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Losing a pet hurt so much! It’s not possible to make up for the loss. However, we have pet urns that can be a wonderful way to create a lasting memory of your family cat, dog or any other animal. Let us explore more about them.

Pet urns have been become a popular choice these days to create a lasting tribute for beloved pets. It is used to either carry the whole or a small portion of cremated remains of pets. It comes in a variety of materials, including stone, wood, glass and steel. You can even buy ceramic pet urns for ashes. Animal urns typically have a rounded body with a narrowed neck and a lid. Although modern styles are rectangular, cylindrical, circular and even figurines, especially with dog or cat urns, you will frequently find patterns featuring their names, breed details and the related motifs. Continue reading to explore some outstanding creations of art stores and pet supplies stores in this regard.

Exploring popular types of pet urns

Pet urns are a lot similar to the cremation animal urns that people have been using for ages. Cremation urns for humans are generally non-thematic, whereas pets include pet-related prints, motifs and sometimes, breed details. Choosing an urn for a beloved pet can sometimes become overwhelming, particularly if purchased at the time of mourning. You can consider a huge number of styles and designs. So, on this page, we will unveil all the prominent types of pet urns so that you can choose to pick the right one for your love.

Personalized cat urns

You can honour your beloved feline with a range of beautifully made cat urns. It ranges from simple wooden designs with screw fasteners to figurines and picture-based animal urns. Sometimes, you will find them in the shape of a cat sleeping calmly with feathers resting on her. When you buy personalized cat urns online, they come with engraving options to put the name, some memorable words or even clip arts related to the pet on their surface. You can also go for breed-specific designs that match up precisely with your cat. Cat urns serve as a beautiful way to commemorate the life of our furry friends.

Personalized dog urns

When it comes to dog urns, you have plenty of options ranging from basic wooden vases to paw engraved figurines and photo window urns. You can choose from numerous materials like wood, ceramic, glass and even metal. They mostly come with photo options where one or photo windows would be provided to put your pet’s image. Modern urns come with even more customization options. If you buy custom pet urns for dogs, you can get their name, breed details, and related design motif printed or engraved on the surface. 

Handcrafted animal urns

When a loved one passes on, it leaves us in a lot of grief. When you find it difficult, remember that you have handcrafted urns by your side. This is a bit different from what we have talked about above. The designing of handcrafted urns involves artisans who are sensitive to deep emotional components. An urn is a sacred object which strives at promoting healing and giving us the strength to withstand the pain. Handmade animal urns are visually stunning memorial vessels made up of metal, stones or wood.

Tips on how to buy Pet Urns in Dubai

When a pet passes away, the grief is hard to bear. You start looking for different ways to calm your soul. Pet urns serve as one of those ways to which you can feel a personal connection. They come in a wide variety depending upon factors like material, size and patterns. You obviously want to choose the best, but the range of choices can make the experience overwhelming for you. So, here are the tips that would surely help you get an appropriate urn.

  • Material – Pet urns can be made up of any material like wood, metal, stone or even ceramic. Each article has different properties to offer. Like, wood urns offer a rich warmth and beautiful ensemble whereas, with ceramics, you can try various artistic looks. Furthermore, stone urns give a nostalgic feel. So, choose the material as per your preferences.
  • Size – Urns for pets come in different sizes, facilitating you with enough flexibility to choose one that perfectly suits your pet. If you want the urn to hold all the ashes, then consider the weight of your pet. If you wish to keep just a portion inside the urn, then you can pick small sizes. While determining the weight, remember that you will need one cubic inch of space for every pound, plus ten cubic inches.
  • Type of pet – The choice of urns also depends on whether you have a cat, dog, horse, or other pet. Urns come in different shapes and artistic touches. So, if you filter down your searches based on the type of pets, you will see personalized options.
  • Source – You can find pet urns in any local pet store or art & collectable store, but the variety would be limited. So, consider ordering it online, where you can choose from an extensive collection of urns without even roaming here and there. Some websites also facilitate you with several customization options as you get your pet’s name, photo or any design motif printed on the urns you select.

You must be eager to get one for your beloved. If you are confused and unsure of where to start, log on to where we have brought together over 500 online stores selling pet urns. Choose from various urns offered by reputed brands in the industry, including HooAMI and Pearhead. You can even use features like filters, sorting, and price comparison to narrow down your choice on our product search engine. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly find pets urns for dogs and cats for sale here and purchase the best to create a lasting tribute!

Question & Answer

Are pet urns sealed?

Most of the pet urns have lids at the tops that you can open whenever you wish. Some receptacles are semi-permanently sealed with the help of screws—generally, cremation centres hand over ashes to the pet owner in plastic bags. To put remains in a permanent urn, you do not have to take the ashes out of the bag. You can just set the bag inside the urn as it is. In this case, no sealing is required. However, if you wish just to put the ashes inside the urn without a plastic bag, you might have to seal it so that no loss happens if the urn accidentally falls or breaks.

How much does a dog urn cost?

The cost of a dog urn can be any figure between $25 to several thousand dollars depending upon its size, material, brand and quality. For example, if you have your eyes on a pet urn made up of hardwood, then it would be an expensive affair. The seller might also charge you some extra bucks if you require any kind of customization over the products, like engraving names or any particular motifs. If you search for cheap options, you can compare prices right here.

Is it bad to keep pet urns at home?

It is not at all bad to keep pet urns at home. They do not throw any negative energy into the environment. However, you should give them a clean spot if you keep ashes at home. Else, not even ashes, anything that is unclean would be bad for the environment of your home. If you are wondering about other pets reacting to the urn, then we would like to tell you that, generally, cremated remains do not have any odour. So, it is safe to place it anywhere but not in the reach of other pets or children. Else, they might scatter or consume the same. To hold and keep the ashes of a small pet, you can go for a reasonably small urn. But, you might require a vast urn for a large pet, which can be inconvenient to keep at home.

Where to buy pet urns near me?

Pet urns are accessible through any local pet store, handicraft shop or art and collectable stores. You can find urns in a range of materials like ceramic, metal, glass or even wood. However, there would be a limited variety of urns available at physical stores. So, consider ordering it online, where you can get your hands on a huge collection without even roaming here and there. is one such store where you can find plenty of styles ranging from the best unique wooden pet urns to picture-based receptacles and figurines. Also, compare prices to find products under your budget.

With per urns, you can still feel a personal connection with your beloved after they pass away. Since it is such an essential element for us, we must be sure we get the right one for our pets. When choosing an urn, the available options can be overwhelming. You get many materials, shapes, colours and patterns to choose from. So, if you find it challenging to narrow your choices, come to us on We have got a massive collection of high-quality urns offered by the best brands across the globe. Additionally, we have filters and sorting features for you to narrow down the options easily. So, quickly go ahead and grab the best urn!