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About Football Boots

Football is a sport loved by all. Every second family has a football lover or player who loves the game at any level possible. With that much interest and popularity in the sport, football boots are also an important product for sport accessory manufacturers.

Football boots (also known as soccer shoes or cleats) are a special type of sports shoes used for playing soccer (both indoor and outdoor). At the professional level, this footwear is important to wear while stepping on the ground. These exclusive designs of shoes are safe to run on grass pitches. ThStuds offer the grip and support of the outsole. Modern football boots are not like traditional boots as they do not cover the ankle. Here more attention is placed on protecting the sole and providing players with maximum grip and comfort to run the bank and forth freely.

Types of sole in football boots according to ground

When it comes to buying football boots, choosing the right sole style is of great importance. Not only it has an impact on performance and comfort, but it can also prevent the players from apparent injuries. However, based on the difference in the ground and playing styles, different soles are available in football boots you can find in the market. According to the sole of the boot and its compatibility with the ground you are playing in, only segregate these types according to the sole of the boot and its compatibility. Some soles are more self-explanatory than the others; however, small variation from an artificial to firm ground sole can leave many wonderings about the difference. Let us understand these different types of boots.

The firm ground boots

Also known as FG, these boots are designed for use on natural grass pitches or where the grass is kept short. They are ideal for use when the pitch is dry, but they can also handle slightly damp pitches. These boots have hard and plastic moulded studs. Unlike standard boots with six studs, the firm ground soleplates tend to have multiple studs of different sizes and shapes. However, these shoes are not suitable for use on traditional sand bade turf pitches. Although they work well, they are not designed to as the studs will wear down faster than usual.

The soft ground boots

Also known as SG, these boots are ideal for muddy, damp pitches with long or short grass. These are ideal when you need to get the most traction possible and are worn mostly during winters. These boots have the most traditional sole form that features six conical studs screwed into the soleplates. Even the modern styles are prone to going for a mixed sole that includes a few moulded studs. These types of shoes are not ideal for use on the bouncy firm pitch as they will be like a mini earthquake inside your ankles every time you break into anything more than a slow walk.

The artificial grass boots

These boots are a modern idea that came forth because of the increasing popularity of 3G turf pitches. The 3G pitches are the one that has little black bits on them. The AG boots are meant to feel and look like a firm ground boot. However, they offer an increased grip and cushioning that is needed on 3G. At first glance, these boots look just like the one you find on a firm ground soleplate. These boots have hollowed out studs that keep them lightweight and absorb the harsh impact while running on 3G. These boots are not ideal to use on grass pitches.

The turf trainers

The TF football trainers are designed for the small-sided version. These boots are meant to use on water and sand-based artificial grass pitches. They can also be used on 3G pitches too. However, they do not offer as much grip as the AG boot does. The soleplate on these boots consists of multiple rubber pellets like studs that make them easily recognizable. However, these boots are not ideal for use in indoor pitches as the studs can hurt your feet on hard grounds. Besides, they are slippery and cannot offer the traction you need in the ground.

Tips on how to buy Football Boots online in Dubai 

It is always suggested to buy cheap football shoes online in Dubai. This is because a retail search engine offers you the opportunity to explore and buy the most genuine and economical option without wasting your physical energy. All you need to do is look for football boot clearance sales in the UAE and pick a suitable boot according to your needs and skills. Although a retail search engine is the best place to buy football boots online, buyers have some concerns. In this section of the article, we will share some tips on how to pick/buy a football shoe from that many options without getting lost.

  • Finding the right store – Not all stores have global brands, as you can find on So, when you search for any product, make sure you are in the right place with maximum options to explore and shop from.
  • Know the models and brands – Do not just look at the colour and book the size of the shoe. You need to do some homework and know the features of the shoe from the most loved brand. Know what makes the selected brand and model different from others and make a practical decision.
  • Get the right size – Just like any other sports shoe; the football boots need to be of sung fit. It should neither be loose nor be too tight. So, pick a shoe size that offers about ¼ to ½ inch gap between your toe and boot top. This will be an ideal fit for your feet.
  • Determine the playing style – Every player has a different playing style and position on the ground. So, the boot must be according to your playing needs and movements on the ground. Here you can consult your instructor to know what boot style will be suitable for your gaming needs.

When buying football shoes online, you need to look at as many options as you can find. Therefore, make sure you are heading to the right seller. Additionally, you need to do some serious homework and know the most suitable boot style per your sporting needs. Once you have your hands on a reliable option, dig deep by reading the product description section and customer reviews to get an idea of its performance.

Question & Answer

Can football shoes be used for running?

Yes, at times, you can wear these shoes for running. They have a special design that makes them perfect for improving the grip while running on a soccer pitch. However, the same sole usually is ineffective on the conventional surface, where most running often occurs. Therefore, if you intend to do running regularly, I suggest looking at shoes better for running on different trails. The good news is that our platform has everything you are searching for. We are home to over 500 sellers offering premium football footwear brands at fantastic prices. Explore our stock for an exciting shopping experience.

What football shoes should I buy?

It will help if you purchase shoes according to your level of skill or sporting activities you are involved in. Moreover, you will need to consider the ground you will be playing on. Besides such specific considerations, there are some widely acceptable options you can think of buying. Some to name are Nike Air Mercurial, Adidas F50 Ad zero, Adidas Copa Mundial, Nike Mercurial SL and Mizuno Wave Cup. Other options you can consider are Nike Air Zoom Total 90 II, Puma V1, Adidas F50, and so much more. They are offered massive discounts and deals during sale events. So, stay tuned to us.

Where to buy football shoes in Dubai?

The market is overflowing with variety in style, colour and other core features that comprise a football boot. And the competition is high. Therefore, there are bright chances that you will find better options on every shelf you go to. While buying online, a retail search engine can be ideal for looking for possible options available at different brands. For instance, you can find Adidas, Nike, Puma, Sondico, and Leoci on It is always a great idea to explore possible options on all these brands before settling for anything.

Why do football shoes have studs?

Football shoes have studs, which offer a more significant frictional force than regular shoes. This feature is crucial while you have to run on grass. These studs on football shoes prevent players from slipping on the grass while running. It also helps them to run faster and quickly change their direction while running and without slipping. Therefore, checking studs is a crucial point you should have on your mind for football shoes. Refer to the pictures when shopping online to get the right pair suitable to your requirements and preferences.

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