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About Dog Trailers

Having a pet dog is fun. It’s the best companion to play with and go on long walks. But there are times when you need them to ride the bike with you. Putting a helmet on and letting them sit on the backseat of the bike is never a good idea. It is dangerous as they might fall and face any serious injury or death.  No matter how happy your dog feels to enjoy a bike ride sitting alongside, precautions are a must. Here we will name this care as a dog trailer 

Dog trailers, also known as dog bike trailers, are special pet carriers that you can attach to your vehicle – bicycle or motorbikes. These trailers are equally beneficial for carrying smaller and large size dogs. Besides, these trailers are ideal for older dogs or the one incapable of riding the bike with you due to any physical inability. Today you can find a wide range, size, material and style of dog carrier trailers. What remains common is the purpose of use. Hence no matter what style you pick, if your dog fits well in it, you can enjoy several benefits form the trailer. Here we will discuss some common advantages of using dog bike trailers to travel with your dog. 

Benefits of using dog bike trailers  

Dog trailers are not much common. This is because either most of the dog owners either have cars or they don’t have to take their dogs for long distances. Hence, they can easily walk them to nearby mart or park. But there are times when you need to take your dog to vet or a far place, but you don’t have a car to travel. A dog trailer is something that comes handy by offering a secure ride to your beloved pet. You may have seen them in use on the TC shows, but they exist in the real world as well. And a lot of dog owners are taking benefits from it. Hence, if you are a dog owner who with an active lifestyle, wishing to carry your dog with you everywhere, here is how a stroller can help you and your dog. 

Travelling flexibility 

The best thing about a dog carrier is that it offers flexibility to your pet while travelling outdoors.  If your dog gets older, or soon get tired of walking, a carrier can be a great idea. It helps them to stay with you for long without getting tired. Hence both of you can spend more time outdoors and stay there much longer instead of bringing your pooch home early. Plus, it can help your pooch rest on the way home and keep you at peace from the hassle of carrying them in your hands when tired. These trailers are also recommended when you travel with a puppy, elderly pooch or a small breed dog. 

Protecting dog paws 

Why do you wear shoes? To protect your feet from stones, dust, injuries and resulting pain, Right? The same rules apply to dog paws. While travelling to a distance, better is to protect their bones and joints from shock and offer some insulation. It is more important in extreme weather conditions. Long walks on periods of ice and snow and boiling pavements in summer can take a toll on dog’s feet. You can cut all these pains by using dog trailers. Not only it will protect your dog from extreme conditions but will also restrict messy encounter with water and mud etc. 

Exploring new arenas with an old dog 

We know how hard it is to see your beloved dog getting old. No matter what the age is, the dogs need some exercise, socialization and fun. It helps to keep them healthy and happy. However, with age, the energy runs out, and they need some support and care to perform such activities. Likewise, for younger pups where the excitement is always on the peak, protection from traffic is crucial. In all such cases, options like Trixie bicycle trailers are an ideal option to consider. A trailer with your bike means more fun and outdoor ventures with your dog, more security and lesser hassle and environmental footprints. 

Approach dog shows in style 

It should not be any surprise for you. Dog strollers have become an invaluable accessory for any dog owner. They add a class and style in your entry when you take your dogs into chows or competitions. Not only it enables the pet owners to transport the dogs with ease and speed but also offers the dog with space to relax before the major event begins. We all know dog shows and competitions are tiring and stressful for owners but do take a moment to think about dogs. They have to deal with the strange noisy environment while being surrounded by vocal pampered pooches. Hence, they need some rest and privacy so that they can do their best in competition.

Tips on how to find the best Dog Trailer for sale in UAE 

Dogs are among the loveliest pets that humans own. It’s not because they love a dog, but they are amazingly good at keeping you company. And for the same reason, you must take care and treat your dog with the best. A quality dog trainer can help you do that while you take him out on a sightseeing. In case you love having fun together, there is surely not a chance to risk the security of your pet. It becomes more obvious if you are about to enter a busy area with a lot of traffic. However, when you head to buy a dig trailer, there are several things to consider. Here are points that you need to look in a dog trailer before you proceed to pay for it. 

  • Size of the trailer – Make sure that the trailer is according to the size of the dog. It must not be big as a kennel but must offer a reasonable and comfortable space for a dog. The size of the trailer must allow the dog to sit and lie down or move around a little bit in the back. 
  • The hitch – It is an important part of the trailer. Some trailer may also take your bike out too if you corner too hard and the trailer tilts. They will also affect the stopping and cornering abilities of the trailer. Hence check the hitch before hitting the roads. 
  • Handling – It can be hard to judge the handling until you get the trailer on the road. Hence while buying online, important is to consider peer suggestions and customer reviews before buying a new type of trailer for your dog. 
  • Flooring – The floor of the trailer is of crucial importance. It must not scrunch up and should stay in place. Even if you wish to add a dog’s blanket for more comfort, a collapsible trailer cannot let you do that. Rather it will cause many unanticipated problems. 
  • The portability of trailer – It is an obvious concern. You will be travelling to places with the trailer. So, they should be easy to handle while moving around. Here you can consider an option with easily removable wheels or folding down as major amenities to buy. 

As long as you keep these points in mind, you will be able to take the canine companion for a relaxing ride. Plus, both of you can enjoy the relative ease of mind on all types of trails. And the chances are that both of you will find outdoor wandering as your most favourite activity. Hence, take your credit card out to buy the best dog trailers for bikes and combine your love for pet and cycling and enjoy a fantastic time. Despite that many options, you should make sure that the delivered product is perfectly suitable for you as well as your dog. 

Question & Answer

Can dog ride in a travel trailer? 

Yes, the travel trailers are ideal for a dog for a long journey. One of the best benefits of these trailers is that the dog can enjoy outdoor all day and will always sleep at the same place all night. Providing such consistency can help the pet get comfortable with the new environment. These trailers are also helpful to develop and stick to a routine. Plus, with time, most of the dogs can quickly accept them as a part of their life and enjoy the ride. 

How to attach a dog trailer to bike? 

The process of assembly or installation of a dog trailer to the bike is pretty much simple. You will need to start by attaching the bicycle tow bar by positing the main cabin of the trailer with the bottom side facing upward. Align the tow bar position with holes in the bike and tie with the bolt and nuts. In the next step, attach the wheel mounting brackets wheels and move forward to reacting the cabinet. To understand the process in detail, you can see the video presentation here. 

Are dog trailers safe? 

According to the majority, bike trailers are somewhat unwieldy. But this is not the case every single time you see a dog trainer. Many modern well-engineered models offer better handling and manageability that cheap dog transport trailers for sale in the market. This is because brands know that a well-designed dog bike trailer not only makes it easier but more fun to use the carrier. This is why every branded product results in a comfortable and secure travelling venture. 

Where can I buy dog wash trailers online in UAE? 

Here at we have more than 500 top global brands and manufactures offering dog trailers for sale online in UAE. Here you can find products from top brands like Sepnine, Schwinn, Trixie, Booyah Strollers, AosomCroozer, and DoggyrideMoreover, you can use the price comparison tool to compare prices of products from different brands. This unique combination of global product range and comparison helps you make a smart buying decision in few clicks. 

Additionally, we at offer you easy buying perks from basic health care needs to small accessories that you may need for your pets. Here you can explore stores like TavolaMamas & PapasYoinsLacoste, and Gap and order whatever you need for you or your family.