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Have you found your moggy family spirit and tomorrow he is coming home from an animal shelter? Today is your shopping day. It is the time to procure the essential cat petting items, including food, toys, grooming supplies, and scratching posts. But above on the list are litter boxes and their essentials. All you need to do is explore a retail search engine online in the UAE and buy trending items and accessories for your cat. However, before you jump into the confusion of what to choose and what not, learn a bit about these cat litter boxes.

A cat litter box is also known as the litter tray, cat pan, sandbox, or litter pan. It is a special indoor urine and faeces collection box for cats, ferrets, rabbits, small dogs, or miniature pigs etc. These boxes serve the pets that are permitted free roam in a home but who cannot or do not go outside to excrete their waste. Such equipment is the preferred choice of pet owners who do not allow their pets to go out for the fear that they might succumb to outdoor dangers. Hence to help you protect your cat from the dangers of outside and keep your home neat and tidy at the same time, litter boxes are a must. Today you can find a wide variety of litre boxes in the market. So important is to choose the right type for you.

Types of kitty litter boxes available online

The litter box is one of the most crucial parts of the cat-human relationship. When it comes to buying litter boxes, there is one thing virtually all cat owners agree: it is ideal for keeping odour away. However, certain high rated litter boxes are better about containing smell because of their carbon filter. Meanwhile, the automatic litter boxes can also be better at odour reduction. But they tend to be expensive to own and maintain. No matter cheap or expensive, the best cat litter box serves important functions for pet cats and owners. They are crucial to contain messes and keep the smell from wafting throughout the entire house.  Here are some common types of kitty litter boxes you can choose from.

The open litter pans for cats

An open litter pan is the most basic and the least expensive design. You can commonly find them in plastic material. However, there are some disposable models available in rectangular tray shapes. These trays have an outwardly sloped side of 3.9 to 5.9 inches in height. The open litter pan allows maximum ventilation that increased the comfort of a cat. But on the bad side, they show the waste visible and trap no odour. But this feature encourages the owner to scoop the box frequently. Meanwhile, some litter pans come with low walls, but they are not ideal for containing litter when a pet digs or scratches. It also increased the chances of elimination of waste on walls or out of the box.

Self-cleaning cat litter box

These automatic litter boxes come with reusable plastic granules. Here the cleaning cycle includes automated scooping, waste flushing of laundry drain, granule wash with cold water, deodorization and heated drying of the litter granules. These litter boxes employ technology that automates the litter box emptying process. you can find some models with an electric combing mechanism that automatically scoop the clumps out of the litter box and push into a sealed, disposable container after each use. These machines use pressure pads or sometimes infrared light to determine when the cat left the box and will comb the box after some time.

The hooded litter boxes

These are enclosed litter boxes that are commonly available with a moderate pricing range. Commonly they are made of plastic and feature a plastic dome or hood that covers the litter pan and litter within. In the case of these pans, the pet enters through an opening in the cover. In some styles, the opening comes with a swinging door. To clean these boxes, the owner, need to lift the cover off the tray to scoop and clean the litter.  Covered litter boxes help to reduce the amount of litter tracked outside the box. Plus, it helps in dealing with issues of pets eliminating waste over the walls of a litter pan and thus reducing the odour.

The open-entry litter boxes

The top entry litter boxes have opened on the top of the box. In this style, the pet needs to climb on the top of the box and into the hole to eliminate waste. Well, in the case of cats, they surely love to do the climbing and stuff. However, at the time when cats with good physical health and even the kittens will have no issue in climbing the hole, these boxes are not recommended for physically limited or geriatric fellas. However, this design does have the additional benefit of deterring other bets or your children from content in the box. Plus, it avoids any accidental spill of the material within. With a grate on the top, you can facilitate the litter from the cat’s paw to fall back into the box, thus reducing the litter tracking.

Tips on how to buy Cat Litter box online in UAE  

When you get a cat, you must visit a pet store to buy essential kitty supplies, including litter boxes. Despite the importance of a litter box, not many people give much thought to the box itself. Most people think and look at them just as another box with some random sand particles. Others find every box like the other one. But in fact, not all cat litter boxes are created equal for all breeds of cats. The cats can be about the depth, shape, size and other attributes of litter boxes. Hence important is to do some research, broaden your perspective, understand your cat’s preferences, and buy a litter pan accordingly. Here are some tips to ease your process.

  • Know the kind of box – Start with knowing what kind of box can work well for your cat. The style is up to the kitty’s preferences. For instance, a hooded version will work well for cats who crave privacy, but it leaves other’s feeling boxed or suffocated. Also, if you have kittens, choose a box. They can easily get in. Likewise, for an older cat, find a box with an easy way in and out.
  • The number of boxes you need – Here, the math is simple – you must have one box per cat plus one (extra is always good for emergencies). Hence one cat – two boxes, two cats- three boxes and so on. Hence if you are considering owning more than one cat, give it a second thought. Consider your budget and decide accordingly.
  • Positioning the litter box – The case of cats is similar to humans. So, potty time is a private affair for cats as well. Hence, you will need to decide on a quiet place at your home, free of obstacles, chaos and human traffic. And if you want to make it easier for the kitty, put a box on every level of your home. It will help you to keep the home clean by facilitating the cat with littering space.
  • How much litter does the box take in – The simplest way to know the capacity of a litter box is to read the product description section on the product page. It is always important to check all the specifications of the box. Ideally, a box with 2-3 inches for non-clumping and 3-4 inches of Tidy scoops litter can do the trick.
  • The cleaning process – For a self-cleaning litter box, the cleaning method is no concern. But otherwise, you should review the product in detail and understand the box’s construction and feature. It will help you know the cleaning process of the box. It is always better to buy a litter box that is easy to handle and clean with lesser efforts and time consumption.

Remember finding the right litter pan or box for your cat will make both of your lives easier and clean. The litter you pick must be according to the size of your cat and its litter habits. Other things you can consider are your preferences, aesthetics and budget limitations. We know for many that many considerations make finding the right option a clear challenge. However, with you can do that in a way easier than you can imagine. Explore now to find your dream option in few clicks.

Question & Answer

What cat litter is flushable?

The standard clumping clay cat litter is made of sodium bentonite. It is something you can no flush in hence making it a bit difficult to discard. Therefore, there are new types of cat litter that can be flushed without blocking the pipes. Some of the best-selling flushable cat litter include Rufus and coco 8.8lb wee kitty clumping corn cat litter. Others are sWheat scoop multi-cat all-natural clumping cat litter and sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Natural Wheat Cat Litter. All these, along with many others, are available at with easy buying policies.

Which cat litter is best for odour control?

Apart from many others, one of the basic reasons to use technologically advanced cat litter is controlling odour. Today you can find a comprehensive collection of advanced car litter for odour control. Here are some of the bestselling items available online Ever Clean Extra Strength Odor Control Cat Litter and Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Cat Litter. At the same time, others on the list are Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control Litter, Purina Tidy Cats Glade Odor Control Litter, Dr Elsey’s Cat Ultra-Premium Odor Control Litter etc.

What are the best-covered cat litter boxes?

At there is a wide collection of covered litter boxes from top global brands. But if you are confused about where to start from, here are some suggestions. You can review the best budget Catit Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan or Omega Paw Roll Self-Cleaning Litter Box for your cat. Otherwise, consider products like Catit Jumbo Hooded  Litter Pan. Or review and buy Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden  Litter Box or the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

What cat litter should I buy?

Considering the latest trends, some of the best-selling items in online stores include highly automated and self-cleaning litter boxes for cats. Including them, many other items are available as per personal customer preferences of budget limitations. Some of the best sellers include Van Ness High Sided Litter Pan, IRIS Top Entry Litter Box with Scoop, Catit Jumbo HoodedPan. Others are ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box, ecoFlex Litter Loo, Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box, and the Cat Genie Self-Washing, Self-Flushing Cat Box.

You can find all these items plus a cheap cat litter box with a lid at Plus, you can explore dozens of pet supplies and related products from top global brands like Arm and Hammer, Emily Pets, Nutra Pet, Catsan, Sanicat, Van Cat, Tofu, and Thomas.

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