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Have you heard of the saying that “no hooves – no horse”? It is true and of great importance when we speak of the basic rules of animal care. If you fail to take care of your animal hoof – no matter a horse or a cow – you are putting their health at risk. Never expect your horse to work well if the hoofs are not in good condition.  

Hoof care demands regular attention – yes on a daily basis. Plus, you need to check the hoof before and after each ride. It is better to make a habit of feeling and checking horse hoof so that you can notice even the slightest issue in it. Plus, every 6 to 8 weeks, you should consult a trained farrier and let him examine your horse hoof in detail. If you let too much time pass between these shoeing or trimming sessions, the hooves become overgrown. Any such situation can be painful for the horse as they put unnecessary strain on joints and tendons. Today we aim to help novice horse owners with horse hoof trimming and care. Here are some important aspects of the matter that you should be concerned about. 

A beginner’s guide to hoof treatment for horses 

Have you thought about the most vital part of a horse’s body? It’s the one that contributes most to their health. Do you think it’s the muscles that allow them to move freely and for hours? Well, we do agree that muscles or mouth play an important role in overall health and performance. Hoofs hold an entirely different position on the list. They are a fundamentally important part of the horse’s physiology. The hoofs make a literal foundation a horse can stand on. Keeping their role in mind, we cannot overstate the overall health of the horse. They absorb all the concussive impact. Thus, it is imperative to offer health protection to these highly responsible yet sensitive parts of your horse body. 

Understanding hoof basics 

Start with understanding the basics. From head to toe, horse health depends on the diet and it applies to hoofs as well. They use the tip of their toes to support their weight. The outermost layer of the hoof is wrapped in a soil nail formation while the tip is harder with a thick covering that is strengthened by keratin. Horse hoofs are just like human nails, and they grow regularly. Hence, they need to be periodically and trimmed adequately so that they do not grow weak and cause splays, chips or cracks. Remember such damages can lead to lameness, discomfort, poor balance and clear performance issues that will eventually lead to permanent damage to the hoof. 

Ensuring proper hoof health  

As stated by the Humane Society of Utah, as a wild horses run through the natural environment, the hooves adapted to the terrain and naturally got worn to a safe level through their exploration. So, it doesn’t need any human efforts or intervention. But the case of a domesticated animal is entirely different. The conditions are unnatural, and thus there is no organic hoof trimming or alignment possibility. Hence the responsibility comes to humans for trimming and shoeing or horse hoofs. Remember the hoof health is determined by factors like horse genetics, environment, activity level and type of nutrition. You can control some but not all. Hence timely efforts are necessary at times. 

The hoof trimming and shoeing 

If your horse has been worked or ridden, we will suggest you use the shoe for protecting the hooves. It is important to find high quality and accurately sized farriers that can trim hoof growth. Professionals are skilled in trimming and shoeing and can clip the angle hoofs. Plus, they can help you apply a shoe perfect for your horse’s size, breed, daily work demands and the environment they work in. Studies from University of Minnesota Extensions suggest trimming hooves every 6 to 8 weeks in summers. However, in winters, the hooves grow slowly, so trimming becomes necessary every 6 to 12 weeks. However, the timing may fluctuate from one horse to another. 

The nutrition and cleaning 

The horse diet plays an important in hoof health. Just like hair and skin, the hooves are made of dermal tissues. So, they require proper nutrients to grow, repair and maintain strength. Hence make sure you serve the horse with quality hay, clean and fresh water with sufficient supplementation of trace minerals and nourishment. Consider nutrients like niacin, zinc, methionine, biotin etc. Whereas Pet Assure suggests regular cleaning of the hoofs – ideally before and after each riding session. Plus, you must use proper horse hoof care products for efficient and harmless cleaning. Such rituals can also help you stay updated with the horse and hoof health.

Tips on how to buy Hoof Care products for horses 

Horse riding is a popular hobby across the globe. With the increasing interest in horse riding, there is a high demand for quality hoof care products. Considering such demands, there is a long list of manufacturers and sellers for accessories for hoof trimming for goats, cows or horses. However, the selection of a final product depends on your personal preferences plus the type and needs of the horse. With more than 500 brands under one banner, offers easy shopping of top-quality products. However, it is important to consider the essential ingredients for a smart online shopping venture.  In this section, we will share some essential spices to make your hoof care product shopping interesting and successful.

  • Consult experts – From a beginner to a novice horse owner, it is no shame to consult professionals for advice. The same applies when you head to buying cheap hoof boots for horses or their care and cleaning accessories. Talk to a professional and know what suits your horse the most.
  • Do research – There are hundreds of brands selling horse hoof care products online. The price, quality and features of each brand vary from the other one. You can consult professionals, peer and review customer opinions before you settle to buying any specific product from a brand.
  • Decide your budget – As said earlier, prices vary. There is a clear difference in the price of a single product from one brand to another. Better is to do some research on possible price variations and decide your budget. Use price comparison tool to find price specific products from the top brand in one click.
  • Shop brands – Horses are gentle, being a pet; they are entirely dependent on you. Hence, make sure to offer them optimum care and protection. Although there are dozens of local manufacturers, buying branded products will save you time as well as money. Brands may charge a few more bucks but the products will last longer and will be gentle on the animal.
  • Read product details – No matter how much consultation or expert opinion you get, never skip reading the product in detail. When buying online, go to the product description section to read everything about the product. This is where you can read about the compatibility, specifications and limitations of a product if any.

Keeping a pet is less about having fun with the animal and more about taking care of it. At the time when the animal is serving you far from their natural habitat, they deserve more. They need your special attention, care love and concerns. Only then they can remain happy and healthy and serve you in their best. Hence, being a pet owner, you need to be careful about the products you choose on a product search engine to use on your pet, whether it be a cow, a goat or a horse.

Question & Answer

Why is hoof care important for horses?

If a hoof is not taken care of properly, it leads to serious issues like bruised sole, cankers, cracks and blisters in the hoof and wall. The cankers and thrushes are a sign of infection and lead to serious health problems for the horse. Proper care, cut, trim and change of horse hoofs and shoes can help protect them from all such damages. Plus, a healthy hoof has a positive impact on the performance of the horse while riding or in the race. Hence, proper hoof care and cleaning are important for the overall health and performance of the horse.

How much does hoof trimming cost?

On average, typical full-time US farrier charges are around $131.46 for a trim and nailing on four keg shoes. If you are looking for a part-time farrier, the average cost will be about $94.49 for the same task. Whereas the charges of resetting a keg shoe are around $12 for full-time farriers. Here about 95% of the farriers reset some keg shoes. But if you are looking for trims online, for full-time carriers you will need to pay about $ 43. But for part-time farriers, you will need to pay about $37, estimated.

How long do hoof boots last?

The lifetime of hoof boots depends on certain factors. These include the quality of the boot, the type, intensity and aggressiveness of the horse’s activity, and the trails or environment it runs in. However, on average, a good quality branded hoof boot can last for p to 2 years. But you must keep in mind that the boot’s life may be shortened or lengthened. It can be due to conditions like gaits, speed, frequency of trimming and use. Hence if you wish to keep the boot longer, make sure you buy the best and high-quality option available in the market.

What is the best hoof supplement to buy for horses?

The choices vary from one breed to another. This is the reason why we always recommend buyers consult professional experts before buying any hoof supplement for the horse. However, in general, some of the bestselling items available in the market are Horse Guard Equine Hoof Guard, Durvet 01 0027 Biotin Daily Hoof Supplement, the AniMed Horse Care Concentrated Hoof Medic. If otherwise, you can buy Farnam Horseshoer’s Secret Pelleted Hoof Supplement, Life Data Labs, Inc. Farrier’s Formula Pelleted Supplement or NANRIC Extra Strength Biotin 100. For more options explore the Pet Supplies section of

At, you can find top brands like Plusvital, Kevin Bacon, Horze, Cavallo, Carr & Day & Martin, Farnam, Nanric, Cut-Heal, and Effol. Know your need and buy quality products, with economical price and easy delivery at your doorstep. We at offer you easy buying perks from animal food and housing to small accessories that you may need to take care of your pet.

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