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If you are brave-hearted and love challenges to bits, then climbing will satisfy your cravings for adventure. However, having a pair of durable and high-quality climbing shoes is imperative to make every climb worth the sweat. Since there are a lot of options to select from, we understand how challenging it can be to find the right one. Well, we would love to guide you from start to finish, so read on.

When shopping online, keep in mind that not all climbing shoes are designed for the same purpose. There is a pair suitable for scaling mountains while something else is designed for manoeuvring indoor rock walls at a gym. Thus, you need to decide first on the type of climbing that you want to engage in. Doing so will help you determine the right shoes to pick amongst the sea of options available. Is this your first time shopping for climbing footwear? Then our practical guide below will enable you to make the right decision. However, before we get to the heart of the matter, let’s first discover some of the reasons why having the perfect pair of sports shoes will help you go a long way in the climbing sport.

The amazing benefits of climbing shoes

A high-quality climbing shoe can work wonders in protecting your feet from wounds, scratches, and injuries when climbing. Therefore, you can easily torque, cam, jam, wedge, or stack. What’s more, a pair can keep your lower extremities warm, especially in trad routes with higher elevation. When it comes to stability, climbing footwear will never disappoint. That’s because it prevents the feet from getting tired even when walking on the rock for prolonged periods. Furthermore, the right shoes provide proprioceptive feedback, which keeps you aware of your feet’s position and angle. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced climber, it takes the right pair of shoes to help you achieve your goals.

Different types of climbing shoes

There is a specific type of footwear designed for the kind of climbing you intend to do. Neutral offers a relaxed and comfortable fit by enabling the toes to lie flat inside the shoes. Meanwhile, moderate is characterised by its slightly downturned shape, making it perfect for technical climbing. What’s more, it has an all-purpose nature, so it can impeccably handle crack climbs, slab routes, slightly overhung sport routes, and long multi-pitch climbs. If you are looking for something that can secure your feet when doing tough overhanging climbs, go for aggressive shoes. Typically, these are characterised by a downturned shape and snug fit. They are also worn for routes at the gym and single-pitch sport climbs.

Types of climbing shoe closures

Climbing shoes come in three types of closures—slip-on, strap, and lace-up. Also known as slippers, the slip-on varieties feature elastic closure systems and optimal sensitivity. They are also fun to wear during training, as the lack of a stiff sole and midsole makes the feet faster and stronger. Meanwhile, straps provide superior on/off convenience. Also referred to as hook-and-loop, they are highly suitable for gym climbing and bouldering. Lace-ups are the most versatile type of closure, as you can loosen them when your feet swell up or get hot. Whatever you choose amongst these closures, ensure that they will give you happy feet and supreme comfort.

Climbing shoe outsoles to choose from

Commonly known as the sole, the outsole pertains to the rubber part of the footwear that touches the rock. It comes in different types and thicknesses to suit various climbing styles and performance. Generally, thicker soles measure between 4 and 5.5mm. Meanwhile, thinner ones range from 3 to 4mm and are perfect for smearing on lab routes. You can also choose between sticky and firm rubbers. The former provides better grip when smearing on labs, while the latter ensures better edging and support for the foot. Moreover, both are durable enough, making them a fantastic pick for those who have just begun their climbing adventures.

Types of climbing footwear materials

Shoe uppers come in either synthetic or leather. Synthetic materials provide minimal stretch; thus, their shape does not change much. Moreover, they are laudable for their ability to wick away sweat. Meanwhile, leather comes in two types, such as lined and unlined. Lined leather shoes, which provide more skin-to-skin contact, can only stretch around half the size and provide a more consistent fit through the years. On the other hand, unlined leather varieties can stretch up to full size and are touted as the most breathable and conformable to the feet. Though these two leather varieties have notable differences, both are low-maintenance and feature deodorising properties.

Tips on how to buy Rock-Climbing Shoes online in the UAE

There’s no wall or rock too high that you cannot climb. If you are determined and willing enough, then everything is possible. However, not having the right gear and shoes can spoil all the fun. Thus, it is essential to search for the best picks at a price you’ll love. You deserve something that is high-quality and will stand the test of time. So, we will share some valuable tricks below that will help you determine the pair that will work for your needs and budget.

  • Determine the type of climbing you want to do – Your choice of shoes will mainly depend on the type of climbing you wish to engage in. Keep in mind that this will help you narrow down your selections along the way.
  • Go for all-rounder footwear – An all-purpose rock-climbing  shoe featuring a slightly stiff sole for smearing and edging is perfect for beginners. Ensure also that the pair of your choice enables you to experiment with your footwork.
  • Check the fit – The best pair of rock-climbing shoes is the one that is not too tight but not sloppy. For supreme comfort, ensure that the toe box is big enough for the foot. However, if you are planning for a challenging climb, choose something with a tight, pointed toe.
  • Know your size – Like all shoes, climbing footwear comes in UK, US, and European sizing. This makes size conversion a bit confusing. Therefore, we advise you to use the shoe size chart of your chosen online shop, manufacturer, or brand.
  • Rent before you buy – Do not test the waters with both feet. It’s best to consider renting shoes for the first couple of times that you go wall or rock climbing. Doing so will enable you to determine the right brand that best suits you. Plus, you’ll never make a wrong buying decision.
  • Know your budget – Of course, your budget should be at play when it comes to your choice. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. So, investing in a reputable brand such as Dolce & Gabbana, Scarpa, La Sportiva, or Mad Rock, will help you go a long way in your climbing adventures.

Rushing to buy climbing shoes just because they are stylish or affordable is never a good idea. Before anything else, think about the climbing activity you are passionate about and use that as a basis for your decision. Of course, do not forget to consider the tips above to find the pair that will suit your overall requirements. If you are excited to embark on a more extreme climbing adventure, check out the brands and shops here on our shopping search engine today!

Question & Answer

What size of climbing shoes should I get?

There are two factors that determine your fit—your experience level and the type of climbing that you intend to do. Keep in mind that leather upper shoes are likely to stretch in lateral width over time, while synthetic and lined upper shoes don’t stretch much at all. Plus, the sizing varies from brand to brand, which makes the entire process confusing. Thus, we advise you to visit any sporting goods store to try on various sizes and types of climbing shoes. Once you have found the one that fits, shop for that pair online to get the best deals.

How to wash climbing shoes?

Depending on your choice, you can either hand wash or machine wash your climbing shoes. To hand wash them, all you need is warm water, a toothbrush, and mild detergent. Brush off dust and debris by scrubbing the shoes from the inside out. Then, rinse it completely with warm water and allow it to dry. Meanwhile, keep in mind that machine washing is only recommended for shoes made of synthetic materials. Therefore, if you have got leather shoes, handwashing is the safer choice. It’s also more effortless, so you can save a lot of time and energy.

Where to buy climbing shoes online?

There are a lot of fantastic online shops that you can consider when searching for a pair of high-quality climbing shoes in Dubai. And the good news is, they are available here on our product search engine. Aside from an amazing selection of brands to choose from, they also offer great deals that are too good to miss. So, stay tuned to keep yourself updated on the latest offerings. We offer nothing but an amazing online shopping journey no matter the season. Thus, we are one of the most preferred shopping platforms of shoppers in the UAE.

Which are the best climbing shoes for beginners?

If you have just started your climbing journey, you need to grab a pair of shoes specifically designed for beginners. Amongst the leading models you can choose from include Butora Endeavor, Scarpa Helix, Scarpa Origin, La Sportiva Tarantula, La Sportiva Finale, Evolv Defy, Evolv Elektra, Mad Rock Flash 2.0, and So Ill Kick. Most of them are suitable for smearing, as well as feature breathability, flexibility, and a simple closure system. Other brands you can explore that offer high-quality shoes for beginners include Five Ten, Climb X, Black Diamond, Adidas, Merrell, and Petzl.

Are you ready for another exhilarating climbing adventure this weekend? Then, wear the right gear from head to foot to ensure your safety. Whether you are searching for rock wall climbing shoes or mountain climbing shoes, our superfast and user-friendly product search engine has got you covered from A to Z. So, what else are you waiting for? Discover some great finds here on and kick off your buying journey today!

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