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About Ballet Shoes

Does ballet have a special place in your heart? Whether you have just begun or you have already achieved the prima ballerina title, choosing the right shoes can sometimes be tricky. We would love to help you find the one that gives you the best of both worlds. But before we start, let’s first discover some interesting historical tidbits about ballet shoes.

Ballet dates back to 1681, which was two decades after King Louis XIV of France ordered the foundation of the Royal Academy of Dance. Surprisingly, the shoes during this era had heels, which were known as heeled court shoes. It was during the middle of the 18th century when a ballet dancer named Marie Camargo wore them without heels. Ballet footwear with heels became defunct following the French Revolution. This paved the way for the emergence of the flat ballet shoes we know today. Also called ballet slippers, they are characterised by thin soles for maximum flexibility. What’s more, they are fully secured with elastics and are closely fitted to the foot to provide a high level of safety. However, criss-cross bands at the top of the foot arch are the defining characteristics that paved the way for their iconic status.

Types of ballet shoes

There are various styles of ballet footwear available in the market. Though this is good news, it can also take a toll on your decision-making. Therefore, it is important to determine the one that will give you comfort, meet your needs, and suit your dance movements. In short, it is imperative to choose a pair that gives you the best of both worlds. If it is your first time buying ballet shoes, we want you to have a fantastic shopping experience. We have compiled below their three main types to help you pick the one that will help you steal the limelight. So, without further ado, let’s check them out and look into their respective features.

Soft ballet shoes

These come in two different soles such as full sole and split sole. Full sole ballet shoes have elastics that are either within or attached to the shoe. They also reach from the toe down to the heel without a break. If you are a beginner, this is the perfect footwear to start with as they provide extra support. Plus, they reinforce the muscles in the arch of the foot to help you advance to split sole shoes. Meanwhile, split sole shoes come with a break between the heel and the ball of the foot for flexibility. They also feature elastics that are either within or attached to the shoe and a nice line for a more polished performance. Once you master the basics of ballet dance moves, you can then wear split soles.

Full pointe shoes

Have you ever wondered why ballet dancers appear sylph-like and weightless every time they perform on-stage? Well, the trick lies in the full pointe shoes. These provide optimal support for toe dancing by enabling the dancer to transfer some of the body’s weight to the shoe in two areas: around the toes and under the arch. Amongst the defining characteristics of full pointe shoes are a durable suede type bottom, a shank that reinforces the arch of the foot while en pointe, and a flesh colour that makes the wearer seem as though they are dancing barefoot. What’s more, they feature a box, which is a hard-enclosed space at the end of the shoe that supports the toes. Having a pair of full pointe shoes is a must, whether you are just practising to do en pointe or you have already mastered it.

Demi-pointe shoes

These transition classical dancers from simple ballet flat shoes to ballet pointe shoes. However, they are not suitable for en-pointe performances. Thus, they must only be used per your teacher’s instructions. Demi-pointe shoes combine the features of both the full pointe shoes and the soft ballet shoes. They are more flexible compared to other types since they don’t come with a shank. What’s more, there is a softer toe box and sides or wings that are not as deep as those of the pointe shoes. Just like the other ballet shoe varieties, they come in various material constructions and colours. So, that means you have a wide array of options to choose from.

Types of fabric

Now that you already know the various types of ballet shoes for sale, it’s time to discover which material construction will best meet your needs, taste, and budget. Ballet is a delicate and dainty type of dance but requires a high level of endurance. Therefore, your shoes must also be equally durable. This is where the different types of fabrics enter the picture. Satin is the most aesthetically pleasing of all fabric types, making it perfect for special occasions. Meanwhile, leather typically lasts longer than any other types of fabric, but it is also the most expensive. If you want a fairly durable fabric, go for canvas. It has been proven to outlast satin ballet shoes and is also machine-washable; thus, requires easy maintenance.

Tips on how to buy Ballet Shoes in Dubai

Everyone would agree to the fact that ballet is such a timeless and legendary dance. If you are an aspiring ballet dancer, having a good pair of sports shoes is imperative to nail your performance. That’s why it is important to choose wisely amongst the myriads of options available in the market. When shopping online, there are few things to keep in mind before you decide to place an order. Let’s explore them below to help you make a great choice.

  • Size – The sizing for kids and adults are different. Ballet slippers for children are the same as street shoe sizes in several brands up to size 13 in toddler sizes. Meanwhile, adults must go for ballet shoes that are two to three sizes smaller than their street shoe size in most brands.
  • Fit – Keep in mind that when buying ballet slippers, it all boils down to comfort. They must fit like a glove or sock without an extra material or puckers to pinch at the tip of the shoe. Plus, they shouldn’t be so snug or binding to prevent squeezing the balls of the foot or curling the toes.
  • Colour – It is important to adhere to your teacher’s instructions, especially if a uniform is required in the class. A skin-coloured pair is a fantastic match for ballet tights. You can also go for pink shoes, of course! Meanwhile, black shoes are the best pick for gentlemen dancers.
  • Price – When it comes to the cost, you don’t have anything to worry. Generally, ballet dance shoes online in Dubai are amongst the most affordable dance shoes available in the market. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. So, don’t opt for the cheapest pair.
  • Material – If you are looking for something that will stand the test of time, go for leather. However, this material is also the most expensive due to its top-notch features. Meanwhile, if you want something that’s sleek and flexible, canvas would be a great choice.

Your chosen pair of ballet shoes will determine the outcome of your performance on-stage. Therefore, conducting research is of the essence before you make the final decision. Aside from the above tips and tricks, we also recommend you read product descriptions and reviews to ensure that the pair you like suits your taste, needs, and budget. Of course, shop only from a brand you trust. Keep in mind that this is the key to experience satisfaction.

Question & Answer

Are ballet shoes supposed to be tight?

Soft ballet slippers must fit your feet in such a way that’s snug but extremely comfy like socks. They must not be so tight to the extent that you can’t stand with your feet on the ground anymore. Also, they should not be so loose that they look baggy and awkward. It is crucial to find the right balance when it comes to fit and sizing, as these can make or break your performance. Thus, we recommend you refer to a shoe size chart for assistance. In in case you got the wrong sizing, don’t worry. You can always request for a return or exchange from the shop you bought your shoes from.

Can you wear ballet shoes for jazz?

Ballet shoes bear some degree of resemblance to jazz shoes. However, the latter comes with a small heel. They are worn in acrobatic rock ‘n roll and acro dance, to name a few. Now, if you are wondering whether you can wear ballet shoes in a jazz class, the answer is—it depends. In most cases, jazz instructors strictly require students to wear jazz footwear. If your instructor is not so strict regarding this, then you can wear ballet slippers as long as you are comfortable. Remember that when it comes to dance, it is your comfort that truly matters. Check reviews to make the right choice  when shopping online.

Can I wear ballet shoes outdoors?

It’s your call whether you will wear ballet shoes outside the studio or not. However, we advise you not to. Ballet slippers are not designed to get in contact with tough and dirty surfaces unlike other types of shoes with thick outsoles. If you wear them at the parking lot, they will eventually accumulate oils and dirt on the sole. This, in turn, can make the dance floor slippery. Ultimately, this can take a toll on your safety. Hence, experts say that sneakers are the only type of dance shoes that you can wear outside. No wonder, they are touted as the most versatile type of footwear in the fashion world.

Which ballet shoes are the best for beginners?

Some dance teachers argue that a full sole is the right option for beginners. Meanwhile, others claim that demi-pointe shoes are the perfect choice, as they offer more resistance compared to a normal shoe. These are also designed to reinforce the dancer’s foot muscles in preparation for pointe shoes. Consult your instructor before purchasing a pair of ballet shoes. You can also consider purchasing from Chanel, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Skechers, Dior, Bloch, Coach, Gucci, Capezio, Valentino, Miu Miu, Crocs, Clarks, and Steve Madden. These brands are offered by over 500 shops here on our retails search engine.

Where to buy ballet shoes online?

There are a lot of online stores in Dubai that can cater to your needs whether you are searching for adults’ or kids’ ballet shoes. Aside from a wide array of selections, you can also enjoy great deals and amazing prices all year round. What’s more, you can explore to find the pair that gives the best value for your money. We are home to shops that offer your favourite premium brands at amazing prices. Thus, shopping on our platform is always win-win. However, we recommend you refer to customer reviews and ratings to make the right decision.

It takes the right pair of ballet shoes to help you take centre stage by storm. Thus, go for the one that is both visually striking and comfortable. Aside from soft shoes and pointe shoes, you can also find here on our shopping search engine a range of block ballet shoes, ballet flats, ballet pumps, and toddler ballet shoes. So, what else are you waiting for? Start your shopping journey today and take advantage of the exciting deals that await you!

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