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About Boxing Shoes

Whether you are aspiring to be a professional athlete or boxing is your favourite workout, investing in a good pair of boxing shoes will help you go a long way. Here on, we will help you find the one that will bring out your stellar performance every time you step on the ring. However, before you kickstart your online shopping adventure, let us first know more about this footwear.

In every boxing match, one of the best movements begins from the ground up. That means the right footwork will keep you strong and well-grounded when the fight starts to heat up. Just one wrong step can make you lose your balance, which might lead to your downfall. Therefore, it is imperative to invest in the right shoes. Wrestling shoes are heavily marketed to boxers today. If you have just begun your boxing journey, don’t be so quick to jump on the bandwagon. Both sports are different, and each type of shoe is crafted uniquely to suit the needs of its respective sport. Thus, ensure that you get the right pair for your sport. You might be wondering about the defining characteristics of boxing footwear. We will discuss them below.

The anatomy of boxing shoes

The cut length is one of the defining characteristics of boxing shoes. You can choose between a mid-cut or high-top, which offers varying degrees of mobility. Ankle straps are also a common feature for locking your foot in and improving ankle support. When it comes to the closure system, most boxers opt for laces, as they can be adjusted in a matter of minutes. Shoes with straps and zippers are also worth considering. The upper is made of synthetic or lightweight leather with ventilation holes or mesh for breathability. In terms of the outsole, it is usually thin and grippy to keep you from losing your footing. What’s more, there are flex grooves to boost the sole’s flexibility for dynamic movements. And if you have ever wondered why boxing shoes have a narrow shape, that’s to ensure a snug fit.

Mid-tops vs high-tops

When buying a pair of boxing shoes in Dubai, it will take you a lot of time deciding on which cut length to go for. Mid-tops and high-tops are two of the leading options, and each of them has its fair share of upsides and downsides. There is no right or wrong choice, as your decision will mainly depend on your personal preferences. Mid-tops usually sit around the ankle, some below the knee, and others a little above. These provide optimal mobility at the cost of protection and support. Meanwhile, high-tops are known to provide more lateral and ankle support as well as a higher level of security. However, they don’t have the mobility of a mid-top, as a high-top’s construction covers the ankle, which hinders movement. If you are prone to injuries and ankle sprains, then high-tops are your best pick.

The key features of boxing shoes

Boxing footwear features a thin rubber sole that enables you to sustain traction without keeping your feet gripped to the ground. Some designs also come with a tread, which enables excellent footwork even when the ring becomes slippery due to sweat. However, unlike most training or athletic footwear, boxing shoes do not come with a built-in arch. Another thing that makes them unique is that they weigh less than several sport shoes available in the market. This enables boxers to move lightly on their feet with ease, as well as to change stance and direction frequently. A pair of boxing shoes are made of lightweight suede or leather. Thus, they give you that barely-there feeling.

Things to look for in women’s boxing shoes online

When shopping online, decide which type of shoe will work best for your needs and playing style. High-top boxing shoes are considered the best ones to use in a match, as they offer superior protection and support to your lower shins and ankles. Meanwhile, other boxers prefer low-top versions for workouts due to the greater mobility they offer. The best way to progress in your boxing skills is to learn how to grip and pivot excellently. That is why it is crucial to wear shoes that keep your feet from sliding when transferring weight. They should also enable you to pivot quickly without twisting your ankle in the process. A shoe that offers more grip makes pivoting more difficult, and vice versa. Hence, choosing footwear for this specific type of purpose comes down to your personal preference. 

Tips on how to buy Boxing Shoes online in Dubai

If you are a fan of Manny Pacquaio, then you surely know how a good pair of boxing footwear can change your life. And when you pick the right one, taking your skill and performance to the next level won’t be an uphill battle. We understand how challenging the buying process can get. Therefore, we compiled below some guidelines to help you zero in on the one that will ensure your satisfaction and give you the best value for money.

  • Sole construction – Surprisingly, soles are the second most essential feature of boxing footwear. That is because their construction makes a huge difference in the way you balance and throw punches. Most athletic shoes are designed to protect the feet from shock. In this case, Adidas boxing shoes and Nike boxing shoes are your best picks.
  • Comfort and width – Pay attention to the shoe’s width to ensure that they are comfortable. Take note that when it pinches your feet when you are standing, it will absolutely pinch them when you are training or fighting. Also, make sure that the footwear won’t make your feet slide around, as this will keep you out of balance.
  • Quality – When buying online, cheap doesn’t always mean satisfaction. Hence, it is highly recommended to choose a leading brand that offers superior sole quality and excellent construction. Well, among your best options are Ringside boxing shoes, Reebok boxing shoes, Under Armour shoes, and more.
  • Fit – You know you have got the perfect pair if it comes with a tight and narrow fit for foot control and lateral support. Your feet should also not feel any discomfort, pain, or irritation. We highly recommend you refer to a shoe size chart when making the final choice.

Boxing is an intense sport that requires a high level of balance, speed, power, and stamina. With the right pair of shoes, you can be the last man standing on the ring. Hence, it is imperative to choose the one that will bring out your peak performance in every match. By following the tips mentioned above, you can be one step away from victory. So, browse today to stumble upon some great finds at incredible prices!

Question & Answer

Are boxing shoes supposed to be tight?

As a rule of thumb, a pair of training shoes for boxing must fit like your regular footwear. Since footwork is one of the essential factors that will help you win the match, the shoes should be snug without squeezing the foot or leaving any space to slide around. Simply put, they must be comfy enough to help your feet move around the ring easily. By that, we mean you go for something that is not too loose and yet no so tight. in case you have an issue with a pair bought online, don’t lose hope. You can always request the shop for an exchange or a return. The process is smooth and simple.

Are boxing shoes and wrestling shoes the same?

Obviously, these are not the same, as they are used for different sports. Boxing shoes are constructed of lighter materials, higher, and provide more ankle protection. Their soles are only designed for forward and backward movement. Meanwhile, wrestling shoes feature a more durable construction and have soles designed for movement in any direction. Choose the right pair for the right sport to ensure a stellar performance in every match. If you have confusion, take the time to read reviews online. The experience of other customers will serve as your guide in making an informed buying decision.

Which brands of boxing shoes can I buy in the UAE? is a user-friendly shopping search engine where you can find a wide array of boxing shoes of all designs and sizes for men and women. Here, you can also take your pick from a broad spectrum of world-renowned brands such as Reebok, Asics, Adidas, Otomix, Ringside, Under Armour, Nike, Everlast, Cleto Reyes, and RDX. These are worn by boxing superstars on both their training and matches. And that means you can rely on their quality. However, since they are household names in the industry, you’ll have to shell out more for a pair. Decide on the best one after reading customer reviews.

How much are boxing shoes?

Whether you are just starting your boxing journey or already a veteran in the sport, having a good pair of boxing shoes is important. If this is your first time making a purchase, we’ll help you prepare a realistic budget. When shopping online, the price of boxing shoes ranges from AED100 to AED600. Of course, if you want to grab something that is long-lasting, go for the pricier options. However, if you want to get the best of both worlds, search for fantastic deals and offers. They usually appear during sale events like Black Friday, Dubai Shopping Festival, and Dubai Summer Surprises, to name a few.

It takes a great pair of the best boxing shoes to conquer the ring and knock out your opponent. While there are several varieties available in the market today, we are confident that you will end up choosing the one that meets your needs and budget. So, follow our recommendations to be happy and satisfied with your purchase. Buy Nike boxing shoes online or search for Reebok boxing shoes on sale here on our shopping search engine today!