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Chicken coops, chicken cages or houses are small dedicated areas for hens. You can find nest boxes inside these houses. Typically, they keep the hen and other fowl safe and secure from harsh weather and predators like cats and foxes.

These nesting boxes are dedicated to egg-laying. Sometimes they do have perches on which the birds can sleep. Modern chicken coops generally have an indoor area where the chicken can sleep a nest comfortably. With the particular fenced in-door area, the chicken can enjoy their food and spend most of the day. These coops need special attention and care in terms of cleaning. It is better to have both on and outside the coop floor covered with straw or wood chips. It helps the chicken dropping, provide ventilation and is easier to clean the floor. However, temperature maintenance is a core factor you must consider before buying a house for your chicken.

Must-have features of stylish chicken coops

There are different chicken coop designs to consider when planning for housing your loved flock. This is why it is hard to decide what to buy or build. After having chicken for a while, it becomes evident to everyone that it is imperative to consider something that you will not learn in books. But today, we are here to help you understand the standard features your coop must-have. These features will also help you decide while choosing a chicken coop from hundreds of options online. Understanding these different designs will help you decide which one is easier for you to manage. The article will also explain which type or composition is suitable for the number and type of hen you own. Be sure to plan for these basics to make your chicken up for fun – forever.

Separate home chicken coop with adequate space

Chicken is very much dusty. Almost every one of us has made the mistake of keeping them in the main barn at first. And surprisingly, the chicken disappoints in making every inch of the barn dusty. Leaving their disappointment and droppings everywhere is the most loved hobby of chickens. The only solution is to keep the nasty mess aside using a coop. However important is that these coops have enough space to house every single bird in your barn. Here it would help if you also remembered that these birds multiply faster than you can imagine. Hence always keep additional space if you are not planning to cut the increasing number of chickens.

Protection and ventilation system

There are a lot of critters out in the world, and you can not stop them from feasting on your dear chicken without proper protection. Hence, look for a coop design that has a higher capability to protect your chicken and predators. The coop design has no opening that allows anything to get through at night, and all windows should be covered with hardware wire. Another important factor is sufficient ventilation in the house. It is important because chicken generates many ammonia, heat and moisture; it is critical to ventilate well. This is more important if you are living in an area with hot weather. Having a coop with cross ventilation is an ideal option.

Cleaning and human access

It is important to keep the clean coop inside out. Hence the ease of cleaning the hen coop is of great importance. The cleaning process may vary according to the size and design of the house. The majority of the droppings are accumulated in the roosting area. Thus, removable pans or trays can quickly be drained and washed down. When the number of chickens determines the size coop, it plays a role in the human’s access to the coop’s inside. But even for a small-sized coop, human access is important. It helps in cleaning, feeding and care for the chicken. Hence if you can not get in and out of the coop, make sure you have easily removable trays, windows, and pans.

Nesting boxes, roots and other utilities

Both roots and nesting boxes are important for chickens. Hence, your selected coop must have the proper construction of the two. Here the number of roots and boxes depends on the number of birds you own. Also, consider a design where the nesting boxes can be accessed from outside. It makes the egg collection process easier, as you might be doing that all day. Other important utilities include the type access of water and electricity inside the chicken house. Chicken needs to drink a lot of water and to lug it long distances get old faster. Simultaneously, electricity makes it easier to keep the water from freezing in winter and keeps the lights to offer heat. It results in better egg production etc.

Tips on how to buy Chicken Coops for sale in Dubai 

There is not a perfect chicken coop design. Still, providing your flock with a safe place to sleep or lay an egg is the most important chicken keep decision any chicken owner can make. Commercial and home chicken coops extensively vary in size, design and material. Here many factors are based on personal preferences. When it comes to buying, there are several important factors that one may need to consider. With a lot of options available in the market, including a backyard quail coop. But here are some things to consider when you start buying or building a coop.

  • The price – With a total footprint of 6 to 16 feet, a coop cost about $3000. Such a house will be able to fulfil that function for at least ten chickens. It can easily incorporate a generous run of play and exercises. Hence, once you have a number of your chicken, consider their needs and decide the budget limit before you head to buy.
  • Assess the area – The run is the area that allows your birds to peak at the dirt and dust bathe while being safe from predators. It will help you give freedom of physical movement while protecting them from vermin like mink and weasels. Generally, this protection comes with metal mesh with an opening no larger than half an inch. At times it also covers the windows and roof.
  • Nesting extensions – These are special wings protruding from each side of the hen house. They are generally equipped with three nesting boxes. They help to make the egg-gathering easier. A lip on the base of each brooding area prevents bedding and eggs from falling out. And in some cases, you can also keep nesting boxes inside the henhouse.
  • The henhouse – The bedroom of birds should be big enough to allow each chicken around 2 square feet of floor space. Plus, it has 9 to 12 inches of roost and horizontal beams for preaching. Plus, there should be enough windows for ventilation. This core structure will help to offer a hygienic and healthy environment for the chicken inside.
  • The size of the house – The basic rule is to allow 2-4 feet of space for each chicken. It also depends on the size of the chicken as the bantams need less space while the jersey giants need a bit more. Plus, it would help if you noticed how many waking hours they spend in the coop. If they spend all day ranging outdoors, going with 2 square feet per hen is fine.
  • The flooring – It is another important factor. Remember, the predators can easily dig and burrow under the floor. At such times, concrete floors are impregnable. They are a bit expensive and are not a DIY option. Whereas wood floors easily accumulate parasites and mites. The ideal is to have a plywood floor with a cheap vinyl flooring cover on it.
  • The roosts – Ideally, your coop must offer 8 inches of roost space per hen. Plan on enough space for the eventual number of chickens you plan to raise. A 2×4 beam with 4 inches side facing upward is ideal for roosting bars. Also, check the flat side of the board as this is what will keep the hen’s feet protected from extreme heat and frostbite in winters.

Apart from these few mentioned, there are many other features you need to consider when you head to buy a small chicken coop for 2 hens. The same rules apply if you are looking forward to buying large chicken coops for sale in online stores. Some additional factors to consider are nesting boxes, proper ventilation system and latches. The coop must offer easy access to the inside of it. Remember, when it comes to chicken coops, the owner’s comfort is as important as the comfort of chicken. Skipping any will be a disaster. Hence always shop wisely.

Question & Answer

What is a chicken coop used for?

Chicken coops are special cabins for keeping live chickens. These cabins help protect the chicken from cold, heat, and other hard weather conditions like rain or thunder. Meanwhile, they are also helpful in protecting the animal from predators like hounds, cars and foxes. Modern chicken coops not only offer protection but serve in many other ways. The built-in system offers easy access to the laid eggs, give a better environment for the chicken to grow and have fun.

Can I have a chicken coop in my backyard?

Yes, if you wish to pet chickens, having a backyard quail coop is the best idea. It will help all the mess away from your home. Plus, they will keep the chicken secure at night or when you are not attending them personally. There are many different types of chicken coops for the backyard or a small number of chickens. However important is to pick a coop for the backyard according to the number of the hen and the space you have at the back of your home.

Which chicken coop is the best to buy?

In simple words, the one that can accommodate all your chicken is an ideal coop for you. Plus, it must also offer you a space of 4 to 5 inches for each chicken you will keep in the coop. At the same time, the coop must offer easy access, ventilation, temperature maintenance and other facilities like water and currently supply system. For a novice person, it is better to start with Formex Snap Lock Standard Backyard Hen House, TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop Duplex, and SmithBuilt 7 ft. Wooden Two-Story Chicken Coop.

Where can I buy a chicken coop?

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