Flat shoes

About Flat Shoes

Flat shoes, flip flops, and trainers are comfortable yet pleasant-looking if matched with the right attire. When buying footwear, you do not only have to look at the product’s features and contemplate your decision. However, your closet at home must be compatible with the pair you are about to check out with. Also, the quality and durability make your shoe collection worth it. An impulsive decision can land you a poor quality pair of footwear that can cause arched foot pain and tendon inflammation. We believe you don’t want that, so be a smart shopper and follow a streamlined approach.

Back in those days, flats were the only options, and there were variations among different types of flats. High heels were invented to deal with the ground during wet and warm weather conditions. Later, they became synonymous with nobility, authority, and wealth. And this has taken a toll on the popularity of flat shoes. However, designers have made way for flats to stay as equally stylish as heels. Amongst the variations, you can find mules, ballets, loafers, brogues, and plimsolls. With several options to choose from, flats are still a leading key player in terms of style, quality, glam quotient, and versatility.

The anatomy of ladies’ flat shoes

There are many variations of flat shoes, but the basic design remains the same. Let’s consider the type you will find in everyone’s collection, which is the flip-flop. Its design structure comprises a strap on top, an insole, a midsole, and a sole on the bottom. Out of the three soles, it is the midsole that is responsible for the elevation or the height of your footwear. Almost all flat shoes have the same bottom but different tops. Together, they both provide comfort and style. So, if you’re looking to buy women’s flat shoes online in the UAE, it’s important to look into the sole’s quality. This will determine how long your chosen pair will last.

Dazzling with silver flats

Silver flats are one of a kind but finding a matching attire for them is a little troublesome. Obviously, you do not want to buy Louis Vuitton’s silver mules or Nine West’s flat silver sneakers only to have them locked inside. If you want to buy silver flats and wondering what to pair them with, the key is neutral colours. A monochromatic top can balance the ensembles, no matter how perky and colourful the shoes are. You can also opt for all-whites for a casual day outing. Charcoal, grey, purple, indigo, or red can be the perfect match with silver for a dazzling evening time. Overall, match the colours according to the outing and carry yourself with grace; nothing can go wrong here. Check out more selections of designer flat shoes on sale on

Bold red flat shoes

Red is the colour of life, and it goes perfectly well with any OOTD. And the great thing is that, unlike silver flats, you cannot restrict them to only a few shades. A defined look of red loafers paired with a blue dress comes off as pretty and professional. You get both style and comfort. Do you want to go for a funky look? Then you can pick bright red flip flops or even sandals with a bow. On the other hand, a subtle red fabric red in espadrilles can balance the tone of your outfit. You can explore the diversity of this shade here on our shopping search engine . The shops featured on our platform have a wide selection of red loafers, mules, flat wedding sandals, and espadrilles suitable for any occasion. So, check out the shoe collections on today!

Elegant white flats women’s shoes

White is such an underrated colour. However, some shoppers don’t go for it due to its high maintenance. A spot, no matter how tiny, looks ugly on white. However, if you know how to maintain your white shoes well, it will always bring out your elegance. Do you have closed enclosure shoes? Then put shoetree inside them when not in use. This way, they won’t be out of shape with time. Another hack is to use a shoehorn to prevent dents at the back. Also, remember to store them in the fabric pouch you got at the time of purchase. If not, you can just grab a soft fabric and wrap them up. Although white shoes require these hacks the most, you should implement them on all your footwear to add years to their life.

Tips on how to buy Flat shoes

Keeping your purpose in mind while buying footwear is imperative. Whether you want to look elegant for an interview or picture-perfect on vacation, your footwear adds charm to your whole attire. However, contemplating the features and finding the right pair may be a daunting task. Here we have compiled a few problems and solutions for your shopping drive, Hope it helps!

  • Flimsy ballet flats or loafers – If you can bend ballet shoes in half, it means they might be missing the midsole and the outsole. And these soles are essential to provide protection and comfort to the foot. If you already have this kind of flat, we suggest buying a separate makeshift shank and midsole.
  • Too rigid brogues or plimsolls – Is the footbed of your flat shoes too stiff? Does it give you restrictions when walking? Then that means it’s equally damaging as flimsy shoes. Keep in mind that the right placement of the bend is at the ball of the foot, not the middle. The consequence of rigid flats is the gripping of toes due to rubbing on the heel and foot.
  • Contouring your foot – The flats you are eyeing must have an actual foot shape, which is not flat at all unless you have a flat foot. For both, a standard elevation of 12mm creates enough lift to land at a heel strike angle. Furthermore, the right structure provides shock absorption. We recommend you buy flats with an elevation of 10-30mm inside or outside the shoe.
  • Sandals vs espadrilles – See what makes you uncomfortable, and then choose the design. Let’s say open backs hinder your walk. Then opt for wide buckles for support. Meanwhile, if thin straps in front always make your foot slip a bit, go for sturdy straps instead. Alternatively, you can buy espadrilles if nothing works, but do not settle for thin soles.
  • Additional considerations – The toe shape, drawstrings, embellishments, and shoe material need to be looked into. These small details can make or break your comfort and look. Also, if there is a buckle or snap, make sure it doesn’t take away the charm of white flats women’s shoes.

That’s it about flat shoes! We hope the tips above will help you narrow down your purchase. Amongst the top brands on where you can explore variations of flat shoes include Nine West, Frye, Skechers, French Sole, Tory Burch, and more. You can find these all or more on our shopping platform. Check out now!

Question & Answer

What are flats shoes?

The most common misconception about flat shoes is that they don’t have heels. A part of you would be correct if you say that ladies’ flat shoes are not high-heeled. However, heels are definitely there! What makes them different is their height, which is very minimal compared to heels. Another misconception is that flats make your tendon overstretch or tear. The real issue is with the thinness of the sole, and the unsupportive design of the sandals makes it worse. A thick sole with a sturdy design is what defines quality flat footwear. So, this is what you need to look for when shopping, whether online or in a physical shop.

Is it better to squat with flat shoes?

You can squat with flats, no doubt about that. However, your chosen pair should match your goals. A raised heel shifts the emphasis of the squat from your hips to your legs. Meanwhile, flat soles focus more on the hips. If you intend to do front squats, then heels would be a better choice. That’s because they act as a mechanical counterbalance. Overall, your choice of shoes must mainly depend on the type of exercise you intend to do. For more clarifications, talk to your trainer or to an expert. This way, you will have an informed buying decision.

Are flat shoes better for weightlifting?

Weightlifting shoes and flat sole shoes are the best options for lifting weights. Some even do it barefoot, which is a safety hazard but increases proprioception and improves coordination. The only difference between weightlifting shoes and flat shoes is that the former mask underlying flexibility and mobility issues. When making the final choice, consider your preference and physical condition. It would also be great to consult an expert. Ultimately, don’t forget to read customer reviews in order to make the right choice.

Where to buy flats shoes in UAE?

Let’s say you want ballet flats. In this case, Bella Marie is the perfect brand, as it’s known to create shoes with an easy slip-on style and built for all-day comfort. However, if you wish to buy sandals or slippers, then you should explore the collection of UGG. You can go bold with red flat shoes or silver flats. The varieties are endless, so you can choose the one that matches your style statement and personality. However, no matter what style you wish to add to your shopping cart, you will get it on our shopping platform – Explore it now!