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About Fitness Shoes

Dreaming of sexy legs that look perfect in tight jeans or shorts? Fitness shoes will help meet your shape-up goals in the best way possible. Through the years, they have earned a reputation for being ‘wonder footwear’. We know you are curious and amazed at the same time. So, let’s explore more about them below.   

Fitness shoes go by names such as shaping shoes, toning shoes, and wellness shoes, to name a few. They are easily recognisable through their funky-looking design and awkward bump along the bottom. Aside from giving the wearer perfectly toned butt and calves, this footwear also promises to improve posture and balance. No wonder, a lot of guys and gals choose to invest in a pair for their fitness goals. If you believe that fitness shoes would speed up your shape-up journey, do not purchase before you find out everything about them. Now, the real question is, do they really work? We will know the answer to this question in the succeeding paragraphs. So, sit back, relax, and read on. However, let’s first discover how they work.  

How do fitness shoes work?

While fitness footwear is less versatile compared to athletic shoes, it offers enhanced health benefits. These include burning calories, toning muscles, improving posture, and relieving joint and back pain. One of its distinguishing features is an uneven sole that drops your heel lower than the front of your foot while walking. This results in a rocking motion. This forces your stomach, leg, and back muscles to compensate by working harder in order to maintain balance. Since fitness shoes activate those muscles which you do not normally use in walking, they facilitate increased calorie usage. This, in turn, leads to weight loss. Moreover, since your weight is shifted forward, you will less likely to slouch. The shoes’ instability also enhances your balance.   

What do studies reveal about fitness shoes?  

Though some firms have carried out in-house research on their fitness shoe brands, there is an independent study probing whether fitness shoes really work. This was performed by the American Council on Exercise. They enlisted a female group of treadmill walkers wearing fitness shoes. The researchers measured the muscle activity and metabolic rate of the participants’ quads, calves, abs, back, buttocks, and hamstrings. They also asked the same group to wear a pair of regular sneakers and perform the same activity. Results showed neither a notable increase in muscle use nor metabolism. There was also no improved fitness benefit over the average running shoe. However, fitness shoes were found to offer multiple health advantages that go beyond metabolism and muscle activity. 

The fantastic benefits of the best fitness shoes 

You have probably frowned after knowing that fitness trainer shoes do not have any notable effect on muscle activity and metabolism. However, before you back out of buying them, it pays to discover their multiple benefits. For instance, since the heel is lower than the toes, fitness footwear can enhance the heel tissues’ flexibility. This, in turn, can help relieve pain from plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. Specifically, fitness step shoes are seen to reinforce weak muscles in the feet when walking on beach sand. More importantly, they can motivate you to exercise. Well, psychologically, people tend to become more devoted to a certain activity if they have special gear exclusively designed for it. Aside from these benefits, fitness shoes are also designed to address a wide range of foot conditions.  

Rocker bottom sole: The key feature of fitness shoes  

Have you ever wondered what makes fitness footwear effective in giving people happy feet? That’s none other than the rocker bottom sole, which has been used for years in the treatment of patients with certain foot issues. However, most of the shoes manufactured years ago were not fashionable at all. With the advent of shape-up shoes, the rocker bottom has significantly evolved from meh to wow! It comes with various upsides depending on its location. If placed behind the ball of the foot, it can put less pressure on the big toe. Meanwhile, a rocker point that is thicker in the back of the shoe limits mid-foot and ankle motion. This aids in limiting pressure placed on the heel of your foot. No wonder, toning shoes are widely preferred by many people to reduce pain in the foot while walking. 

Tips on how to buy Fitness Shoes online

Everyone would agree that it takes good footwear to bring out a notable difference in any type of workout or fitness exercise. Therefore, whether you are just starting your journey or have already reached your fitness milestones, choosing the right pair of shape-up shoes is of the essence. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind to ensure your satisfaction with the purchase. Let’s check them out below.

  • Budget – It is crucial to determine your price range before you shop online. Toning shoes can be anywhere from around AED 200 to AED 1000. They are pricey because much engineering goes into their development.
  • Brand – They say it is not about the brand, but most of the time, it is. Big names create sports shoes that stand the test of time. That is the reason why they are usually expensive. As much as possible, go for the brand you trust.
  • Reviews – When shopping online, checking out reviews is the best way to determine the quality of the shape-up shoes you are aiming for. Let the experience of other buyers be your guide. Of course, you can also ask for recommendations from your friends who own fitness footwear.
  • Warranty – Yes, fitness footwear is offered with a manufacturer’s warranty due to its hefty price tag. This comes in handy when you may need to return the pair if it does not fit or is uncomfortable. Fair enough, isn’t it?
  • Fit  Measure the length and width of your feet to determine which one to opt for. You can also use the shoe size chart of your trusted brands and manufacturers as a guide. In case the pair you’ve got is not a snug fit at all, you can always request a replacement.

Do you want to give your walking exercise a twist? Well, there is no better way to do that than wearing high-quality shape-up shoes. These are fantastic invention offering a range of health benefits. Thus, it is imperative to go for a pair that meets your needs and goals. By following the tips mentioned above, you will be able to grab the perfect pair in town. So, get started by exploring some great finds here on!

Question & Answer

Which are the best brands of fitness shoes?

Walking exercises become more exciting when you have a great pair of toning shoes. Hence, it is essential to go for a pair that’s stylish and can meet your needs. These include Skechers fitness shoes and Nike fitness shoes. If this is your first time shopping for them online, we would love to help you make the right choice. Amongst the leading brands that you can count on include Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Nike, FootJoy, and many more. It would be great to check out a couple of customer reviews to know that one that will best suit your requirements. Once you are sure about a pair, browse our retail search engine to start your buying journey.

How to choose fitness shoes?

The shoes you wear for your workout or walking exercise can greatly affect your health. Thus, it is imperative to choose a pair that will suit your needs, goals, and preferences. If you are looking for fitness footwear, there are quite a few factors that you need to consider in getting the perfect one. Of course, the budget should be on top of your list. Moreover, you need to ensure that the pair you want is high-quality, fits snuggly, and made by a reputable manufacturer. Thus, it’s important to refer to customer reviews when making the final decision. In case there is an issue with the pair you purchased, you can always return it to the shop you bought it from. Most online sellers offer a quick and easy return & exchange policy.

Where can I buy fitness shoes?

Yay, you have reached the end of this article! Thus, it means the information provided above is helpful enough. Since you are already here, why don’t you explore the countless options that await you? is the best platform where you can enjoy a fantastic buying experience. We have more than 500 shops that offer amazing prices and fantastic deals all year round. Thus, you can save much on your purchase. Plus, we make shopping an extremely seamless experience. We recommend you stay tuned to us so you won’t miss out on any exclusive offer from your favourite sellers.

Why is it important to wear fitness shoes?

Even though research shows that these do not offer muscle-toning benefits, they come with a long list of advantages that can inspire you to step up your fitness game. Thus, you won’t get disappointed investing in a high-quality pair. Toning shoes are said to improve your posture and balance. What’s more, they address certain foot conditions by enhancing the flexibility of the joints and tissues. However, they are exclusively recommended for walking exercises rather than gym workouts. Use your fitness footwear for the right activity and you will be surprised with the results.

Is walking your favourite exercise? Then you will surely love having a pair of fitness shoes due to the great health benefits it has in store. So, hurry, check out the stores and brands on this shopping search engine for a wide array of choices! You can also find here Nike ladies’ running shoes, Skechers women’s athletic shoes on sale, the best training shoes for women, the best gym shoes for women, and many more.