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Before even thinking of buying a cage, you should know that your pets must associate positive sentiments with it. The time inside the cage must not be full of aggression or sadness. If you are buying it out of anger and want it as a punishment tool, then you might want to amend your behaviour with your pet. Or, you may also consult a vet or an expert to control such situations.

Buying a cage is like dedicating a personal space to your pets. As humans, having your own space where nobody interferes is a must-have. So, you not only buy a cage but decide its placement in your house, which should be the place that feels like a calming one. The placement also depends on the type of pet, whether he is an aloof personality or likes to huddle where his humans are. Moreover, observe your pet’s behaviour to buy the best fit. It is also suggested to consult a vet or a training expert to not end up making him aggressive by following an incorrect crating process.

The purpose of having pet cages

What not to do while having crates is to use them as punishment. By doing this, you introduce this product as an enemy to your pet, leading to aggression while running away from it. However, some pets like birds and hamsters spend most of their lifespan inside the cage. But that shouldn’t stop you from letting your pet see the world as you can travel with them anywhere. Also, it provides your pet with a den of his own, providing security and safety. They are also useful for house training while making your pet familiar with the household environment.

Bird’s cage

When it comes to birds, all of us have different opinions, whether or not they should be kept indoors. So, if you are having one, make sure the size of the cage is big enough as your pet is going to spend most of his life there. You can choose a place that you can dedicate to your birds. But do not forget to change placements often to make them feel good and connected with you. Some of the supplies you must need inside include a food container, perch, cage liner, toys, hiding place, and first-aid. All these factors will certainly make your purchase the best for your pet. Or maybe hamster cages for sale can lead you to the right buy. For those who don’t know, hamster products may or may not fits proper to birds as well.

Dog cage

Your furry friend does not spend all his life inside the cage. So, you don’t have to worry much about his needs. If he needs a toy, he can just take it with him. Thus, for a dog, you need a sturdy and durable one. Also, you should focus on lightweight products if travelling with your pooch is your purpose for buying. Depending on the time your dog spends inside, you can then choose the size. The size should be enough to have good airflow. If you would like to see the variants by yourself, you can check out dog cages for sale at our shopping platform,

Cat cage

Crating cats or any other pets is a way of travelling with them or preventing fights among your pets. Crating them for a long time is cruel. But if you foster cats often, you can have a big product for your new guest to rest till everyone else get familiar with the presence. If the cage has a hammock or something to engage with, this can make the time spent worth and less anxious. Considering all this, we can conclude that buying a pet cage in Dubai is not a daunting task if you know your requirements.

Tips on how to buy Cages online

There are many things to consider before buying a cage for your animal companion. And if this is your first time buying, you should be extra cautious by scrutinising every tiny detail of the product you explore online. We have gathered a few bullet points for you because having them handy while shopping can never let you skip any feature. And of course, it will broaden up your information due to which you might add more features, but you can still stick to your planned budget.

  • Size is the first decision to make – If you want to invest in one cage all your pet’s life, then consider the breed and at what length they grow usually. Also, some pets like cats often find confined places for comfort, but hamsters are the opposite as they need space to run around. Depending on your pet’s behaviour, you should go for the right size.
  • Material to consider – Plastic, metal, and wooden are the most popular materials you can consider. Metal is a versatile product of all, but some pets feel exposed, and thus the cage lacks in giving personal space to your pet. Plastic cages are not suitable for hot climates, and wooden ones are not suitable for destructive pets. We hope the tips will help you in choosing the right material.
  • The type of enclosure – You can have a confined enclosure or a wired one. But whatever you choose, you must maintain insulation, ventilation, and security. Also, the parameters become more intense if you want the product to travel friendly. There have been many instances where a dog or cat has jumped out of the car window and has led to many mishaps. To avoid them, consider having a good quality cage.
  • The maximum exposure – The exposure should not make your pet uncomfortable when it is his time to relax. If you are choosing wired products, the space between the wires is enough for you to supervise your pet. And the same goes for a confined enclosure that can be see-through.
  • Indoor versus outdoor – Indoor cages need fewer features than outdoor ones. The latter ones need the product to be waterproof, weatherproof, lightweight, and comforting. While indoor products often kept in one place, so comfortability can be the top-most priority here.

Along with the tips, we think a list of brands would be further helpful. Some of the brand names include Tespo, MidWest Homes for Pets, Lucky dog, and Paws & Pals, among others. You can find all these brands or even more on our shopping search engine. Also, upon your visit, you can expect amazing deals and discounts.

Question & Answer

Are cages good for dogs?

Dog, rabbit, hamster, or even a cat cage: every product has a positive purpose to serve, providing you follow the rules. The rules to not neglect the privacy, independence, and freedom of your pet. Some of the pets stay inside the cage for a long time or some less. Depending on the type of breed, pet, and behaviour, you should choose the crating time and must not exceed unless safety is concerned. So, the answer is yes, dog cage is good as it gives personal space to your dog whenever he feels low or just wants an aloof time. And yes, dogs need that just like humans.

What cages are best for hamsters?

Unlike dog cage, hamsters stay more time in their cage as their cages are like the whole habitat. Inside the cage, you can have a food bowl, toys, bedding, ramp, exercise wheel or more things to make this as natural as it can be. Hamsters are tiny and therefore cannot be freed out in the house due to life concerns. He might be not able to fight and save himself. So, the best cage is what contains his life essentials. Also, big enough for your pet to play around without getting bored.

Can bird’s cages be used for rats?

Yes, you can use bird’s cages for rats but after assuring that the size is correct. Also, you have to make a few modifications here and there before letting your rat enter. For example, a bird’s cage usually includes a food container, perch, or handle. To make it apt for rats, you can put exercise wheel, make levels, dividers, or maybe sliders and other activities for him to play around with. Rats do not sit idle like birds, and therefore, need engagement. You can bring your creativity to make it the best possible crate for your pet rat.

Where to buy cages for dogs?

Buying cages that best fits your purpose is not a daunting task. You can start your shopping drive by exploring all the variants from different brands. A few brand names include Hartz, BestPet, and Tespo. You can find them all or even more such reputed names on our platform, A wide assortment of different materials, features, designs, and size are available to fulfil everyone’s needs.

Find cages worth your shopping cart on our platform,, and not just that, we also have a dedicated section of pet supplies. Thus, you can shop everything for your animal companion under one roof.