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It's stinky, thankless job, but somebody needs to do it – it is picking up the dog poop! And if you're a dog owner, then that 'somebody' is you! Seriously, there's nothing worse than allowing your canine to poop all over the sidewalk. While picking up the dog poop with your nice bare hands may seem like a low-cost option, it's probably not the best, considering your personal hygiene. That's why poop bags are an essential purchase for any faithful dog owner. But, there are so many options to choose from. How do you pick? What's the right choice? Fortunately for you, we've compiled all that you need to know about the poop bags in this article. So continue reading!

Before we dig in a little deeper about their types, let's understand why these smart tools are a thing among the dog owners. There are several reasons why you need these bags. Firstly, as a conscientious dog owner, it's your responsibility to dispose of your dog's wastes properly. That said, the second reason for using the poop bags is to minimise contaminating the grounds of public areas. And the third, most critical ones is your faithfulness to follow the rules and regulations. More, importantly, by properly disposing of the waste, you're showing your social responsibility and respecting your neighbours. Above, they're definitely more convenient to carry and help you stay mess-free. It's evident how these items are essential. So, why don't we have a look at their types now?

The different types of dog poop bags to choose from 

Just like any other animal care products, there are plenty of options when it comes to these pet waste management items. But, ideally, you can classify the entire collection of these bags into five major categories. This includes the biodegradable bags, flushable pet waste bags, compostable bags, paper bags, and classic or conventional plastic poop bags. Remember, the primary function of each of these bags remain the same – to dispose of the pet waste properly. However, each one has a specific feature and characteristics that help them function in a certain way. Besides, every kind of bag has numerous other options. However, as always, a bunch of them always outperform others. Let's have a look at a few of those ones.

The best compostable dog poop bags

Not every dog poops near a trash can. In fact, some do not even poop outside. It's the puppies and dogs that just do not care about your so-called rules, who often poop inside. Now this can be a problem, particularly if your trash day is a week away and your trash can fills with sullied dog poop bags to the brim. But what if we told you that there's an excellent solution to this? A way that gets rid of that terrible poopy stench as soon as it starts to waft away? Well, the Flush Puppies doodie bags are that way. Supposedly they're one of the best, certified, compostable and completely flushable bags. That means if your pup had a poopy accident, all you have to do is to wrap the crap, drop it in the toilet, and then flush it away!

The best dog waste bags with handles 

Many a time, things can get quite messy, when you're picking up your dog's poop. Indeed, you'll get the majority of the business inside your bag. But, it's not uncommon for it to smear up near the sides where you're supposed to tie them off. Well, whenever that happens, many among us remember the childhood days when you tie off the slippery water balloons with your wet hands. Is there anything more frustrating than this? Well, the tying off your poop bags need not be a gruesome task with the Earth Rated handle bags. This eco-friendly, lavender-scented bags lets you tie the bags easily, and it does smell like success! However, the only downside to this product is that it does not come in rolls. Therefore, it doesn't fit inside a dispenser.

The eco-friendly dog poop bags and outdoor waste stations 

We've all been in a situation where we're on the street with a pooping dog, and we're out of the poop bags. Maybe you thought you grabbed one before you left, but your dog pooped twice, and now you only have one left. Regardless, it's an inevitability as a dog owner. But what do you do in such scenarios? Do you search for the litter? Or do you pick up the plastic bag off the street? Well, no, not if the area has the Pogi's Outdoor Waste Station. The good thing about securing a waste station as such is that you're not only helping your neighbours but also protecting your front yard/garden/sidewalk/. And of course, it's needless to mention that the Pogi's poop bags itself are a bag of a different ilk.

The biodegradable poop bags

Well, Pogi is an excellent brand. As mentioned earlier, the poop bags from this brand are earth-friendly. One of the primary reasons for this is its easily detachable feature. To simply put it, you can easily dispatch these bags from the dispenser, making the dog waste disposal a hassle-free disposal. The product is completely biodegradable. That's primarily because it utilises the latest EPI technology that helps ensure you're caring for the environment every time you dispose of these bags. Additionally, you can also find them in baby scent like powder fresh scent. This scent makes sure that you will not feel yucky when you're picking up your pet's poop. Besides, it's also completely leak-proof that ensures you will not leak any of those liquids.

Tips on how to buy Poop Bags online

Choosing the best poop bags for small dogs and bigger ones like hounds is an art in its own. Surely, understanding their types is important. But that alone isn't enough to buy the best ones among the lot. Well, for that you need to consider a few more factors and keep in mind a few tips too. To make things easier for you, we've rounded up those factors below. Check them out!

  • Consider the eco-friendliness– Topping our list of considerations is the eco-friendliness of the product. As much as possible, make sure that the poop bags you choose come in eco-friendly materials. This helps to minimise the impact of throwing your dog's waste in the environment. Therefore, you need to do your part by purchasing eco-friendly products.  
  • Look out for its capacity– The pet waste bags come in several sizes. Apparently, the larger the breed, the larger is the turd. This also means that you need to get a bigger bag to put this waste in. Otherwise, it might be quite challenging for you to tie the open ends of the bags and seal them off for disposal. Plus, you really do not want to get messy with your dog's poop.
  • See if it's leak-proof– All the pet poop bags must be leak-proof, regardless of whether you buy cat litter poop bags or buy poop bags for miniature horses. This is to ensure that the liquids from your pet waste do not leak out when you're disposing of them in the bag. Additionally, it's also better to go for water and moisture-proof bags. This ensures that the moisture from the environment does not get into the bag.
  • Check out its durability– Durability is one of the important factors to consider when you're buying the poop bags. Note, plastics are more durable than paper bags, especially when you're dealing with moist faeces. Besides, the weight of the turd can also affect the overall durability and integrity of the product you buy.
  • Consider the ease of use– As pet parents, you want something hassle-free to handle. Specifically, you want them in rolls, as its lot easier to get one bag at a time. Moreover, most of the products come with perforations at the end of the bags. This makes it easier for you to tear one from the rest in the pack.

And there you have it! Picking up the pet waste disposal items has never been easier, isn't it? Hooray, you now have everything you need to make the right decision when it comes to selecting the perfect poop bags. We hope the tips mentioned above and tricks will guide you in the right decision and help you make an informed decision. Because even poop bags need to be adorable!

Question & Answer

Are dog poop bags biodegradable?

Poop bags are available in several types, and biodegradable bags are one of the best categories. These types of dog waste bags come in biodegradable materials that break down into safe substances such as water and biomass, among other things. In short, they do not leave any harmful chemicals that leach onto water bodies or even contaminate the soil. The biodegradable poop bags are one of the sought-after dog waste bags.

How much do dog poop bags cost?

As cited earlier in this article, the choice of these pet waste bags is endless. What's more, each of the models come with different characteristics. Therefore, you'll find them at different price points too. That's why it's vital to set a budget for yourself. That'll help you pinpoint your ideal item and prevent your from overspending or making a wrong decision. Besides, you could also look for discounts, deals and offer when you have to buy dog poop bags in bulk. 

How to use dog poop bags?

No matter how you look at it, picking up the dog poop isn't a pleasant task. But, as a responsible pet owner you need to perform this duty. And to continue being responsible you need to do them in right way. Typically, the first thing to dispose your dog waste is to buy the best poop bag you can find in town. Next, make sure that when you're picking up your dog waste, turn the bag inside out. Then pick up your dog waste, turn the bag right side out, secure it tightly and then throw away the bag. But, remember to follow your city rules for dog waste disposal.

What are the best poop bags?

Even poop bags need to be of high-quality. That's because you do not want to make things messy around your neighbourhood. As a diligent pet owner, you must properly dispose of your dog waste. And one of the best ways to do that is to pick the poop bags from the well-renowned brands. Check out brands like Earth Rated, Biobag, K9 Clean, Trixie, Four Paws, Pet Mate, Pogi's Poop, Zippypaws, Pet N Pet, Pets N Bag, and Gorilla Supply. They offer a wide range of poop bags for you to choose from.

Where to buy pet poop bags?

From dog poop bags with handles in bulk to selective standard bags or biodegradable ones, you can have them all at What's more, you can explore their various varieties, compare prices, and add your favourite product to the cart only on our product search engine. Besides, you can shop numerous other pet supplies and more from over 500 online stores.

So are you ready to explore the more affordable, more biodegradable, more lavender-scented, or more colourful poop bags on

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