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Just because they’re man’s best friend and one of the loyal animals, doesn’t mean they don’t get stinky! Yes, we’re talking about our very own furry friends –the dogs. Whether they’re lounging on the couch or cuddling you, dogs can give off an unpleasant scent. But, luckily there’s a fix, and it’s none other than the dog perfumes. Undoubtedly, giving your pet his perfume is the next step in grooming them. 

So do you really need them – perfume for your pet? Well, the answer is definitely YES! The reasons are many. But, the most common one is related to the perfect grooming of your pet. There’s nothing as satisfying as your dog with trimmed fur, clipped nail, cleaned ears, smelling nice, fresh and clean. Besides, the scent of a freshly bathed dog doesn’t really stay for long. Depending on the activities of the dog, the fresh and clean smell may dissipate within days or even hours. That’s why the dog perfumes and colognes play a vital role. Wait for a minute, colognes and perfumes? Is there a difference between them? If so, then what is it? Well, in this article, we shall take a sneak peek into everything that you need to know about dog perfumes, colognes and perfumes. So, let’s get started!

The top four dog colognes and perfumes to choose from 

Typically, the dog perfumes, the dog colognes, and the dog deodorants are the three major categories of dog fragrance. The primary role of these fragrances is to eliminate odour in your pet. But, they still have significant differences. For instance, colognes and perfumes mask the nasty odour from your pet’s body. It’s like replacing the lousy odour with something pleasant and sweet. They do not perfectly treat your dog’s body odour but in turn, mask it. However, the dog deodorants, address the problem of nasty odours by nipping them at the bud. Either way, you’ll find several options of perfumes, fragrances and deodorants in the market today. Let’s have a look at a few best ones among the lot.

The aromatherapy freshening pet dog fragrance 

How about a perfume, deodorant, and cologne all rolled into one unique product? Well, the freshening perfume from Gerrard Larriett is the favourite of many pet parents. The product contains a blend of lavender and chamomile oils. This helps you keep your pet relaxed while giving them a refreshing scent. Additionally, the presence of lanolin in the formula highly benefits your dogs with dry and sensitive skin. Simply put, this formula helps your dog’s skin to stay hydrated and healthy throughout any seasons. Besides this, the Aloe Vera in the product offers additional protection, and the oats serve as a deodorant.

The refreshing deodorant and dog perfume spray

Pet grooming is an art, and you need the right products to do it. Wahl is a trusted brand from 1919. And it’s no surprise that they offer some of the best animal care products. This holds true for Wahl’s refreshing deodorants for dogs too. These deodorants from Wahl not only manage your pet’s body odour exceptionally well but also leave a more stimulating scent for longer hours. The product contains a blend of spearmint and eucalyptus that takes care of your pet’s skin and coat. Besides, eucalyptus in the formula is also a disinfectant. This makes sure that your pet doesn’t have any harmful microorganisms stuck onto it. And the best part, it comes in an easy to spray bottle.

The lavender puppy perfume and cologne 

Soothing your puppies and keeping them fresh is one of the hardest things to do. The Honeydew Nourishing Pet Spray comes with a remarkable nourishing formula. It has benefits of lavender and evening primrose essential oils. Both these ingredients soothe your young pet and put them at ease. Also, the formulation of honeydew makes it a perfect product for hounds that may have sensitive skin. Besides, the product doesn’t contain sulphates or parabens that may irritate your pet’s skin. Apart from this, the formula provides the dogs with a cleaner and fresher scent apart from calming them down. In short, it’s a pleasant way to give your pet a nicer smell and a calming effect.

The natural, long-lasting dog perfume

Natural scents are one of the best when it comes to dog perfumes. The Bodhi Dog’s natural pet cologne provides your pets with a lighter, more refreshing scent than any other dog perfumes. That’s because of its gentler and milder composition. Moreover, it’s also a fantastic coat conditioning product that’ll leave your pet’s coat more irresistible to caress. Even though there isn’t enough proof to ascertain that it has natural ingredients, but customers who used them stated that they have milder contents when compared to the other products. Besides, the rand also has conditioners that ensure a tangle-free coat regardless of how active your pet is outdoors.

Tips on how to buy Dog Perfumes online

You’re now aware of, some of the best dog perfumes out there. But before you head out on a hunt for that perfect dog colognes, sprays or perfumes, to make your pooch smell like a garden, there are few things you need to consider. To make things easier for you and help you achieve a good buy, we’ve listed below a few of those crucial tips and tricks. Have a look!

  • Go for good scents– This is one of the first factors that you must consider when you’re purchasing for dog fragrances. You should ensure that you pick a decent smell. Note, that some cheap fragrances may worsen the smell because they do not blend in with your pet’s sweat. Alternatively, you must also make sure that the perfume you pick does not have a strong or overpowering aroma. In short, you must pick a perfume or cologne that has a sweet smell.
  • Pick a long-lasting one– Once you have your preferred scent, the next thing you ensure is that the scent lasts for a long time. Quite often, some fragrances smell sweet but disappear in a short time. While some others take a longer time to disperse in the air. Hence, you can pick the ones with long-lasting scents if you don’t bathe your dog regularly. They’ll prevent bad odours until their next bath. Also, lasting perfumes save money, as you do not have to apply them frequently.
  • Consider the ingredients– Dog fragrances are usually a mixture of a variety of chemicals – natural or synthetic. Either of them might not suit your pup. Therefore, it’s to check out the ingredients in detail and see if they suit your pooch’s skin. You could also try some on to a small area of your pet’s body. Leave it for at least 24 hours before you see any reaction of it on your dog’s skin. If you find any adverse reactions, then it’s best to go for other options.
  • Avoid allergic products– Just as mentioned above, certain ingredients in the perfumes and colognes may cause an allergic reaction on your dog’s skin. Therefore, you need to make sure that the product you choose doesn’t cause any harm to your pet. In other words, the health of your dog should be the priority when you’re purchasing any type of dog fragrance. Many a time, some dog perfumes may have refreshing smells but can cause allergies to your dog.
  • Safety is important– This is one of the most important factors when it comes to any kind of pet supplies, let alone the dog perfumes. You should ensure that the dog perfume or any other animal care product you choose is safe for your dog. It mustn’t hurt your dog’s health. Simply put, ensure that you buy products that make your pet feel comfortable and do not cause severe allergies or health conditions.

You see, dog colognes and perfumes are essential for every dog owner. However, you must be very knowledgeable when you’re buying them. Always, make sure that you check your pet’s skin conditions before you apply any fragrances. Additionally, keep in mind that you should never substitute a wet bath with fragrances. You must use these perfumes only to remove bad odours. It’s best to bathe your dog every two days. We hope the above tips will help you purchase the best dog perfume spray online.

Question & Answer

Do dogs hate the smell of perfume?

A dog’s sense of smell is completely different from that of a normal human being. Besides, their ideal choice of smells can be very different from humans. For example, the smell of urine and faces repels us the most. But for dogs, these smells provide essential information, which is of great interest to them. On the contrary, dogs hate many smells in our household. These include the smell of nail polish, vinegar, alcohol, and perfumes. Yes, you heard it right! Your little furry friends hate the smell of perfumes. So what about the dog perfumes? Well, they hate them too! However, as long as the perfume is of good quality and do not harm your pets, you can apply them in moderation.

Can you spray cologne on dogs?

Well, we would say it is a bad idea to spray regular human perfume on your pets. There are things in human perfume that might irritate your dog’s skin. Therefore, it’s always best to use perfumes specially designed for dogs. You can find several dog perfumes and colognes in different flavours and fragrances. We’ve seen a few trending ones earlier in this article. So, you can choose one among them, or explore the various other options out there in the market. But, make sure that you pick the best smelling dog perfume that’s comfortably for your pooches’ noose.

What is the best perfume for dogs?

As cited earlier, you can find a plethora of dog colognes and perfumes out there in the market. Besides, some come in different aromas and with natural ingredients too. However, the important part to note here is that everything goes in vain if you do not have the right quality of perfumes. Therefore, you need to buy fragrance spray for dogs that are of the best quality. And the easiest way to ensure this is to get your hands on the branded products out there. Check out the popular brands like Ancol, The Scented Hound, Oster, Paw Fume, Four Paws, Paw Choice, Paw Soulz, Gerrard Larriett, Pet Diesel, and Honeydew. They’re some of the popular brands that offer a comprehensive line of dog colognes and perfumes. 

Where to buy dog perfume?

Of course, you know which ones to buy. You know you want the best quality at an affordable rate. But, to achieve all this, you need to have a credible platform. Well, makes sure to bring to you the best of the bests. In other words, you can explore a range of animal care products which includes premium quality professional dog grooming perfume spray and more only on our product search engine. What’s more, you could also compare the prices of various pet supplies from over 500 popular online stores and then add the favourite one to your shopping cart.

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