Womens WL5740TA Classic Traditionnels Clogs  Black
Womens WL5740TA Classic Traditionnels Clogs Black
womens wl5740ta classic traditionnels clogs black

About Clogs

The charm of vintage fashion never fades. Clogs shoes are making a comeback into the avenue of style featuring a mix of classic heritage and a contemporary twist. Traditionally used as protective footwear in farming, mines, and factories, these have risen to fame and taken a new form. Today, they are well-loved by celebs and fashionistas around the world.

Clogs boast a wealth of functional features. Aside from being an icon, they are also widely lauded for their fantastic health benefits. No wonder, you will find them worn by medical professionals and those suffering from certain orthopaedic conditions. Whether you are captivated by the unique style of clogs or looking for a healthier footwear alternative, you can never go wrong investing in them. Clogs are affordable and can look classy when paired with the right outfit. However, before you embark on an online shopping spree, it pays to discover more about them first to make an informed buying decision. Well, that is what we are here for, so read on.

Things you need to know about clogs

If you want to experiment with your fashion statement, then these pair of shoes are worth a try. They are a hit amongst people who place a high value on leg comfort, stability, and back support. What’s more, clogs have a unique shape, making them perfect for those who have wide feet. If you are aiming to give your get-up a makeover, then wooden clog sandals are your best pick. They come available in wedge, high, and classic soles. Meanwhile, if you are looking for something you can wear every day or for a walking exercise, try rubber clogs. These will never disappoint, especially when you are aiming for that barely-there feel.

Reasons to own a pair of clogs in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Clogs are popular for their orthopaedic style footbed that reduces pain in the lower back, legs, and feet. They also feature slip-resistant soles that follow the contour of the feet. Plus, they are made of rubber on the top and bottom to provide maximum protection from germs and hazards. No wonder, you will find scrubs and clogs for nurses a common outfit amongst medical professionals. Meanwhile, fashion clog shoes are ideal for people who hustle and are always on the go, as they feature an easy and slip-in styling without buckles, shoelaces, fasteners, and Velcro closures. Moreover, they blend well with any outfit. So, you can never go wrong buying clogs for women in Dubai.

Clogs vs mules: What are the differences?

The origin of clog shoes is traced back in the Netherlands and Scandinavia. They are typically characterised as backless wooden footwear with platform soles and low heels. Nowadays, these are widely available in rubber construction and a spectrum of colours and designs. Meanwhile, mules came from France and are common amongst the aristocratic people. These are dressier shoes featuring open backs and high heels without platform bottoms. They are also made of various types of materials such as suede, leather, and other types of fabrics. Usually, you will find them decorated with feathers, buckles, beads, and colourful embroidery.

Different types of clogs to buy online

If you are searching for the trendiest types of clog shoes, consider purchasing sandals, clog boots, and heeled clogs. Sandals are a hit, especially during summer, as they come with either a wooden or rubber sole and go well with short pants and miniskirts. Perfect for the winter season, boot varieties feature a wooden heel and are made of common materials such as leather, suede, or canvas. They are also available in varieties ranging from chic ankle boots to elegant thigh-high ones. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a fantastic alternative to high heels, heeled options are a great choice. Not only they are comfortable to wear, but they also rock the combination of a retro and modern look.  

Tips on choosing wooden Clogs Shoes online   

Surprisingly, clogs are worn as protective footwear in mines, agriculture, and industrial facilities. In fact, the European Union (EU) has certified them as safety shoes due to their durability. At the same time, they are also a hot fad amongst fashionistas today. Whether you are searching for wooden clogs for medical reasons or fashion purposes, here are some tips on choosing the right one.  

  • Footbed – Check whether the footbeds are long enough to fit your feet perfectly, especially when choosing a pair with an open heel. This will determine your comfort, so we recommend you read product reviews. 
  • Toe box – Ensure that the wooden clog’s toe box is comfortable and wide, as this will provide your feet with ample room to wiggle. You deserve to have happy feet, so choose wisely when shopping online. 
  • Leather – The wooden clog of your choice should also have superior quality leather, as it is more comfortable for the feet compared to synthetic materials. Genuine, natural leather is also breathable and perfectly adapts to the feet’s shape. 
  • Insole – Opt for something with insoles made of wood, as they enable the clog to cushion the feet while enabling sweat to evaporate. As a result, your feet stay dry all day and enjoy optimal arch support. Plus, you can benefit from better weight distribution, which helps prevent uncomfortable pressure points and blisters. 

Aiming to achieve a chic and sassy look without sacrificing your comfort? Looking for something that will help correct your posture and other feet-related issues? Whether you are planning to purchase clogs for men or clogs for women, you can count on the stores here at Shops.ae. All you need to do is follow the above tips to experience the best in your online shopping journey. 

Question & Answer

Where to buy clogs shoes?

There are a lot of stores that sell clogs so you can never run out of exciting selections. However, if the thought of exploring shopping malls or different online stores makes you cringe due to your busy schedule, then you’re in the right place. Here on our superfast product search engine, you can find more than 500 online shops that offer the best. 

Who wears clogs shoes?  

There is no rule prohibiting anyone from wearing clogs. No matter your profession, gender, or age, they will perfectly suit you. However, there are special types of clogs for certain professionals, such as nurses and kitchen chefs. You will also find wooden varieties worn by people who work in mines, agriculture, and agricultural facilities. No matter which clog you need, Shops.ae has got you covered from A to Z.  

Why do nurses wear clogs?

Clogs are a must in the nursing community, as they reduce back, knee, ankle, and foot pain. Since nurses spend long hours on their feet, it is essential to have comfortable footwear for their long shift. Aside from providing maximum levels of comfort and support, clogs also protect their feet from potential hazards such as toxic chemicals, falling objects, or bodily fluids. What’s more, they can be effortlessly slipped onto the foot; hence, reducing the pressure, tension, and stress on the wearer. 

Where to buy kitchen chef clogs shoes?  

The kitchen is the busiest and most demanding place in the world. If you are a chef, you know what we are saying. That is why it is important to wear chef clogs, which typically have non-skid bottoms to prevent slipping and other injuries. The insoles also feature moisture-absorbing materials to prevent foot perspiration, which can cause slipping. Moreover, clogs provide proper foot support, as kitchen workers often lift heavy containers or pots.  

Clogs, without a doubt, are one of the best footwear that you can count on when it comes to comfort and safety. Hence, they are a fantastic pick whether at home, outdoors, or in the workplace. You can never go wrong investing in them, as they will give you satisfaction and the best value for money. So, what else are you waiting for? Explore and shop for the best-priced clogs shoes here on Shops.ae from Crocs, Birkenstock, Dansko, EasySpirit, and more!