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About Scratching Posts

Cat scratching posts are one of the essentials in pet supplies. Only upon knowing your cat’s liking, you can buy the best-suited product. And for that, you need to spend some time to observe your cat’s behaviour and understand her preferences. This is the only way you can please your cat and make her happy.

Every cat has front and rear claws out of which rear ones are used for itching and climbing while and front claws are for hunting. Thus, posts for scratching these claws serve more than one purpose. They help to groom the claws, help to pull out the old to grow new ones, and to mark territory. Along with knowing the purpose, you should plan the placement as per your budget and space available at your home. You can also buy an all-in-one product, including post, hammock, or toy hanging in between. Else you can buy the varieties to engage your cat more and let her use any as per her mood.

Overview of cat scratching post

Every cat has an individual preference when it comes to scratching. Some like to lay down, while some like to stand upright. You can choose the right type by observing your cat’s behaviour first. Once you have decided upon the shape and tilt, you can then choose the material, quantity, size, and add some creativity to it. It is imperative to let your cat gets engage with the product, so you can also feed her treats or pet her if she is doing it right by not using furniture or any other household items. By having all this information handy, you can explore the variants and buy cat scratcher online.

Corner cat scratcher

The scratcher for one corner can be wall-mounted or free-standing. You can choose any, depending on space you want to provide to your cat. A wall-mounted scratcher goes to both ends of the corner and sticks strongly to stand up to the aggressive scratching. This one is especially useful if your cat likes to stand upright to strengthen its claws. Another type that is a free-standing unit for a corner can be bought as a combination product. A scratching post at the bottom and hammock on top is one such product. You can explore more such cat scratching posts for sale at our shopping platform,

Cat scratch mat

Not always an upright position, sometimes cats do lay down lazy and tends to do scratching on your expensive mats or rugs. To prevent such behaviour, you can give them an alternative as cat scratch mat. But make sure that the product doesn’t slip because sturdiness is the foremost feature to consider while buying scratchers. Not just mats, you can also check out a whole scratching lounge for your cat where your pet can even pass out or be lazy. These pet supplies are available in all the budget range. There can be cheap cat scratcher or expensive ones, depending on what you prefer.

Scratching post for dogs

Scratcher is often associated with cats only because the product matches their natural behaviour. However, your other furry friends like dogs, horse, or cattle. Dogs use them to file their claws, which is a good habit if they run away from nail clippers. Often, when dogs run on rough terrains, they automatically file their nails. But a typical home doesn’t give them such roads; you got to arrange something indoor. And nail clippers and filing are two options out of which you can choose as per your dog’s liking.

Tips on how to buy Scratching posts online

Welcoming a new pet buddy is like having a baby. You need to take care of his needs before arrival. For example, for cats, you need a bed, litter, toys, nail clippers, grooming tools, and scratching posts. Every single product needs you to contemplate through different aspects. If you are a first-time cat parent, you need a full-fledged guide to help you to narrow down your purchase. Here, we have compiled some fine points that will assist you.

  • Not just for scratching – Cats also chew their scratchers, so it is imperative to buy a product that is harmless for the claws and the teeth both. To grab the best quality, you should research reputed brands for pet supplies and can filter their products as per your preferences.
  • Bring variety – If you have ever taken a stroll with your cat outside and observed their behaviour, you know how content they feel in their natural surroundings. To bring some of the cat’s pleasure inside, you can have firewood or small stumps for scratching along with online bought posts. The variety of material can give a different experience to your cat, and she will love it, for sure.
  • Material to choose – Sisal, corrugated cardboard, and wood are three materials to choose from. Unless you don’t know your cat’s likings, you can start with cardboard posts as they are inexpensive. Once you start observing your pet’s behaviour as to whether she goes upright to scratch or rather stretch, you can then buy an appropriate product.
  • No to wobbly posts – Cats work hard on scratching and strengthening their claws. Thus, a product that wobbles won’t be appropriate for your cat. To avoid such situations, you must pay attention to the quality of the base while buying. It can be heavy than the rest of the product, or if you want something portable, make sure the base has the functionality to stand upright without wobbling.
  • Choose the right height – You can get an idea of the height while observing your cat’s stretching because cats tend to stretch while scratching too. So, the product should be tall enough to cater to the stretching height of your cat. Otherwise, your cat may ignore and still goes to using the furniture leg as her favourite scratcher.

Keeping this brief guide in your mind, you can start your shopping drive to buy the best product for your lovely cat. We would also like to list a few brands to further narrow down your purchase. The list includes Fauna, Omega Paw, Four Paws, Trixie, 4Claws, Go pet club, and Thunder paws. You can find them all or even more at our shopping platform, So, get on it and start scrutinising the products.

Question & Answer

What scratching post is best for a kitten?

The need for scratching starts from a young age, and cats scratch for multiple reasons. IF yours is a kitten and have started targetting inappropriate places like furniture, you can put the scratching post made of sisal alongside furniture and train the kitten to use that instead. Starting from sisal fibre is a great idea, and even cats love their rough texture. So, this could be the best post you can gift to your lovely kitten. You can find this fabric in Pioneer Pet brand and many others, which you can explore at our retail search engine.

How tall should scratching post be?

The scratching posts for kittens can be around 20”, and for large cats, it can go up to around 40”. You cannot neglect considering the appropriate height of the post as this product helps in building the strength of your cat. You can buy wall mounted cat scratcher but only for the cats who stands tall to scratch. If your cat behaviour is more like scratching and stretching, you can go for cat scratch mat. If there are space issues, you can have combination products like scratching posts with a hammock or a treehouse for one corner of your house.

Will cats use scratching post?

Scratching surfaces is a way for cats to mark their territory as there are scent glands between their claws. Also, scratching is a part of their grooming regime. So, this is for sure that cats love to scratch and you need to train them as to what to scratch and what not to. If your cat starts scratching the furniture, you can put the post nearby and introduce the product. If she still goes towards the furniture, you can block her way or use tape to make the area sticky or use something that will make her less interested in the furniture. If your cat does not scratch on the post, you should not worry as some pets take time to adjust with new things.

How often replace cat scratching post?

Depending on the number of cats, their weight, and the quantity of post you have, one product can last between five months to two years or more. The scratcher is more likely to wear out soon if your cat creates a hole in it and tarnish it down completely. As a solution, you can buy different types of scratchers for different rooms, so your cat does not stick to one. But if it is a time to replace, you should do it immediately before your cat finds another your belonging to try her hands on.

Where to buy cat scratching post online?

The online shops at our product search engine can give you an excellent start to your shopping drive. Newchic is one of the shops you can commence with, and upon your visit, you will find many others. Under one shop, you can expect to explore multiple brands all at once. The advantage of having this platform is the ease of shopping by comparing the products. Also, having multiple brands with all of their products listed to let you have a very flexible budget range. You can filter as per your planned budget.

We are hopeful that you have all the information regarding the types, brands, and budget. Keeping everything in mind, you can start scrolling through the products at our shopping platform that is Not just scratching posts, but you can expect to see all of the pet supplies available under one roof.