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When it comes to having pets like cats and dogs, an indoor dog toilet tray is necessary. It becomes evident if the pet never leaves the house. This lack of leaving can be due to weather conditions, the health of the pet, or the owner’s health. At times the decision can be due to the safety of the pup or kittens from other animals. At times the owners consider dog trays if the pet is not willing to go out. In such cases, the pets are trained to use pet toilets rather than doing their business outside. 

A dog litter tray or crate pan is a removable item made of metal or plastic used as an indoor toilet for dogs. These trays are also ideal for a pet having difficulty being trained to go to the potty outside. In such cases, they serve as an alternative space to avoid messier accidents inside your home. Meanwhile, these trays are also helpful for pets with bladder control issues. Indoor pet toilets are also helpful for those with limited outdoor spaces for pets. It may include people living in apartments or crowded cities. Based on the varying needs of pets and their owners, there is a wide range of dog litter trays available online. 

Different types of dog toiler trays 

Do you want to own a dog? Start by considering the hard work and attention it demands. It includes those long hours that you will spend out of the home. Make sure you can give proper food supply and serve their basic needs like pee and poop. Well, the latter can be done with the help of a nice pet litter tray.  It helps your pet relieve itself in an approved location instead of creating a mess or holding it in uncomfortably. Although you can teach your pet to use human toilets, numerous examples show how difficult it is for pets. This is why most pet owners prefer using specific dog crate trays for their beloved pet that comes in the following types. 

Indoor dog poop tray with grass 

This can either be real or syntenic grass. The natural grass offers your pet a touch of nature, making him more comfortable pee or poop. Plus, it is environment-friendly. However, it required regular maintenance, care, cleaning and replacement. This is why they can last no more than a month hence adding up the overall cost. On the other hand, synthetic grass consists of plastic containers with artificial grass, which is less eco-friendly. In this case, you do not need to remove or replace the grass but clean the tray and wash the entire toilet after use. Plus, with a little research, you can find options that look and feel just like natural grass, but it will be a bit marries to keep. 

Training pads with plastic holders 

Another common dog pee tray comes in the shape of a standard plastic tray with a special training pad. Here the tray tends to be simple to set up and use. However, it creates an unfamiliar environment for most dogs. They are comparatively smaller in size, so they are more suitable for pups or smaller dogs. You can find these trays with disposable pads made of cotton or other such materials. They are easier to clean as compared but produce a lot of waste. However, other reusable options are environment-friendly and with plastic grates or mats for dogs to sit on. Although they need regular washing and cleaning, they are a cost-effective option to consider. 

Self-cleaning automatic dog litter pans 

Just like your little kitty, there are fully automated dog poop trays available in the market now. But to own one such item, you need to be high on budget. These automated dog poop collectors come with a self-cleaning function. Such machines use disposable training pads that typically come on a roll. The machine automatically replaces the pad with a new one from the roll from 1 to 3 times per day. The process is executed with the help of sensors that ensure that the pad is not changed while the dog is inside the tray. After wrapping the soiled pats, sit in an enclosed dedicated compartment of the machine. You can take out those pads and discard them according to your ease. 

Standard dog litter boxes 

The dog owners of some breeds do not prefer to consider enclosed litter boxes for their dogs. These boxes are much like the cat litter boxes, including the use of litter. Despite many advantages, these boxes are not ideal for big size dogs. The only reason is that they will not fit in the box in the way they are supposed to. Moreover, if your dog is aggressive or destructive, avoid using these boxes. Likewise, it is suggested that the dog is fond of digging as it can easily create a mess. However, if the dog is calmer and belongs to a smaller breed, you can consider using such litter boxes. But important is to buy a box specifically designed for dogs rather than using one of your cats.

Tips on how to buy Dog Trays in Dubai 

The puppy and dog litter trays are engineered to avoid spillage and facilitate easy cleaning of a dog’s stool and urine. Hence ideally, when shopping for a litter box or tray, the buyers need to look for features like ease of use, size, durability, ease of sanitization and the comfort of the breed they own. But there is much more than that to consider while you head to buy dog trays for sale. They must be able to hold the odour and a few others. We know how difficult it is for you to find a compatible, economical and convenient option. Hence, we are here to help you identify the most important points to consider while you head to buy cheap dog trays in Dubai.

  • Consider the size – Size is the basic consideration for buying a useful poop tray for dogs. The size of the tray must be proportional to the size of the crate that you already own. Bear in mind that you will not be able to use the tray with even an inch difference. Moreover, the size should be according to the size and breed of your dog.
  • The durability and material of tray and crate – Unlike many other pet accessories, the dog poop trays and crates are meant to stay with you for long. Thus, they need to be of high quality and durable material. Dogs are always excited and will surely show their aggression on the tray. Therefore, the material should be able to bear these tantrums and the wear and tear resulting from the paws of your pet’s aggressive behaviour.
  • The pricing factor – This is one of the major concerns of every pet owner. The price of poop trays for pets varies from one brand to another. And the same rule applies if you go to buy a dog tray for food. However, compromising on quality for a lower price should not be the solution. Instead, explore use our price comparison tools to find economical yet high-quality options from top brands online.
  • The ease to use and clean – Here, the best option is automatic or self-cleaning poop trays. But only if your budget allows you to enjoy the luxury. Otherwise, you can enjoy any of the manual cleaning tray options. However, it is important to look for an easier option to clean and manage, even in that case. For instance, you can pick synthetic grass tray over natural as it is easier to wash and maintain.

Many dog owners prefer using simple pet toilers during the training process. This is also a good idea before you upgrade to any efficient option. It helps you determine and analyse the habits of your dog and buy a suitable option for him. On the other hand, it helps the dog get used to and use the tray for all his needs. However, in any case, buying a quality product that can facilitate both of you while staying gentle in your pocket is an ideal option for any pet owner to consider.

Question & Answer

What is the best-wet dog food trays?

An ideal tray for a dog depends on your pup’s nature, habits, size, and breed. However, some of the bestselling items available in the market include Gefry Pet Food Silicone Bowl Mat Feeding Tray, UPSKY Dog Cat Food Mat, Non-Slip Pet Dog Feeding Mat FDA Grade Waterproof Silicone, and the Non-Skid Pet Bowl Tray with 2 Slow Down Bowls. Apart from these, you can also explore and buy multi-purpose items like boot tray mats or non-skid pet bowl trays available at

Where to buy disposable hot dog trays?

Right here at Shops. You can find the most variety of top-quality dog trays online in UAE. Here you can find more than 500 top global brands and manufacturers. Every single brand and product that you can find here are made with a technologically advanced mechanism. Thus, they offer optimum comfort and surety of perfection. You can find some brands are Easyology, Pet Mate, Ellie-Bo, Trixie, and Prevue. Simultaneously, many others are still on the list to serve you with exceptional rates and quality.

Where can I find dog trays?

Technically, you should find the most basic to advanced level pet toilet and food tray options on a retail search engine online. Buying online is the best idea as it allows you access to more than one store at a time. Plus, you can use the innovative tools to compare prices and study as many products as you want before proceeding with payment. Hence, online shopping becomes the most accurate, efficient, trustworthy and smart way to buy dog trays online in the UAE.

Can you recycle dog food trays?

In some cases, the answer is yes. It entirely depends on the type of tray you own and what it is made of. For instance, you can recycle a foil tray for a pet using some simple techniques that you can find on YouTube. However, if you own an automated or mechanical tray, recycling might not be available. Hence, it is important to consider the matter before choosing and paying for any tray online.

The best way to know your options is to explore the pet supplies section. Explore now to make the best buying decision from the latest product range online.