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Pet toys are fun! They go the extra mile in keeping the lives of little friends exciting. Playing with toys is a source of fun, learning, and mental stimulation for pets. Let us explore various toys required by your pets to lead a happy life and be healthy.

Just like us, pets get bored easily! Since it is impractical to be with them all the time, we feel supported by animal toys. However, toys are much more than a source of fun for your pets. They come in a wide variety intended to stimulate different mental and physical stimulation in pets. Stuffed playthings, chewers, treat-dispensers and puzzles are some of the prominent playthings pets love. Although the selection of pet toys depends greatly upon the type of pet you have and many other factors. So, here’s a detailed guide on a variety of playthings and their benefits.

All about choosing the best toys for your pet

Choosing playthings for a pet seems to be a straightforward task. Although searching for one with both fun and educational instincts can be daunting. Every pet prefers different toys depending upon their daily activities, bodily functions and preferences. Dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, fishes and rabbits are common pets people love keeping. Dogs love chewers, whereas cats are crazy behind catnip toys. Hamsters generally stay inside their cage, and hence they find a lot of fun budging around the hamster wheel. Some pet toys are common among various pets. But, the owners have to be cautious before giving any random animal toys to their pets as it can be dangerous sometimes. Let us know about some popular playthings meant for different pets.

Dog toys

Dog toys are a big chunk of the pet industry today. Gone are those days when we could only get a bone, stick or rope in the name of playthings for our pets. They are accessible in a huge variety ranging from soft toys to chewers and treat dispensers. If you want to buy dog toys in bulk, you have many options. Dental chew and bone hard are the best chew toys for puppies when your pup loves to chew. Balls and flying discs are great for chasers. Speaking of more varieties, dogs love to spend a long time with soft toys made up of plush fabric or fleece. Another exciting type of playthings includes interactive toys that come in hollow areas filled with treats. There are so many options out there that figuring out what the dog might like becomes puzzling.

Cat toys

When it comes to playthings, your cat can enjoy a variety of items. However, toy mice, balls, and teasers are some of the toys that would be her all-time favourite. Selecting playthings for cats can be daunting as they are picky. They can sometimes find cardboard more exciting than the most excellent toy. Let us explore some prominent pet toys for your feline! Poles and teasers equipped with ribbons and feathers are favourite animal toys of cats and kittens. Next, they like playthings that look like prey, for example, furry mice. Also, you can give your cat playthings filled with a well-known herb called catnip. It makes your cats relaxed and has many other health benefits. You can even find electronic cat toys for sale over popular online stores to move towards more innovative forms.

Hamster toys

Playthings for little hamsters come in a wide array ranging from wheels and balls to chewers and climbers. Hamsters need different items for exploration, play and exercise. With hamster wheels inside the cage and plastic balls, your little pet gets enough exercise. Also, you do not have to worry about them getting away from you. Next, hamsters love chewers and woodworks best here. You should prefer to give them natural fruit branches that are pesticide and chemical-free. Plastic tunnels, tubes, sand, pumice stones and climbers are other prominent pet toys hamsters play with.

Tips on how to buy Pet Toys in Dubai

Pets are lovely! However, they come with a lot of responsibilities. One of them is to keep them cheerful. What else can work better here than pet toys? Pets need a variety of animal toys for playing, exercising and exploration. The playthings come in a wide assortment depending upon their construction material, type of pet, purpose and more factors. If you are even a bit overwhelmed by the range of choices you have, go through the below guide that would help you narrow down your choices.

  • Type of pets– Every pet needs different types of playthings as per their activities and preferences. For example, a flying disc is one of the most popular playthings for a dog. However, for a hamster, it is of no use. In the same way, a rainbow play bridge is apt for a hamster but not for a dog. So, while purchasing animal toys, keep their way of life and preferences in mind.
  • Construction material– Pet toys are coming in various construction materials nowadays, including plastic, rubber, metals, cloth and more. Lookup for the material that does not harm your pet. For example, dogs with soft muzzles can find it very tough to chew and twist the plastic treat-dispensing toy.
  • Brands– Several brands are working towards creating innovative playthings for pets. However, certain factors are to be kept into consideration while manufacturing animal toys. A poor choice of material or manufacturing process might be miserable. Let us suppose you have purchased a hamster wheel. But if it has sharp edges, then there is a risk of injuries while your little one runs over it. In contrast, some popular brands release high-quality animal toys in the market made with a carefully monitored process. Alfie, KONG, Pets First, Petmate, Outward Hound, Trixie, Pawise, Pawtrip and Gnawsome are some of the best brands in the industry for pet toys. You can find them all here on
  • Source of purchase– You can find pet toys both online as well as physical stores. However, in local stores, you can get your hands on just a few options. On the other hand, many online stores bring forth a variety of options that are accessible through a few finger taps. So, consider ordering them online.

Playthings are an integral part of your pet’s life. They play, exercise and discover new things through them. Although, with a significant rise in the number of toy manufacturers, it can be overwhelming for pet owners to select one. Keeping the above considerations in mind would lubricate the process for you. If you are still wondering where to start, log on to You will find a wide assortment of pet toys varying in size, shapes, construction material, brands, sellers, and more factors on our product search engine. You can quickly narrow down your choices through filters and even compare prices to find things under your budget.

Question & Answer

Can you wash dog toys in the washing machine?

Whether you can wash your dog’s playthings in the washing machine or not depends upon what type of toy it is. The washing machine is the best way to clean soft playthings. Although, when it comes to hard or rubber pet toys, you can either send them out for wash or manually clean them through scraping and soap water. So, it totally relies on the type of toy you have. The washing instructions generally come with the pack. But if it is not there, pay attention to the type and wash accordingly.

Can puppies have cat toys?

Some cat playthings are enjoyable and useful for puppies; however, some can be dangerous. Playthings for cats are often small in size, so many pups swallow them, resulting in gastrointestinal obstruction. When it comes to catnip toys, a little catnip is excellent for dogs, but too much can bring serious concerns. So, not all cat toys are apt for puppies. You should pay attention to the type of toy you are considering. If you are in search of some good toys for your puppies, you can find them here.

What cat toys are the best to buy?

Cat toys are a fantastic way to keep your cat engaged, active and happy. Some of the best playthings for a cat include catnip mice, jingle balls, scratchpad, crinkly paper and tunnels, to name a few. These are some simple but highly engaging playthings for your feline that can capture their interest for hours. If you have in search of the best cat toys, you are in the correct place. Over here, you can find plenty of options. We have many sellers here so you will have a lot to choose from.

Where to buy KONG dog toys?

KONG is an American company that manufactures KONG pet toys. Nowadays, these toys are ubiquitous in pet stores around the globe. They are available online as well as offline stores. Offline stores are restricted to a few options. In contrast, over online stores, you can get your hands at several options. A quick way is to log on to, which is the best place to buy dog toys online. It is a great product search engine bringing together more than 500 online stores selling KONG toys. You can even compare prices to find cheap dog toys in bulk.

Now that you bear so much knowledge about pet toys, you must be eager to get the best one home. It is not much of an effort these days. You have plenty of choices around. However, can be a one-stop solution for all kinds of pet supplies requirements. So, quickly access the latest collection offered by over 500 online pet sellers. Get the best one for your little pet before amazing deals come to an end!