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Getting a pet home is a joy of its own. However, it involves a lot of responsibilities. One of them is to keep them happy! Feeding your pets with high-value pet snacks is an appropriate way to reward them. Let us explore some must-have treats to make your pet’s day.

Anyone with a pet knows the importance of treatment. Apart from being a great training tool, it also supplements your pet’s diet. Whether it is a dog, feline or rabbit, animal snacks are undoubtedly essential. They come in a wide assortment depending upon the type of pets, nutritional content and flavour. From crunchy treats to rawhide and freeze-dried, there are many forms you can get your hands at. So many options often confuse pet owners about what to buy exactly. So, on this page, we will unveil all sorts of information you need to know before buying pet snacks online.

Types of pet snacks

Pet snacks come in various forms depending upon multiple factors, including the type of pets, their taste and nutritional requirements. Crunchy treats, soft pet snacks, freeze-dried and dental chews are some of the common animal snacks good for pets. Crunchy treats are biscuits that come in various flavours, sizes and shapes. Soft treats are chewy in texture and are ideal during the training period. Speaking of freeze-dried, they come in the form of liver, meats and seafood. On the other hand, dental chews are given to pets to maintain their dental health. However, different pets have different requirements for pet snacks. What is apt for a cat might not suit a dog! So, let us explore some pet-specific snacks that you can find in pet supplies stores. 

Dog snacks

Thinking of dog snacks, things like milk bones, biscuits and table scraps come to our mind. However, these were traditional choices containing hell lot of fats. Thankfully, times have changed! Modern treats are healthier, comprising greenies, gourmet bones and healthy biscuits. Not only the quality has improved, but also the number of options has increased. Choosing the best snacks for dogs leads to fewer illnesses and diseases in the long run. Look for natural ingredients, no added sugar and simple content while you get a treat for your dog. Be extra cautious about buying healthy snacks for overweight dogs!

Cat snacks

Cats love treats! Although, with a variety of treats out there, cat owners often get confused about where to find the best cat snacks to buy. Selecting cat snacks depends very much on nutritional requirements and personal preferences. You will get them in the form of raw treats, freeze-dried, moist treats, handmade animal snacks and more. Apart from being a training tool, some treats also help cats fight certain health conditions like reducing tartar or preventing gingivitis. It is essential to feed your cat treats; however, it should be a small part of their diet.

Hamster fruit snacks

Just like other pets, hamsters also pick out the tasty food first out of the dish. The best treats for a hamster are ones that are very similar to what they eat in the wild, for example, fresh veggies including squash, carrot, cauliflower, spinach and more. Besides, apples, pears, and bananas are some of the fruits that make healthy pet snacks. Although, you have to avoid citrus fruits like lemon, grapes or oranges. Whichever treat you choose, make sure your hamster gets a balanced diet.

Tips on how to buy Pet Snacks in Dubai

In today’s market, we have plenty of choices when it comes to getting pet snacks. Treats vary based on nutrition, calorie content, production, size and more factors. It can be quite overwhelming for pet owners to decide what is best. However, with the right amount of knowledge, it can become an effortless task. So, on, we have created a small guide on buying pet snacks in Dubai.

  • Type of pets Every pet has different nutritional requirements and methods to process them. So, don’t give your pet any bite that is meant for another animal. For example, all animals need vitamin A. However, they get it from different sources. Dogs can convert vitamin A received from plants like carrots and green leafy vegetables into active vitamin A. On the other hand, cats need ready-made vitamin A which they can get from meat. Hence, it is essential to go for pet-specific snacks.
  • Production Pet humanization has led to an increased demand for good quality food. Several leading pet snack manufacturers produce innovative pet snacks with different flavours. However, it is essential to know where the food is produced. For example, US-based production is carried out under the right level of supervision and hence the food provided by them is reliable.
  • Ingredients  It is essential to see the list of ingredients on the pack of pet snacks to know what is exactly in there. However, it requires a bit of art. By federal law, the ingredient of the highest quantity in the treat is listed on top. The ingredients listed lower on the list are present in minute quality that food manufacturers might have added to impress you.
  • Calorie content Must look for the calorie count in your pet’s meal! Weight issues are not only vital for you. They keep a real significance in your pet’s life and activities too. Overweight pets are vulnerable to risks such as decreased stamina, heart diseases, diabetes and more.

Being a responsible pet parent means looking carefully at what it consumes. Also, your pet’s life would not be that much fun without a treat now and then. So, you cannot get away with buying the best snacks for them. If you are unsure of where to get the right balance of healthy and tasty treats, here’s an easy way- log on to where you will get a massive collection of pet snacks ranging from baked treats to canine ice cream, hot dogs and everything. On our product search engine, you can even narrow down your choice with the help of advanced filters and sorting options. So, why wait? Go ahead and get the best ones for your little bundle of joy!

Question & Answer

What are good snacks to buy for cats?

Less than 10% of your cat’s daily diet should come from the treat. It should be healthy and provide some benefits rather than pure indulgence. Cat treats come in various forms ranging from grain-free and protein-rich products to speciality treats for dental health. Good snacks for cats contain healthy ingredients and are made with a high-quality method. For example, some snacks are 100% pure meat like shrimp, chicken breast or duck liver. Look for the treats that are freeze-dried and not cooked so that the nutritional integrity remains preserved. Additionally, treats low in terms of calorie count would be best for your feline.

Which snacks are good for a rabbit?

Rabbits love sweet treats. However, while giving them snacks, make sure they get a balanced diet. Treating your rabbit with treats like a bite of banana, carrots, and broccoli is great. Snacks containing natural treats like dandelion, peppermint and marigold also work well. Rabbits benefit from a broader range of healthy and natural diets. However, do not forget to check labels before feeding any. Make sure it does not have added sugar or any artificial colourings or flavour.

Can dogs eat fruit snacks?

A pack of fresh fruits seems to be a healthy choice. However, this might be true for us but not for our four-legged friend. Dogs can eat fruits in the right amount as they are high in sugar and can also affect your dog’s digestive system. Moderation is key, though! Some fruits like apples, bananas, blueberries and strawberries are good for your dog’s health. Although, keep certain things in mind concerning the fruit you are planning to serve. For example, apples are low in fats and high in fibre which is excellent for your dog but make sure you do not serve pips along as they are toxic. Bananas are high in sugar and hence should be processed in a dog-friendly recipe. About strawberries, they should be fresh and frozen but served in small quantities.

Where to buy animal snacks in bulk?

Snacks form a crucial part of your dog’s diet. The simplest way to get an appropriate pack for your little one is to look for five things- production, calorie content, ingredients, reviews and pet allergies. It is easy to get all sorts of pet treats online. However, a massive variety of options out there can make the experience overwhelming for you. As a solution, choose a massive collection platform but combined with the right amount of information and required filters to narrow down the choices. One such website is where you can get various pet snacks provided by highly preferred brands in the industry. The brands include Pedigree, TRIXIE, Padovan, Mera, ZiwiPeak, Kaytee, kong, Orijen, and cat-man-doo. You can even buy products in bulk to enjoy huge savings this season.

Now that you have got much information about pet snacks, you must be eager to get some healthy and tasty ones home. The good news is that you do not have to go anywhere else to access a vast collection. Right here on, you can get your hands at a variety of treats. So, hurry before the stock fades away and have a great shopping experience!