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About Bird Sand

Your cute little bird can enjoy the sand more than you think. They are good calcium supplement and even rest their legs, or sometimes birds like to bathe in their bird sand. You can put it the way your bird likes it. If you are exploring to buy one, you would be in a better place if you research well about your birds’ breed and the soil that will be compatible with him.

If you are concern about the bird sand being safe or not, but really, the answer varies from one bird species to another. You can consult your vet in that case and unravel all your queries. You can also search for the product you are buying online and read genuine reviews of other pet owners. The research becomes more needed if you are a new pet owner and currently trying to understand your pet. It may take a while to get their habits, their signs, food intake, and if they are feeling safe or not. So, if you give them soil cover for bedding, they may feel attached to their natural habitat.

Types of cage bird sands

Depending on the uses, you will find different varieties of bird sand online. You can buy them as a food intake to fulfil their calcium needs. You can also put a sand cover in a litter box. Other than that, some varieties are even best for their happy feet. Like all other animals, birds also have soft padding that can crack on rough surfaces. You can check out round birdcage sand sheets online in UAE and see what we are talking about. Now you see, bird sands have many varieties that you buy and make your bird happy and cheerful.

Bird sand with oyster shell

Oyster shells are a rich source of calcium, trace elements, and minerals. They help to balance the diet nutrients, and their intake also helps during breeding to make stronger eggshell. And because they are soluble, the digestion process won’t be harmed in any way. Some owners also give insoluble grits to their birds, which again varies from bird to bird. In that case, you can consult an expert or your vet to make an informed decision. You can buy bird sand in bulk, but do not keep it open and overdo the amount. Birds can keep excess food, which gets consumed when they are flying and indulge in foraging activities. But birds inside your home is restricted with many activities, so keep this in mind while serving them food. 

Bird sand with aniseed

Bird sand with aniseed is the best sand to be used in a litter box. They can hold moisture and neutralises bad smell also. Therefore, leaving the box clean and dry all the time. It helps in maintaining hygiene without much hustle. You can check prestige bird sand with aniseed online to buy. Another important use of aniseed bird sand is in bathing. Birds like to keep their feathers clean from parasites and grease by trapping the sand between the feathers. From wherever you decide to buy, make sure the products are disinfected. Thus, invest only in quality brands to ensure your pet’s safety and good health. 

Cage bird sand and grit

Some product that you will see online have been written grit, so you may feel that is similar to the bird sand. However, this grit has other advantages. You see, birds do not have teeth, and they need food that will help them digest it, which is what grit does. It acts as a grinding agent in the bird’s gizzard and enables the complete digestion of food. You can buy them depending on the breed, and for that, you must read the specifications online. Other than maintaining the diet, keep in mind that you take uneaten remains timely and don’t overdo the treats. Birds when get fat brings serious issues to worry about.

Tips on how to buy Bird sand online

It is just about bird sands, but buying anything for your pet, be it a bird or a dog, is a daunting task. They cannot tell you what they want, and all you can do is trust your vet and the products out in the market. First thing first, it is imperative that you consult your vet before feeding anything new to your pet. Secondly, you must do some research by yourself – not only about the product but stick around with your pet and observe their likes and dislikes. If you are a new pet owner, this might be a task for you, but your companion may need it. Here are some bullet points before you hit the buy button.

  • Do not hurry to buy the product – You should not visit the shop and buy one of their products, just like that. Avoid this kind of shopping, especially for your pets. Instead, check on your purpose first whether you want a product for their litter box or for their smooth digestion. You can also buy one for trimming their paws.
  • Research the product’s value – Once you know your purpose of buying, you can then research the product a bit. It also includes compatibility with your birds’ species because one product good for a parrot might not be as good for budgies. The ingredients in the product matter a lot when it comes to food intake. You can also consult your vet for this.
  • Check out quality and durability – Let’s suppose you want to buy large sand sheets for birdcages to give your bird something to trim their paws and make the pads soft. But what if the product tore away just after a few days? Quality and durability both vanish here. Something you can do to grab the perfect product is to read customer reviews online and validate your purchase.
  • Scrutinise the brand value – You may find endless brands flaunting their product as best, and they might be, no doubt in that. But do they fulfil your requirements? – this is a real question. You can only know about it when you compare different products and their features. You can see one product saying they have sterilised product and the other is not, so the former is the one to buy, obviously.

We hope the tips are useful enough to give you a broad perspective of buying bird sands online in the UAE. Despite these tips, we would also like to ease out your shopping drive further by mentioning some of the brands. These include Jondo, Lindocip, Padovan, Pettex, Kagesan, Happy Pet, and Vitakraft. You can find them all or even more on our shopping search engine. You can also choose to explore our soil cover section to buy other needs of your pet.

Question & Answer

How to use bird sand?

There is more than one way to get bird sand working for you and your pet. More than a product, it is a convenience that you cannot deny. For example, you can make soil bedding for your pet’s comfort or even buy a sheet to let them trim their paws naturally. You can also put the sand in the litter box for easy cleaning. Food intake for smooth digestion is another advantage. But remember that every user has a different variety of sand to go for. Depending on your birds’ species and your purpose, you can buy one online.

Why do birds bathe in the sand?

Birds often get parasites, grease, and other alien substances when out and flying. Similarly, cage birds can also get dirty and greasy, although not as much as the flying ones. So, they love to bathe in the sand to let go of the dirt and make them infection-free. They love cleaning in-between their feathers because that is the place where dirt gets accumulated. It is just the same way dogs love cuddling in the mud. So, get them some that are disinfectant and let them enjoy their bathing process.

Do budgies need sand?

Budgies are very small in size, and their death rates are highest as compared to other birds. Most of them highly likely survive when in cages. So, you got to care for them by paying a little extra attention. Coming to getting them sand is sometimes tricky as it can cause digestive problems. The only sand that may prove helpful is a sandpaper sheet, but make sure they do not spend all the time on it. You can also observe your bird if they like the product or not.

Where to buy bird sand?

Buying bird sand is a step-by-step process you might have gotten a hint about while reading the tips. Thus, it would be good if you choose a shopping platform that has all the varieties under one roof. Well, in that case, our retail search engine has got your back. You will see trustworthy online shops, reputed brands, and an endless list of products. You can filter them, compare them with each other, and buy the best for your pet bird.

We hope you have contemplated your decision more than once. You can get started with our shopping platform, and see the interesting products to buy. Whether you want to buy in bulk or small quantities – your requirements are fulfilled in any case. Apart from pet birds, you can also check out our other pet supplies.