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About Rabbit Cages

A rabbit cage is just like standard cages made of mesh, wires and bars used to confine, protect or contain someone or something. These cages serve many purposes, including captivity of animals or people, displaying animals in a zoo or keeping pets secure at home. At times you can use these cages to confine more than one animal. 

Animal cages have been a part of human culture for centuries. We can find evidence of an Ancient Greek vase dated back to 490 BC. It depicts a boy holding a domesticated rabbit on his lap and a cage with an open door in the background. These core ideas advanced with time. Today an excellent housing facility with sufficient arrangement of light, temperature and ventilation is of great importance. An ideal rabbit hutch denotes proper cages with the method of watering, feeding, and cleaning. The house must also have a broiler rabbit in with a roof to prevent them from running away. Today you can enjoy different ways of housing rabbits. However, it depends on financial involvement as well as the climate of the place. Here are some important considerations when we talk about bunny cages. 

A layman’s guide to picking bunny cages 

Petting animals is much more than feeding them well. They are your responsibility, and you need to offer them a cosy place to stay, better temperature and proper protection from predators. Hence you must be concerned about the details of your rabbit hutch. However, it is an integral part of adequate pet rabbit care. Getting the wrong cage can lead to severe and sometimes fatal health issues. Plus, an uncomfortable living condition will result in a maladjusted and badly behaved bunny. However, here we pay lesser attention to problems and more to the solutions. Carrying the custom further today, we are here to discuss how to get your rabbit off and on the right foot. 

Picking the right rabbit hutch 

First of all, your rabbit cage should be sufficiently large enough. The more time you anticipate your pet being in it, the bigger it should be. Even if you intend to keep the rabbit in the cage only for a night, it should be big enough to allow three full bunny hops in each direction. Plus, it needs to be tall enough for the rabbit to stand on its hind legs and look around. Many rabbits spend unsupervised time in a specific area of the house. If this is the case with you, there is no need for a cage. These rabbits can benefit from dog pens and other such objects. These pens are larger and allow the animal to move freely in an environment safe from predators. 

The placement of small or big rabbit cages 

The placement is sure of great importance. Pet rabbits are house pets, and the most suitable option is to have indoor rabbit cages. Small or big rabbit cages place them inside the home, not in the yard, shed or garage. We all know that rabbits are messy animals, and their area demands frequent cleaning to avoid smell and bacteria. But they are extremely social animals and whither if kept isolated from their family. Plus, these animals are intolerant to heat and subject to various outdoor parasites like ticks and fleas. Hence plans to keep the bunny in a heavily trafficked area and purchase a case accordingly. It is important to keep them part of your daily activities and keep them engaged with you. 

The accessories of indoor rabbit house 

Accessorizing your cage is yet another important task for rabbit owners. Here, your imagination is the only limit. There is no need to buy expensive rabbit toys. What’s important is to keep them rotating. It will keep the bunny engaged and interested. Here you can consider simple things like toilet paper rolls. Stuff them with hay to make a wonderful toy. The same you can do with the cardboard boxes with hole cuts in them. Or you can consider using pesticide-free branches cut off of your apple tree in the backyard. If the pet is new to you, try different stuff to see what interest them the most. However, make sure you don’t put any edible thing in the case or something that can chock the bunny. 

Considerations for overall rabbit cage setup 

It is ideal for placing the feed and water areas at one corner of the cage for many rabbit owners. At the same time, they tend to set the bedroom area on the other side of the cage. Such a setting reserves the middle area for playing and physical movement without any hassle. It is always important to maintain a reasonable area in the cage so that the bunny can enjoy some hoops inside the cage. You must keep in mind that bunnies are smart and highly active social animals. Hence to stay healthy physically and mentally, set up a cage to flourish these characteristics. Therefore, it important is to do some research and brainstorm and buy viable options from the market.

Tips on how to buy Rabbit Cages for indoor rabbits

Rabbits are surely an excellent indoor petting option. They are cuddly and super cute. So, if you are thinking of keeping a bunny indoors, it is important to consider different aspects of an indoor cage and accessories. These combinedly work to offer a healthy, clean and secure environment for this pet. Another mandatory feature to look at in your cage is safety and security mechanism. It is important to provide ample space for the bunnies. What’s more is to get a design that is aesthetically good, durable and reflect your taste. To ease your selection process, here are some handy tips. These tips can lead you to choose the best from rabbit cages for sale in the online market.

  • The cage’s size – The cage’s size depends on the side of the installation site and the number of bunnies you want to keep in. Here a rule of thumb is that the larger the cage happier the rabbit will be. In the least, the cage should be big enough that the rabbit can enjoy three full hoops in one direction.
  • The material of the cage – The material of the cage is something you must not underestimate. Most rabbit cages are made of metal, wood and chicken wire to screw the materials together. However, you can find many made of metal materials or plastic, but they are not as reliable and durable as metallic.
  • Consider your budget – Obviously, the cost of your hutch is important to consider. And the price of your cage depends on the material, size and the fact of brand new or second hand. Moreover, if you are looking for a themed or luxurious item, the price will change accordingly.
  • The ease of cleaning – Bunnies are messy; therefore, the cage will need proper cleaning regularly. A cage that can help ease the cleaning process will be an ideal option in any case. Look for a cage with trays beneath and side panels to insert and extract food trays easily.
  • The comfort of the cage – Besides security and safety, the cage must offer comfort to the rabbit. It must be sufficiently spacious depending on the size and number of rabbits. Plus, it must offer enough space for easy movement of the animal in the cage.

Remember having a good indoor rabbit house is an excellent way to offer adequate living space. Meanwhile, it also should offer simplified and quick cleaning. Hence, never overlook certain aspects, whether you are replacing or upgrading the existing accommodation or just about to start petting a rabbit. Although the list can go on as you wish, the basics are already discussed in this article. Never overlook the above-discussed items as they take part in making reasonable indoor cages.

Question & Answer

Can you use a rabbit cage for a hamster?

Yes, in most cases, you can do that. There are times when you can use rabbit cages for keeping a hamster. However, it can only happen if the bars of your rabbit cage has minimum spacing in them. With bars too wide, the hamster can escape easily. However, you can convert a rabbit cage into a hamster by adding a wire mesh into the side walls. However, make sure you are not keeping both rabbits and hamsters in the same cage at the same time. It is because of the security of both.

Can I keep my rabbit cage outside?

Yes, you can keep the rabbit cage outside all year. However, ideally, the pet’s resting area should be in the shed or unused garage with natural light. Plus, the area must have proper ventilation. Likewise, for winter’s it must have protection with tarpaulin. However, keeping bunnies in an entirely isolated area is not a good idea. They are social animals and thus need your attention. So better is to keep them in part of the house with high traffic.

What is the best cage for an indoor rabbit?

Any cage that can offer some free space for the bunnies to move around is ideal. Plus, they must have durable material in construction, with a sufficient amount of ventilation and light. The cage should have a reasonable height to allow a bunny to do hoops and small jumps. Some of the bestselling items available in the stores are Prevue Pet Jumbo Tubby Rabbit Cage, Ferplast Multi Floor Rabbit Cage, Living World Deluxe Habitat. You can also explore the Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus Rabbit Cage, the Kaytee Extra Large Rabbit Habitat, or the Yaheetech Level Indoor Rabbit Cage.

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