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About Gymnastic Shoes

Gymnastics is an energetic sport – fun to watch and even more fun to do. It includes physical exercise that requires strength, balance, agility, endurance, coordination, and flexibility. Every movement involved in gymnastic contributes to the development of legs, arms, shoulders, chest, back and muscles in the abdomen. Whereas daring, precision, self-confidence, self-discipline, and alertness are some of the mental traits, one can develop through gymnastic. However, the right results required the right set of tools and gadgets. It also includes gymnastic shoes

A gymnastic shoe is also known as beam shoe. This is a special type of slipper that is commonly made of high-quality leather. The construction comes with some traction on the bottom to keep the gymnast from slipping. Generally, these shoes are worn by a gymnast, but the ballet dancers can also use these types of shoes for delivering a flawless performance. However, gymnast uses these shoes when at a higher level of competition. These artistic gymnastic shoes offer a higher level of protection to feet from pounding on robust skills on the balance beam and often then vaulting and tumbling.  

Things to keep in mind while buying gymnastic shoes 

Whether it is about the satisfaction of a well-done routine or the thrill of spinning around those uneven bars, gymnastics is genuinely challenging and fun sports. Additional it is a great way to stay in shape and enjoy a young and healthy body for a long time. And besides all other accessories, gymnastic shoes play an essential role in the performance, comfort, and security of the gymnasts. These shoes are designed with reinforced toes to help absorb the pressure of landing. We can also see some gymnasts wearing gymnastic shoes with rubber sholes to protect against slipping on the balance beam. Here are some important parts of basic discussion on the gymnastic shoes. 

The pros and cons of gymnastic shoes 

These footwears are helpful in cushioning the feet if you perform a lot of flipping skills, jumps, leaps or practising beam regularly. Especially if you take hard landing on the beam or land on the edge of the beam, the shoe will protect the feet and make landing less painful. The same goes for other activities like tumbling and vaulting. However, some gymnasts do not like having anything on their feet and prefer feeling the beam with barefoot. Also, they attract more attention to feet than all other moves. Beside if flexed feet are a problem for you, wearing shoe will make it more obvious. 

About gymnastic shoes for beginners 

These shoes are important if your child is attaining his or her first gymnastic class. It is important to get them like shoes at the initial stages. Moreover, the shoes need to be skid proof at this stage. Otherwise, there are chances that these young gymnasts will get injured due to falling. This is why doing gymnastic while wearing socks is strictly prohibited. Rather light and skid-proof shoes are a more comfortable and safer option when the kids are practising their moves and grips. These shoes will help them develop confidence, and their lessons will be concise. 

Gymnastic shoes for intermediate players 

With a sufficient amount of practice, your child will surely attain subtle skills in a variety of gymnastics. Over time the skills will grow, and so should the shoes. At the intermediate level, the gymnasts need to wear a shoe that can give them cushioning with correct barefoot feeling. Any shoe with a firm grip will be appropriate at such a stage. Moreover, it would help if you chose options that are lightweight, safer, and comfortable. Since the kid is learning to jump and leap, the landing will be painful at times. The right type of shoe will offer just the right amount of padding and protection. 

Gymnastic shoes for advanced players 

Practice can make everyone perfect. Over time, skills go upward, and so should the shoe. With years of practice and skills, the gymnasts can do just fine with the high-quality leather shoes. Since they are using gymnastic apparatus to the fullest and is used to leap and twirl, right footwear becomes a necessity. A leather shoe offers all the needed flexibility necessary for rhythmic gymnastics. Besides, they also offer maximum extension while doing insteps. And a durable option can also last with you for several years.

Tips on how to buy Gymnastic Shoes online in Dubai 

Today the market is flooded with options for almost everything. For instance, when it comes to branded or cheap gymnastic shoes, choices are endless. This variety in material, quality, colour, style, and additional features come from global brands. With so many options at any product search engine, it is really impossible to decide which one is the right option to consider. Additionally, the selection of gymnast shoes demands you to consider the level of skill the person currently has and want to achieve in future. But there is no need to feel stressed. We are here to share some tips on how you can make a smart buying decision when you head to buy kids or adults gymnastics shoes online in Dubai.

  • Choose between toe-shoe or half-socks – For daily training, the half socks are a convenient option as they are softer and more comfortable to wash. However, for a professional gymnast, the toe shoe is a preferable option. It is because they offer better visual appearance and all the comfort and grip needed.
  • The size of the shoe – The effectiveness of performance and training entirely depends on how sung fit the shoe is. The toe shoe must be accurate as of the foot size and fit well without causing any pressure. It is also recommended not to buy a bigger size or room to grow.
  • The material – To perform stunning gymnastics, more elegantly and efficiently, you should wear toe shoe made of durable and elastic material. The options may include shoe made of cotton, nylon, leather, elastin, or microfiber – and at times a combination of two or more.
  • The design and colour – Next thing you need to consider is the colour and design of the shoe. You can pick anything from nude, white, or brown as they are standard colours. However, there can be other colour options available if you want. But for professional nude shades of toe shoes are a subtle option.
  • The price – These shoes are not much expensive, and you can easily find branded options in your budget. However, there are price differences at times. So better is to set a price limit for your self and look for an option that is within that price range.

In the end, we will recommend you going through the product description section. This is where you can read everything about the shoe, including care recommendations. This is because just like any other footwear, these shoes need to be cleaned. A hand wash is a perfect choice. It is not recommended to dry them on heated objects or a dryer. Therefore, read the cleaning instruction about the products before you opt to buy and use them.

Question & Answer

What are gymnastic shoes?

Gymnastic shoes are also known as beam shoes. These are tight slippers that are commonly made of leather with some traction on the bottom to keep you from slipping. Gymnasts generally wear these shoes at the higher competitive levels. The purpose of these shoes is to protect the player’s feet from pounding of fierce skills on the balance beam. Whereas at other times they also prevent the player from vaulting and tumbling as well.

Why should you wear gymnastic shoes?

Gymnastic shoes are the thing, durable and highly flexible footwear options that can help the gymnast cover and secure their feet in several ways. Most of the gymnasts wear these shoes because they dislike having something on their feet or think they lose the feel of the floor or beam if they wear standard sports shoes. Therefore, we can see all the professional gymnasts wearing one of the types of gymnastic shoes available in the market.

Which gymnastic shoes have the best cushioning?

Some of the best-selling gymnastic shoes that come with all the needed cushioning include options like Resistance Fitness White Leather Gymnastic Shoes, the Beck Unisex – Adult Basic Weiss, Schwarz Sports Shoes and the Ballet Dance Shoes Split-Sole Flat Gymnastics Dancing Slippers. Other options that you can explore to choose from are Capezio EM1 Agility White Slip-on Gymnastic Shoes, Vijayanti Sports Gymnastics Shoes for Men, and the ASICS Men’s Gymnastics Shoes.

Where can I buy gymnastic shoes online?

A comprehensive product search engine is the best place to look for reliable options of gymnastic shoes online. This is where you can find all the latest products from top brands like CIOR, Danzcue, Capezio, Nike, Beck, Dance N Wear, and Powerstep. With easy buying and searching tools, you can compare all the available options from such trusted brands and make a well informed and thoughtful choice.

 We wish you luck with all your sports shoes and accessories buying needs.