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The pet or dog fences are artificial boundaries to restrict the animal’s movements to a limited area of the home or outdoor location. These predefined boundaries help the owners to manage the animal while allowing freedom of movement to an animal within pre-set limits.

The idea of a modern fence for household pets came forward in 1973. Richard Peck was the person who saw several dogs hit by cars. Such events led him to create pet fence systems. A modern dog fence system fulfils many requirements for dog owners. Majorly it restrains pet dogs in a safe place without the use of a leash. Meanwhile, it also keeps other animals and passer-by out of the reach of dogs. If your dog is fond of exploring any unattended neighbourhood, a fence can help you avoid it. However, as each dog is different, there is a need to offer them different types and levels of protection. Consider the needs of pet owners in mind. The manufacturers provide a comprehensive range of fences.

Common types of dog fences

No matter what shape or size your dog is, it is worth taking the time to ensure that your beloved pet is safe when it’s out in the yard. Likewise, it is important to keep them in a secure shell when no one can attend to them. Hence it is always a good idea to protect your beloved family member from opportune thieves, attacks of stray dogs, or wandering in the neighbourhood. With a good dog fence, you can let him loose in the yard to play, run and have fun without the worry of any harm. Moreover, if you struggle to walk your pup, an outdoor pet fence will offer plenty of space to enjoy. Depending on the qualities you prefer and the size of your pet, there are several varieties of fences to choose from.

The invisible dog fence

These are electric fences installed underground with a receiver collar on the dog’s neck. The perimeter along which the underground wire is connected defines the boundary for the dog. If the dog gets too close to the boundary, the receiver on the collar will get signals causing a beep. The dog will also receive a mild electric shock (it will not be harmful to the dog in any way). The receiver collar is quite expensive and can be stolen by intruders if they are not affected by the boundary. Likewise, there are chances that the dog will ignore these mild shocks if something is grabbing its attention vigorously. In any such case, the barrier becomes ineffective, and the memory of shock may discourage the pet from returning.

The wireless dog fences

Much similar to invisible fences, the wireless pet boundaries do not need any underground wire installation. In this case, a transmitter emits signals within a given area, and when the dog gets close to the boundary, the collar beeps and cause a mild shock. To some extent, both wireless and invisible fences can be harmful to the dog. However, they are the preferred choice of the owners who do not want the fence to be obvious but want to zone the animal in specific areas of the house. Many users claim that these fences work well as the pup appear to stay in his seat area without any obvious resistance. You can also use these fences to keep the pet away from certain areas of the home, like a kitchen or bedroom.

Picket and Electric dog fences

One must not confuse electric fences with the shock collar fence. The electric fence uses the charger to put harmless yet intimidating electric change on one or more fence wires. However, a drawback of these fences is that they are just a psychological barrier. Hence if a dog is inclined to overcome them, the fence will be useless. At such times you can consider the picket fences that serve as an excellent barrier in your yard and prevent the dog from going out. These fences are generally made of wood but will not block the view. Hence an option better than traditional wooden frames. However, there is a possibility that your pooch will squeeze through the opening and get caught by a wild animal.

Barrier fences

These barriers have the edge over other types because they are real physical barriers. These fences themselves have many different types of styles, sizes and materials. They could be tall enough so that the dog cannot clamber over it, or they can be of short height.  And if your dog seems likely to dig under the fence, you can use a special measure to prevent it. A well-reinforced barrier fence can work well for keeping your pet in its designated boundary. In general, no matter if you consider any add-on, serious considerations should be given to these barriers. They are less expensive and easier to install than any other available option.

Tips on how to buy Dog Fence for sale at cheap price 

Buying pet fences is a critical stage if you want to keep the dog safe and close by. Your beloved dog surely needs time outdoor to go to the bathroom, get some fresh air, loosen up his muscles and do some exercise. Allowing all of it without a fence in your yard can be problematic for you and dangerous for your dog. They can get lost or hit by a car or even become victims of other animals’ brutality. However, buying a suitable outdoor dog fence is an overwhelming process for many. And the reason is a massive variety of fences for sale available online. Hence here are some tips on how you can easily buy dog fences online in UAE.

  • The type of material – Some dogs dig holes near the edge of the fence when they feel trapped. It is because they want to go on an exploration. So, if your dog digs, it better is to pick a wooden fence that goes deep in the ground. Here a chain-link fence can cause injury to dog paws or can trap the collar. Hence avoid using options and those that can rust from moisture.
  • A safe and secure height – Here, you need to know how high your dog can jump. Now look for a fence high enough to keep your dog from jumping over it. A higher fence will also refrain other dogs from entering the yard. Hence, an ideal fence is high enough to restrict the dog’s movement without blocking the view of the surroundings.
  • The convenience of installation – The installation process is also important to consider. Compared to conventional fences, invisible electric wire and wireless fencing are easier and less time-consuming to install. The conventional options will ask for nails, boards or rolling wires, or welding irons etc. Hence better is to look for easy to use options.
  • Reliability – Start your search by consulting your peer or reviewing customer reviews online before buying any fence for your dogs. Considering the suggestions and review in mind, look for a fence made of durable material. Remember that dogs will bite, chew and scratch the fence. Hence, never take a chance a look for high-quality wood or durable plastic option.
  • Check the laws – Every locality and government have different rules and regulations for keeping pets. So, if you are planning to buy a temporary dog fence for camping in Dubai, know the laws. It will tell you specifications about the material, height, other limitations, and other concerns related to using fences in your area.

When we at can’t help you understand all the laws in detail, we help you buy fences online in Dubai. Here we have more than 500 brands selling top quality dog and pet fences online. We also take pride in offering the most comprehensive variety of pet care and housing products, including pet foods, clothing, accessories, toys and much more. Hence decide your needs and start exploring how to find the most economical and highly reliable products from global brands online.

Question & Answer

Which invisible dog fence is best?

The ideal fence depends on the dog and its nature. However, in any case, to consider the security of your pet, always buy invisible or electric fences from reliable brands. You can trust’s top brand’s collection to find quality invisible dog fences online in UAE. Some of the bestselling options you can find here include Extreme Dog Fence, PetSafe Stay & Play, SportDOG Brand In-Ground, the SportDOG 100-Acre and the PetSafe Wireless Fence.

Are electric dog fences cruel?

No, technically, they have no adverse impact on the pets. The electric dog fences come with a dog collar that slightly shocks when the pet tried to cross the boundary. These collars have around seven levels of shock. You can adjust it according to the dog’s nature and how much shock you want to give them. Even with the highest level of shock, there is no negative impact on your beloved pet. However important is to ensure that the collar is in good condition and is a high-quality, guaranteed product.

Which is the best wireless dog fence?

A high-quality dog fence helps to establish a zone where the dog can roam securely and freely. A wireless fence is an ideal solution, whether you live on a busy road or have a large farm and don’t want your dog to wander in neighbouring properties. Here are some of the bestselling items available in online retail search engine s. The list includes PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence, the Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence, Extreme Dog Fence Second Generation, the Extreme Dog Fence Extended Area Coverage. Or you can think of advanced options like Extreme Dog Fence Professional Dog Containment System.

Where to buy a dog fence online in Dubai?

Here at, you can find more than 500 brands selling hundreds of top quality wireless electric dog fences for small dogs. Plus, you can find the entire range of conventional wooden or hidden fences for all types and sizes of dogs. Here you can explore and shop from brands like Extreme Dog Fence, Tespo, Pawhut, Persafe, Paws & Pals, Sit Boo-Boo, Oypla, Ellie Bo, and Sport-Dog. Moreover, you can enjoy economic buying opportunities using efficient price comparison tools online.

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