shoe is nicely padded, they are not considered ideally comfortable for running or walking.

Can you skate in any shoes?

Many believe that you do not need specific skate shoes for skating or boarding. But the point is that skate shoes are made to help the skater do better. These shoes have a special type of flat, grippy and usually extra wide soles that help you to hold onto your board better. At the same time, they have a bit extra padding on the sides and the tongue of the shoe that helps to protect your foot during technical tricks. Any other shoe might not be able to offer the said support to your feet and bone structure. Therefore, even though you can skate in any other shoe, better is not to.

Where to buy skate shoes online in the UAE?

A precise retail search engine is the best place to look for reliable and genuine branded products online. At, you can find all the latest products from top global brands like DC, Vans, Etnies, Emerica, Globe, Adidas, Nsasy, Osiris, Supra, Converse, and Nike. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to compare the price of different items. Hence it is now possible for you to shop reliable, cost-effective and trending skate shoes for your next staking venture.

Besides, you can also use a retail search engine to compare and buy options from top shops to make the best buying decision.