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What’s your favourite season of the year? If it’s spring or summer, then you need a pair of sandals. Not only this footwear is chic, but it also offers amazing benefits to keep your feet happy all day. Here on our product search engine, a wide spectrum of varieties await you from more than 500 online stores. We know you’re excited but hold your horses. Before you begin your shopping journey, let us first know more about this footwear.  

Whether you are a guy or a girl, there are several reasons to invest in a good pair of sandals. One of them is arch support, which keeps your feet comfy and happy. This is a must, especially if you’re travelling and have to be out and about all day. Beware of cheap ones made of fabric and cardboard, as they put unnecessary stress on the feet. Another reason to add sandals to your collection is their ample heel cushioning, which makes a difference to your safety. This helps prevent or minimise injuries caused by stepping on a pebble or stone. Also, if you think that this footwear is not versatile, think again. Lightweight sandals are designed for a leisurely walk around the city. Meanwhile, closed-toe varieties are your best pick if you want to go on a simple hike.   

The history of sandals  

In case you are wondering how sandals came to be, here’s a cool trivia. According to historians and researchers, they are the most ancient footwear in the world, which are commonly made of animal skins, plants, and ropes. They also claim that the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were the first people who wore them as a symbol of status, authority, and power in the community. Fast forward to the modern world, people from all walks of life have at least a pair of sandals in their wardrobe. From being an emblem of wealth, they have transformed into an iconic fashion ensemble amongst guys and gals alike. And summer is the best time of the year to flaunt them! Read on to find out the wide variety of options you can select from in the online world.  

Sandals online in Dubai: The types to choose from   

Greeks were considered the most creative amongst all the ancient civilisations in the world. They have uniquely designed footwear for all purposes and occasions, including sandals. In the modern era, there are myriads of varieties available. Hence, you can choose the one that perfectly matches your taste and needs. Under the flat sandal category, you can select from gold, studded, leather, or gladiator sandals. Go for high-heeled ones if you want to spruce up your summer look. Want to achieve that Miss Universe walk? Then go for wedge sandals. On the other hand, grab a pair of flip-flops if you want to experience supreme comfort both indoors and outdoors. These are characterised by a Y-shaped strap. 

How to style sandals 

Whichever sandal for women you pick, it will always match any outfit in your wardrobe. Do you want to achieve a laidback yet chic look? Then pair your jeans with wedge sandals. Meanwhile, if you want to go out for a stroll, a T-shirt-shorts-flip flops combo will do the trick. Do you want to unleash your feminine side when exploring the great outdoors? There is no better way to do this than pulling off a dress and platform sandals for an elegant look. If you want, you can also opt for high-heeled sandals to give your style a bit of zing. Whatever fashion vibe you intend to show off, you can never go wrong with the best ladies’ sandals when online shopping in the UAE.  

Features to consider when buying sandals online in the UAE

Go for the one that offers ample support and comfort. The arch of your foot is a vital part to take care of, as it enables you to maintain your posture and walk properly. You will find that some options feature built-in support, while those made from cork will perfectly adapt to your feet the more you wear them. Another important feature to consider is the sole, which must be a bit bigger than your feet. When your toes don’t fall over the sandal’s edge, that is an indication that you have selected the right pair. We also recommend you avoid those that may cause pain or discomfort in the long run. So, choose wisely to ensure your online shopping satisfaction.

Tips on how to buy Sandals online in the UAE

With the myriads of choices available in the market, we know how overwhelming it can be to make the final choice. We enumerated below the sandal varieties you can choose from to eliminate your dilemma. Of course, you can also get some helpful pointers in choosing the best pair that will work best for your specific needs and requirements. Are you excited to discover which one suits you? Without further ado, let’s get started.

  • Leather  Sandals made of this material are expensive but are proven and tested to stand the test of time. Lightweight and stylish, they are an all-time favourite especially amongst ladies, as they offer supreme comfort for the heel and toes.
  • Wood – If you are on the lookout for unique and stylish footwear that lasts for years, then wooden sandals are a fantastic choice. Apart from being resistant to dust and water, they also boast a durable construction. Hence, you will never regret shopping for them online.
  • Metallic – Searching for something nice and classy that you can wear at work or for night outs? Metallic footwear will never bring you down, as they come in a spectrum of designs, patterns, and styles. They may either be flat or heeled and with or without a buckle.
  • Rubber – Want to spice up your fashion a bit without spending too much? Rubber sandals can do the trick as they are affordable, versatile, and stylish. Plus, they are low-maintenance as they can be easily cleaned with water.
  • Gladiators – Can’t get enough with vintage fashion? Gladiator sandals for men and women are the ultimate icon. They are distinguishable and work best for skirts, dress, shorts, trousers, and capri pants. If you want to be a stunner in summer, then this is the footwear you should go for.
  • Flats – Want to keep your outfit simple yet stylish without compromising your comfort? Flat sandals offer the best of both worlds. Ideal for spring and summer, they make walking around a pleasant activity. Sandals for men such as Arabic sandals also fall under this category.

Life is boring without sandals, and we know you agree. Now that you have already discovered everything about this timeless footwear, it’s time to explore our product search engine for some great finds all year round. The good news is, aside from a wide variety of products, you can also indulge in amazing prices, fantastic deals, and delightful offers. So, spread the word among your family and friends who are sandal fanatics!

Question & Answer

Are sandals business casual?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for this, and it all depends on the culture in your workplace. Say, for instance, the policies in your office are lax, then you can wear a pair of flat or heeled sandals in summer. The styles that come in straps and heels look adorable when paired with ensembles such as blouses, skirts, blazers, and slacks. For men, a pair of sandals is a no-no, especially if there is a strict rule concerning dress code. Hence, just opt for moccasins or loafers if you are in the mood to sport a smart casual vibe. Of course, your get-up can also do the trick. So, choose your OOTD wisely.

Are sandals bad for your feet?

Some experts say that this footwear may not be a good choice if you will be out and about for long periods. That is because a pair of sandals have minimal or zero arch support, don’t absorb shock, and offer less lateral support. Flip-flops, for instance, can make you suffer from foot pain or discomfort due to lack of heel cushioning. Worse, they can also result in tendinitis and sprained ankles. However, flip-flops are the best footwear used indoors and when strolling on the beach. Since they allow your feet to breathe, you will experience nothing but comfort. The trick is to know when and where to use them.

Which sandal brands are the best for your feet?

Whatever the shape and size of your feet, there is a sandal designed to meet your needs. For women with wide feet, it is necessary to go for those with back and ankle straps as well as toe posts. Meanwhile, for men, the best sandals for wide feet are those with toe posts, open side, and upper straps. If you have narrow feet, opt for those with adjustable straps. Do you have bunions? Then grab a pair that has a small amount of covering. You can choose from various brands, such as Birkenstock, Gucci, Crocs, Nike, Adidas, Valentino, Steve Madden, Ecco, Jordan, Skechers, Aldo, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Dior, and Puma. Check out the offerings of the best online shops here on today!

Why are sandals so popular?

Sandals have enjoyed global fame even during the ancient era. One of the reasons behind this is their simple and practical design. Offering a great deal of comfort, they give you that laidback, carefree look whether indoors or outdoors in the spring and summer months. Plus, they are affordable, making them the number one footwear worn by people from all walks of life. Last but not least, sandals are super versatile. You can wear these shoes when hiking, going to the office, strolling on the beach, attending casual get-togethers, and more. Whether you’re searching for Nike sandals for men, Clarks sandals, Timberland sandals in the UAE, or Adidas sandals, we’ve got them all for you.

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