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Is your dog naughty? Does he make your life challenging when you take him out for a walk? Does he strain on his harness,  collar & leashes and drag you along behind him? If yes, you are the one with a clear idea of how difficult and challenging it is to control a dog. A dog leash or collar can be the solution to your problems.  

Dog collars & leashes are among the essential items to buy while bringing your four-legged companion home. A dog collar, leashes or harness are special belts useful for controlling the dog. The collars offer you something to grab. Whereas the leash offers you extra three feet to grab onto the dog, so he does not get away. It is specifically helpful when your dog moves fast. Besides control, these items also help you tag your dog with information like ID nameplates or special ornaments. Keeping the importance in mind now, if you seek to buy a dog leash online in Dubai, let us help you out with the best pet supplies for your small pets.  

Beginner’s guide to types of dog collars and pet leash  

As a beginner, you must keep in mind that the dog and cat collar should be specific to your pet’s needs, behaviour, and personality. To know more about your pet, you can talk to the professional veterinarian and follow his advice on what harness, collar and leash will be best suitable for your pet. Frankly speaking, there is a lot to learn when you plan to get pet collars. But the basic thing you must keep in mind is that not all collars are compatible and work on all dog breeds. Remember, every dog is unique and has an entirely different spirit and personality from other dogs. And this is what makes every dog special. So, it is important is to pick the right type of collar to show your love and devotion to the dog. 

Standard pet collars 

There are different types of collars that fall under this category. A breakaway collar is a quick-release style that will unclip with a strong tug. In contrast, a buckler has a ring to attach the dog’s license, tag, rabies, or ID and is helpful to get it back if lost.  Another type is a chill dog collar ideal for carrying your dogs in the water while walking. It is refillable and keeps the dog cool. These styles fit around the dog’s neck without losing its shape. These types are highly recommended by the Vet for heat exhaustion or overheating. At times, the flea collars are good as a preventative tool to fight ticks and fleas. But it is not ideal for every pet. Hence better to consult the Vet before buying one. 

The electronic dog and cat tracker collar 

These are remote control collars that give a slight shock to dogs. This shock is supposed to stop the dog from doing things you do not want them to do. However, there are some ethical considerations the owner must abide by. Meanwhile, other types of collars, like trackers and bark control collars, stop the dog from excessive barking. In the meantime, the remote trainer collars are ideal for a dog over 40 lbs and with a neck up to 33″. These collars can work from a distance of 1000 yards from the electronic handheld controller. You can also find wireless fence receiver collars and vibration bark control collars in online stores like 

The obedience or training collars  

These are gentle leader hear collars that put pressure on the back of the neck instead of the throat area. Hence when the dog lunges, jumps or pull, the gentle leader moves the dog’s head towards you. It then helps you to lead the walk hence keeping the dog under control. Such collars are ideal for training the dog for heeling or stopping unwanted leash behaviour. A slip or choke chain collar also falls under this category. These are ideally effective to tame bad behaviours while walking. These collars are also helpful in deterring dogs from chewing their collar. Another type worth mentioning is the martingale collar that helps stop dogs and is a safer training collar option. 

Dog harnesses 

Harnesses are ideal for dogs with pushed-in-faces or long slender necks. They are also good for dogs with breathing issues. The back-clip harness fits on the dog’s chest and clips on the back. It is good for dogs with short noses or small breeds that have restricted airways.  Whereas the front clip harness clips over the chest area of the dog. It helps to prevent minor pulling while allowing the owner to steer the dog. They are ideal for pets that need a little work on their loose-leash walking. But a vest harness is an entirely new hip dog harness that pulls on the chest and thus falls under the no-choke harness category.

Tips on how to buy Collars & Leashes online in UAE 

Are you about to click on the dog collar product listing page? Hang on! There is still much to explore and know before you start paying for leather dog collars. Buckle up; with more than 500 brands online; you are about to feel overwhelmed by the options available at And a wide range of size, width, design, material, and colour will make the choices unlimited. At the same time, it will demand a lot of time, attention, and energy to do the processing. Let us help you avoid making common collar shopping mistakes that are obvious in most cases. To help you deal with the process of buying the best collar for puppy training, here are a comprehensive set of points to consider.

  • The waterproofing ability –This feature is important if you live in a wet climate or tend to take out your pet often. The material of the waterproof collar should be soft and comfortable to be used all the time. A waterproof collar is durable and does not need to be replaced or washed as often as other materials like nylon or leather dog collars.
  • The material of collar – Once you determine the type of collar, dig deep into the material of the belt. The dog collars come in different materials, each with unique pros and cons. Some are durable but harsh on the neck and skin of your dog, hence not recommended. Buy a collar with durable material that stays gentle on the dog skin even if they drag, pull, or rub it.
  • Choosing the right size – We believe by now, you have a clear idea about the collar you need for your dog. Now comes an even more complicated aspect – the size of the collar. It becomes more important if you order the collar online. In such a case, you must take the recent measurement of your dog. Then consult the sizing chart online to find the accurate fit for your pet.
  • Finding ideal collar length – For testing collar in stores, use the Two Finger Rule. Otherwise, begin by tightly measuring the circumference around your dog’s neck. Remember, your ideal length should be plus-minus 2 inches to that measurement. Generally, for a fully-grown dog, the length will be about 14 inches so look for a collar 11 to 15 inches.
  • The buckles of collar – As we are done with all important aspects, now is the time to look at the closing mechanism; the buckle or hook. Here the styles depend on your personal preferences. Plastic buckles are easier to operate, but they get brittle in cold temperatures and lose integrity. In contrast, metal is stronger, stylish, durable, and generally more secure.

We hope this article was productive with these important tips and tricks to get a hold of the best collar for dogs. We believe the discussion till now gave you some clear pointers on picking your next dog collar. Remember, besides some basic rules, buying a dog collar is all fun. But ensuring the safety of your money is also important. This is why thousands of people trust buying branded pet supplies and accessories online in UAE only at Now it is your time to give it a try.

Question & Answer

Does a dog collar hurt a dog’s neck?

Yes, at times, the dog collar can hurt the dog’s neck. Some common issues that result from dog collars include thyroid damage, ear and eye damage, or neck injuries and bruises. The common reason for such a problem is low-quality material, torn belts, or the collar is too tight to the skin. This is the reason why it important is to use a soft, high-quality collar for your dog. Plus, the fit of the collar should be comfortable to avoid any superficial or inner issues.

What’s the best dog collars to buy?

As a ground rule, the best dog collar is durable and comfortable for daily wear. Plus, they are high quality to avoid any injury and will not lose the look and feel over time. Some of the bestselling items available in the store include Blueberry Classic Nylon Dog Collar, a stylish yet economical option. Else you can also consider buying Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar or Pet Safe Gentle Leader. Or check the Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar if you need to be extra gentle on your pet.

What kind of leash is best for a puppy?

According to experts, a classic strap built with sturdy, high-grade nylon and a smooth coating finish is best for your puppy. Moreover, it should be compatible with training aids like harnesses and head collars. Thus, this dog harness will suit any training you have in store for your new puppy. Also, look if the selected item has an easy metal clip and hassle-free opening mechanism or not.  Some brands that can offer you such products include Max and Neo, Remington, Mighty Paw, Flexi giant professional, Puppia, Coastal Pet, and Dogness.

Can a cat flea collar be used on dogs?

No matter if you have the best flea and tick collars for cats, they are not suitable for dogs. Even then, if you make such a decision, your dog will end up facing some serious health issues. It is because these collars can have extreme allergic reactions to dogs. Consult experts if you have made such a mistake and find any discomfort in your dog or see them annoyed for no reason. As at such times, you will need serious care and medication as recommended by the Vet.

What dog collar is best for walking a dog?

There is a wide range of bestselling dog collars for walking you can buy for your dog collar online in the UAE. Here are some items from the top of the list of dog collars online in the UAE. You can either choose Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness or pick Pet Safe Easy Walk Dog Harness. If not, then Country Brook Design Martingale Collar, Sporn No-Pull Dog Halter, the Herm Sprenger Pet No-Pull Training Collar or even Halti No Pull Head Collar for Dogs are ideal to choose.

To sum up, buying the right and comfortable dog collar for your new dog is a crucial decision to make. Thus, it would help if you decided what the straps will be used for. Here at you can find more than 500 brands selling top quality dog collars, including inflatable dog collars in Dubai.  So explore a product search engine to buy products from brands like Hartz, Regirock, Seresto, Petsafe, Kurgo Muck, Ezydog, Newchic, Pupteck, Tiffany, and Partitas.