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About Cycling Shoes

Do you love to do cycling in Dubai? Whether it’s your favourite thing to do after work or during the weekends, you join group-rides, or you compete in races, a pair of hard-wearing cycling shoes is all you need to enjoy the ride.

The good news is that there are countless designs, styles, and brands available in the market today. However, it is imperative to figure out the perfect one that will meet your needs and suit your preferences. While it is possible to ride a bike wearing any kind of shoes, having the right gear can make a huge difference when it comes to performance sports. Cycling shoes have a special design that makes it easier to ride a bike for long hours without fatigue or hurting your feet. But before you start shopping for them, read this article. Having a better understanding of them will help you make better choices when you shop.

Types of Cycling Footwear for Your Riding Style

The key factor that will determine your choice of footwear is, of course, the type of cycling that you do. By having the right shoes, you can fully maximise your efficiency and comfort on the road. Cycling shoes come with a whole variety of designs and features; there are shoes with clips and those that do not have clips, the material and design also change depending on the type of shoes. Here is a list of four most common types of footwear that athletes use for cycling.

Road Bike Shoes (SPD-SL)

Compared to mountain bike shoes, these are less versatile and feature a design that makes them suitable only for cycling. They are characterised by an extremely stiff sole, which is made out of carbon or plastic to provide optimum rigidity. In turn, this enables the rider to have maximum power transfer and cycling efficiency. Road bike shoes also feature cleats that stick out, making it uncomfortable and difficult to walk in them. What’s more, they are suitable for both the two-hole and three-hole cleat system commonly referred to as the SPD-L. Here, SL stands for ‘Superleggera’, an Italian word which means ‘Super Light’. If you want more stability when pedalling, go for the three-hole cleat system. It also provides a wider area of contact between the shoe and the pedal, so power transfer becomes more efficient.

Mountain Bike Footwear

If you are aiming for more versatility and flexibility, then choose mountain bike footwear. Also called SPD shoes, which stand for Shimano Pedalling Dynamics, it uses a two-hole system in order to securely attach the cleats to the pedals. Hence, it is essential to match your footgear to the correct pedal type to ensure that it works properly. Unlike road bike footwear, clipless mountain bike footwear comes with soles that are not extremely rigid. Therefore, it can flex more and can also be used for walking due to its rubber sole. Moreover, this type of footwear has cleats located inside the sole, which add to its versatility.

Hybrid or City Bike Footwear

This type of footwear bears several similarities to mountain bike footwear as it is also efficient and versatile for both walking and cycling. It features rubber soles and flexible construction for optimum comfort. Plus, since the cleats are recessed into the sole, you can walk around in them. From top, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a hybrid cycling shoe and a casual sneaker. In fact the design and material of these shoes are the same as casual sneakers. The difference lies only in the soles. This makes these shoes suitable for everyday use.

Cycling shoe accessories

You can make your cycling shoes more functional and comfortable by adding various accessories to it. Although there are countless accessories you can buy for these shoes, some of them are more essential than the others. For example if you are not satisfied with the original laces of your shoes, you can always switch it up for a custom lace. And if you are not a fan of tying the laces, go for velcro or ratcheting laces. When the weather turns too cold, it is also a good idea to use shoe covers to protect your feet as well as the shoes. A set of toe covers can guard the toes from chilly winds and water.

Tips on buying Cycling Shoes Online

Aside from the bottom of the shoe, the top is also equally important. But as there are hundreds of different options to choose from, it is easy to make mistakes when you shop for cycling shoes. Did you know that the way you adjust your footwear against the top of your foot makes a great difference to your efficiency and stability? Here are a few tips that you can follow when you shop for cycling shoes online.

  • Type of lace – Most road cyclists prefer this closure as it facilitates ease of adjustment of the tension on the go by simply pushing an extra tooth in and out of the system. On the other hand, velcro straps can also be quickly and easily adjusted. Typically, cycling shoes feature two or three velcro straps, so adjusting the tension across your foot won’t be an issue.
  • Clip type – The biggest difference between regular shoes and a cycling shores is the presence of the clip that connects to the bike pedal. But not all the clips are the same. Pedal clips of mountain bikes are pretty different from that of road bikes. Therefore, when you are shopping for shoes, choose the pair that has the same clip type as your bike.
  • Colour – Like other sports shoes, cycling shoes are also available in a variety of colours. Even though this doesn’t have to do with the performance itself. It is nice to have your shoes match up with the rest of your clothes. Keep in mind that while bright colours work for mountain bike shoes, for street bikes, you want something more toned down.
  • Size of the shoes – This one is more important than anything else. The shoes should stay on your feet snugly without coming loose or without being too tight. For this, the contour of the shoes might be perfect. You can refer to any size chart to find out what size of cycling shoes will fit you the best.

Apart from the shoes itself, you might also want to buy some necessary shoe accessories like shoe covers, to covers, custom clips etc. depending on your needs. Also, don’t forget to get a comfortable pair of socks as well. Usually cycling socks are snug fitting, have special threads that can wick the sweat for better evaporation and do not have any extra cushioning or padding. A good pair of cycling socks save your feet from rubbing against the edges of your cycling shoes.

Question & Answer

How do you find cycling shoes with a perfect fit?

It is important to make sure that the shoes fit perfectly from the beginning itself. Getting a pair that is too tight while hoping that it will break into a comfortable fit overtime is not the right way. Cycling shoes use very stiff materials that do not expand over time. While selecting the shoes, allow a little bit of room for your toes so that there is just enough space for you to wiggle them slightly. While you are cycling, you put pressure on the arch of your feet for an extended period of time. Therefore, if your shoes do not offer enough support for the arch, it can cause injuries in the long run.

How do you take care of the cycling shoes?

In order to ensure the longevity of the shoes, proper cleaning and care is vital. And like all other shoes, the first thing to keep in mind is to clean your shoes after every use. This is especially true for mountain shoes as you might be using them on muddy terrain a lot. Dirt can build up inside the clips and can interfere with the latching mechanism. But that doesn’t mean you should wash them with water every time. Instead wiping the dust and mud off with a clean rag will be enough. If there is any stubborn dirt remaining, use a soft brush to get them off.

How open should you replace the cleats?

There are two situations that necessitates the replacement of the cleats. If you have been using the shoes for quite a long time, it is possible for the cleats to be worn beyond repair. Over time, it will become harder for you to latch the shoes on to the pedal and to get them off. At this point, it is really unsafe to keep riding in those shoes. You should also replace the cleats if it happened to sustain any mechanical damage from fall or hit. As an important safety aspect of cycling shoes, you should make sure that the cleats are in proper condition before you start riding.

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