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About Terrariums

Do you stay in a small compartment but miss doing gardening outdoor? Then, Terrariums is best for you! It is an indoor garden with low- maintenance, space-saving, and utterly astonishing. However, it is a masterful collection for home or office as it is easy to care. Moreover, it became the trending style to display your favourite plants. And, you can plant tropical to desert plants which can fit in any style or look.

Whether you wish to hang or create a small garden out of your living room, terrarium creates its ecosystem. And, it is often known as a mini garden or greenhouse. But do you know where the word got originated? Well, the name originated from the Latin word terra which means Earth. Moreover, it symbolises the little piece of Mother Earth, which you can place it anywhere on your house. And the best part, you can take attempt to grow the plants which are difficult to grow in the dry air. However, the terrains were in fashion back in the 1970s with the fishbowl containers with ferns and driftwood. Therefore, if you are hovering to buy terrarium online, then you have landed in the right place to seek help! 

Different types of Terrarium Plants

Terrarium plants are like building micro-ecosystem in a jar. However, the glass container is chiefly or wholly enclose for growing and displaying the plants. And the sole purpose is to create a proper environment for plant growth. Moreover, you can choose the tropical plant varieties such as mosses, orchids, and air plants in the closed mini garden. Whereas, for open mini-ecosystem dry plants such as succulents and cacti. And the best part of it, you don’t need to water them regularly. Thus, if you are looking for cheap terrariums for reptiles, then you need to look for online search engines, which allow you to shop from renowned brands and shops worldwide.

Aqua Terrarium

It is a combination of terrarium and aquariums. And known as Paludarium which the turtle owners are using it for decades. However, you need to add water to the large aquarium with enough floor space. And the depth of the water part approximately corresponds to the shell length of the turtle. Although, the turtle love takes off and eats away the plants. Thus, the planting is tricky and decorate it with cork, woods, and stones. So, are you seeking to buy outdoor terrarium for turtles? Then, scroll at We have a huge collection of terrariums product from the reputed brands with a limited edition. And you enjoy the exciting deals and discounts all year round.

Glass Terrarium

You must have noticed a beautiful Edwardian case terrarium around your house for decades. However, a clear glass container like a fishbowl, jar or vase used for clear visibility of terrarium from outside. So, if you wish to make your mini garden, then you need to cover the base of the glass container with small pebbles and a thin layer of activated charcoal. Moreover, you need to add any soil potting mix along with the plants. Therefore, if you are looking for the glass hanging terrariums on sale, then consider purchasing it from the popular brands. Among them are Exo Terra, Tetra Deluxe, Zoo Med, Zilla, Fluker’s, H potter, Deco, Urban born, and much more.

Plants in Glass Bottles

Did you recently come across plants in glass bottles and how it fascinating? Well, you can also make it on your own with the correct steps and little patience. However, it is gaining a lot of popularity in recent years for its low maintenance, and best way to green up the indoor spaces. So, to start the process cut above the bottle into 1/4th. Moreover, you need to add sand along with pebbles into the bottom.  However, after adding the activated charcoal and organic sand along with the selected plants to complete the look. And slide the lid over the top of your creation. So, if you are looking for reptile terrariums for sale cheap, then prefer the famous shops like Menakart,, and much more.

Fish Tank Terrarium

A crystal fish tank terrarium is a perfect piece for decoration. So, whether you place it in the garden or drawing-room. So, to make your glass terrarium, you need the betta fish, marimo balls, sea fans or dried fan coral. However, betta fish love to play with marimo balls around the tank, which acts as a filter and cleans the water. But sea fans or dried fan corals are hard to bend or decay. Thus, it doesn’t affect the salinity of the water. So, are looking to buy terrarium online? Then, scroll at We have a massive collection of pet supplies product from the renowned stores at a reasonable price. Thus, you enjoy exciting deals throughout the year.


Tips for buying Terrariums

Terrariums are a stunning piece of garden, space-saving or utilizing in your small compartment. And the low maintenance and easy to care are the perks of adding it on your home or office decor. Do you know you can also choose to hang it? No! Well, you can hang it from hooks, brackets, pegs, picture frames, or anywhere to hold the string and weight. Moreover, you can choose to plant succulents, cacti, moss, and air plants. So, whether you wish to buy or made it yourself, you need certain tips and tricks to do so correctly. Therefore, to ease your shopping experiences while you seek to buy outdoor terrarium for turtles, check the list.

  • Select the plant carefully– Before you move the terrarium to the shopping cart, make sure you choose the plant as per the space you have. A small terrarium plant won’t look good on big drawing room and vice versa.

  • Choose glass over plastic vase– While hovering for the beautiful terrarium for the new house, select glass over plastic jar or container. However, glass is durable as well as sustainable than plastic.

  • Shop reasonably- While shopping for the terrarium, shop economically rather than lavishly. Here on, you can buy economically with unbelievable discounts and offers on top-notch brands and shops.

  • Buy famous brands product- Shopping from popular brands while buying the terrarium for your home or office. However, shopping from the reputed brands, you get the longevity, reliability, and value for money. And the popular brands are Exo Terra, Tetra Deluxe, Zoo Med, Zilla, Fluker’s, H potter, Deco, Urban born, and much more.

This mini-garden is best for garden-lover or creative mind people who decor their home or surrounding with it. And the best part is you don’t have to water it regularly, low maintenance, easy to care, and much more. Therefore, if you still confused which style to purchase for your house, then scroll at We have a brilliant collection of terrariums from renowned brands and shops. And enjoy the exciting offers and deals all year round.

Questions & Answers

Can terrariums hold water?

No! Terrariums can’t hold water. Probably, it will break as it’s lighter in weight to grow plants or contain the reptiles. Moreover, they have drain or holes to circulate air and water. However, the terrarium growing plants are succulents, cacti, moss, and air plants. Thus, they need less water, low maintenance, can grow in any season, and much more. Moreover, you can choose to hang them on the cliff, grow them in glass bottles, and many more. So, they aren’t waterproof, to circulate air from the bottom as well as from the top.

Are terrariums good for hamsters?

Yes! The glass tank terrarium is suitable for hamsters as they are indoor pets. However, it is also known as pocket pets due to small size and low maintenance. Although, the terrarium tank filled with bedding for burrowing and nesting at the bottom. And the wire cage attaches on the top which allows it to climb and explore the cage. Moreover, the room temperature needs to be constant, away from sunlight or freezer. And the hamsters have sensitive hearing and should be kept away from the television, CD player etc.

Can terrariums be used as aquariums?

No! Aquariums construct with heavy glass whereas terrarium built-in lightweight glass. However, the aquariums use the particular type of silicone to intact the water. So, the silicone you get from the store to seal terrarium contains toxic things, are harmful to fish. However, aquariums are the place to keep fish and water animals. Whereas, terrariums are the place for the land-living animals. Thus, the requirements for both animals are different.

Where to buy terrariums in Dubai?

Terrariums is an indoor garden, space-saving or utilizing in your small compartment. And the low maintenance and easy to care are the perks of adding it on your home or office decor. Moreover, it is also known as a mini garden or greenhouse. And, you can choose to plant succulents, cacti, moss, and air plants on your mini garden. Therefore, to purchase terrariums in Dubai, prefer to shop from reputed shops. Among them are Menakart,, and much more.

Making a miniature garden or ecosystem at home or office is always interesting. And decorating it with hanging or glass tank terrarium makes it beautiful for indoor as well as outdoor decoration. Thus, we are confident you will choose the right product. Browse at We have an indistinctive collection of products from reputed brands and shops all over the globe. So, don’t stop your oomph factor anymore and start shopping today!