About Loafers

If stylish yet comfortable shoes are your thing, then loafers are perfect for you. These don’t have a fastening or lacing system, making them quick and easy to slip on and off the foot. Hence, they are also called slip-ons or slippers. Moreover, they come with or without a low heel, making them suitable for men, women, and even kids.

Over the years, shoe designers have come up with ingenious ways to give this casual footwear a higher level of formality. And they succeeded in their quest! Today, loafers are one of the most preferred ensembles for business attire, as they combine comfort, convenience, and versatility. Therefore, you can pair them with any outfit in your wardrobe. Whether attending a meeting or having a night out with your buddies, you can never go wrong with loafers. The trick lies in mixing and matching your ensembles. However, it is important to have an informed decision before you embark on the shopping journey. So, read on to discover how to choose the pair that will give you ultimate satisfaction.

Things you need to know about the best loafers shoes online

Loafers were originally based on the moccasins worn by native Americans. A few years later, they inspired a Norwegian shoemaker to create the Aurland moccasin. In the 1930s, American companies started dubbing it as loafers, with G.H. Bass popularising a leather strip across the top with the diamond-shaped cut-out. In England, the Wildsmith Shoes of London created the Wildsmith Loafer for King George VI as a country house shoe. It was then simulated by other footwear companies and was called the Harrow. In the 1960s, Gucci created their own version by adding a metal strap to the top. Years later, this became a trendy dress business wear. Today, you will find a wide array of modern loafer shoes to select from.

Types of loafers to add to your collection

Loafers come in several types to choose from. Kiltie or tassel loafers feature decorative lace with tassels on the top. If you want something classic, penny loafers are your best pick. They have a leather strap across the forefoot with a diamond-shaped slot huge enough to hold a penny. Want something for business wear? Horsebit or Gucci loafers feature a fancy-looking brass strap and a black colour, making them perfect for a formal outfit. Aside from this style, you can also go for apron loafers and dress loafers to slay your business attire. Meanwhile, if you want to look casual, go for slipper loafers. These are characterised by traditional suede or velvet uppers, a slight heel, and a durable leather sole.

Getting the right fit of the best loafers shoes online

Just like buying any other type of shoes, you need to pay attention to how your loafers fit. Keep in mind that this is the key factor that will determine your comfort and confidence along the way. Given that loafers can be worn even without socks, purchase one size down when you intend to go sockless in a pair of leather. It would also be wise to have your actual measurement handy to compare the sizes of different brands. This way, you can rest assured that you are getting the right pair. Furthermore, you can check a shoe size chart to be properly guided when shopping online. Now that you know how to choose loafers that fit snuggly, let’s explore the tricks of styling your outfit with them.

Styling tricks with loafer shoes

There are several ways how loafers can do magic to your overall look and style. Women can pair them with anything, be it shorts, skirts, jeans, dresses, and many more. However, those in neutral shades are the best ones to go for. Meanwhile, for men, there’s a specific pair that works only for a certain outfit. To rock a business casual attire, pair your shoes with cords and khakis. There are also loafers for men that look hot with a coat and tie. If you want to add some flair to your outfit, match tasselled loafers with a blazer and slacks. When it comes to styling your outfit of the day, it’s your call. However, ensure that everything is mixed and matched properly to avoid being a fashion victim.

Tips on how to buy Loafer Shoes online in the UAE

There are several types and styles of loafers out in the market today. So, the question is, how are you going to choose the right one for your style and personality? We understand how this can take a toll on your decision-making skills. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of tips below that can serve as your guide.

  • Select a material – A leather or fabric moccasin loafer is great for achieving a casual look. Meanwhile, plain leather or suede loafers are a fantastic match to both dressed-up and casual attires. Sturdy leather material is perfect in the cold season, while suede gives you optimal comfort in the spring and summer months.
  • Choose a shoe style – Looking for something sophisticated and classy? Then you can never go wrong with loafers for men online featuring pointed toes. If you want to make a statement, you can also opt for high-heeled ones, as they look dressier than flats.
  • Be basic – Go for basic hues or shades for better adaptability. Choose bolder colours if you want your loafers to steal the limelight on special occasions. However, do away with gaudy patterns and prints when looking for ladies’ loafers shoes in Dubai.
  • Pick a colour – Go for pale hues such as powder blue and sea green for a relaxed, summery look. Burgundy adds a pop of colour and goes well with different styles. Navy looks versatile and elegant in both suede and leather. Dusty brown and black loafers for men are classic and go well with all outfits.

Isn’t it fun to spice up your look a bit with loafers? Now that you already have some ideas on how to create a signature fashion statement, you will surely become an icon. Spread the word amongst your friends to inspire them to have a style makeover. What’s more, let them know about—the best place where they can find a complete selection of loafers at amazing prices!

Question & Answer

Are loafers formal or casual?

If you’re confused about where loafer shoes in Dubai fall on the casual-to-formal spectrum, we will set the record straight. Since they are versatile enough to complement any look, that means they can be worn in b00oth formal and casual settings. Gucci loafers, also known as Horsebit loafers, are considered the most formal. They feature a metal bar or snaffle in the centre of the vamp, which was designed by Aldo Gucci in 1963. However, if you are in the mood to be casual, opt for slipper loafers that feature suede or velvet uppers.

What are penny loafer shoes?

Penny loafers are touted as the most versatile type. Featuring a leather strip across the saddle with a diamond cut-out, they are more closely related to moccasins and as formal as Belgian loafers. Historically, in 1936, the Bass Shoe Co. created a style combination between the moccasin-type shoes worn by Norwegian fishermen and the Native Americans. They named it ‘Weejun’ , a coined word for ‘Norwegian’ . Years later, weejuns became known as ‘penny loafers’ after young men began keeping a penny in every cut-out of the shoe in case of emergencies.

When to use loafer shoes?

Though loafers are versatile in nature, you need to choose the right pair for every occasion. Leather Gucci or Horsebit loafers are perfect for smart business attire, while suede ones are best for a casual vibe. Suppose you want to add a dash of class to your casual attire. You can pair loafers with khakis, denim, and shorts. With this type of footwear, you will never run out of styling options. Thus, it’s only right for them to be must-haves in your wardrobe. Some of the brands you can choose from include Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Fendi Kids, Chloe, Naturalizer, and Sam Edelman.

Are women’s loafers in style?

We don’t sugar-coat anything here. In fact, even Jean Touitou, the founder of Atelier de Production et de Création (APC), says that loafers are one of the hardest footwear to get right. However, several people still continue to embrace them. Let’s face it—loafers are not as sexy as high-heeled shoes. However, they are an extremely comfortable choice for both casual and formal settings. Take advantage of loafers’ comfort and style by knowing how to wear them right. That’s the key to reap all the benefits they have in store.

Where can I buy men’s penny loafers shoes?

Several physical and online shops offer loafers. However, isn’t it daunting to hop from one seller to another? The good news is, you can find everything under one roof here on It just takes a few clicks, and you can explore millions of products from over 500 brands and shops. Aside from the huge selection available, you can also enjoy amazing prices and exciting offers. Win-win! So, check out what our superfast and user-friendly product search engine has in store for you.

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