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We all know the notion that a dog is man’s best friend. Thanks to their loyalty and ability to help keep the house free from messy accidents. But at times when it turns out to be your true BFF, there are chances that you will need additional protection in terms of dog diapers or belly bands.  

Anyone who had been into babysitting has been through the well-known diaper experience. But there are times when some pet owners also face it for a variety of reasons. Yes, dogs and cats do need to wear diapers for certain reasons. Therefore, there are special products specifically made for the canines. A dog diaper is exactly what it sounds like. Unlike dog belly bands, dog diapers are something you can use on both females and males. These dog diapers are much similar in function and features to a human diaper. The only difference rests in the special hole to accommodate the pooch’s tail. Here we will discuss the reasons for and importance of using these puppy diapers. 

Reasons to use disposable dog diapers 

Today you can find several styles of diapers in the market. As a male puppy diapers are different from that of the female. For male diapers, owners often prefer a belly band. These are lightweight that go around the midsection of a dog. The outer layer of these diapers is highly absorbent. Likewise, there are different materials, sizes and styles of diapers for pets that you can find online. This wide collection of options makes it obvious to study the product and its features before you head to buy one.  

Dog nappies for urinary incontinence 

To the fact, urinary incontinence in dogs is not a behavioural issue. It could be due to an infection in the urinary tract, weakened urinary sphincter muscles, bladder issues, diabetes or bacterial infection. Even the most well-trained dogs can suffer from such issues. Hence you must understand that it is an entirely involuntary action. Hence if you suspect that the dog’s incidents are not behaviour related, don’t wait for more to consult the vet. They might suggest surgeries or drugs cope with the matter. However, not all pets will need to undergo treatment. Some chances care is the only solution. And in such cases, the dog nappies become part of your daily life. 

Female and male dog diapers for seniors 

Dogs are no different from humans when it comes to ageing. Just like humans, as the dog ages, it loses control of certain body functions. Hence a dog that never had an accident at home will end up facing issues like defecation or urination. in many cases, the dogs entirely forget what they have learnt. Plus, if your dog is older than 11 years, the chances are that it will suffer something like Alzheimer (a common disease of memory loss in humans). In dogs, they are known as canine cognitive dysfunction or CCD. Although we can treat it with drugs, you may still find a need to use dog diapers. Hence, with older ages, diapers become essential for your beloved dog. 

Female dog diapers in heat 

Professional veterans always recommend neutering and spaying. There are some pet parents who choose to keep their dogs intact or may adopt a dog who hasn’t yet been spayed. No matter what the breed is, dogs in heat have their periods. It means there would be blood. And diapers come as a rescue in such situations.  Using diapers during heat helps to keep your house and furnishing cleaner. It also prevents the constant licking that many females’ dogs are prone to. You can notice this annoying behaviour while they are in heat. However, a diaper can never be a viable form of canine contraception. A male dog will always and easily find a way around the diaper. 

Using dog diapers for training 

Many pet owners feel that dog diapers are a useful house-training tool. But to be honest, it is more about the concerns for furniture, rugs and other expensive items than the dog. Even if you choose this method, the dog should be taken outside regularly. Do it without a diaper to know where he is supposed to go.  Such use of dig diapers can surely protect your home, furniture, and rugs from the stinking smell and urine mark. Plus, it will save you from time to time cleaning. However, it remains important that the dog should learn to do his business outside using old-fashioned potty-training methods. Hence diapers can be a part of the training, but not the whole of it.

Tips on how to buy Dog Diapers online in Dubai 

As the dogs get older, incontinence becomes a common issue. Sadly, this is one of the reasons why people put up their pets for adoption. This is heart-breaking, specifically when it can easily be managed. All you need to do is to choose the right and manageable products like washable dog diapers or belly bands etc. To help you keep the house clean, and keep your pet with you till the end, diapers are an ideal solution. Today you can easily find these diapers in online stores. However, buying a suitable option according to gender, size and need of your pet is a real challenge. Today we will share some words of wisdom on how to buy the best belly bands for male dogs online in the UAE.

  • Washable or disposable diapers – Although the focus is on dealing with the incontinence in your pet, diapers are also ideal for training puppies. For male dogs, they help in training whereas useful for female dogs in heat. In most cases, users prefer using disposable dog diapers. However, washable dog diapers are more cost-effective options. Decide what suits your needs in terms of budget and convenience.
  • Male or female dog period pads  Both male and female dogs have different needs and purposes for using diapers. At times when you need to use male diapers for male dogs with urinary incontinence, the bitches may need it during their periods. Hence, before you start searching and booking an online order for disposable or washable dog diapers for sale, make sure they are according to the gender and need of your pet.
  • The measurement of your dog – Remember the sizing of dog nappies vary according to brand, and the waist and weight of the dog. At most brands, the size of the diaper is measured according to the waist. To get a perfect fit diaper, take recent measurements of your dog. You can do that by measuring around the waist, which is about two inches in from their hind legs. Later you can consult the sizing chart available on the brand’s website.
  • Considering the breed – As we are talking about the sizes, it widely varies from one breed to another. Considering the breed is also important because the diapers are available with or without the tail hole. So, diapers without a tail hole can be ideal for French bulldogs, Boston terriers, corgis of English bulldogs. But using such diapers on breeds with long tails is impossible and a lot messier than you can ever imagine.

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Question & Answer

Is it safe for dogs to wear diapers?

Yes, these diapers are safe for all types of dogs. The dog nappies are helpful when you are house training your puppies. They are also ideal to use when you want to take your pet somewhere and don’t want any incident. With the right size and type of diaper, these diapers are helpful and safe for dogs. However, in some cases, excessive use of these diapers can cause issues like an infection in the urinary tract or infection. Hence, it better is to consult experts and learn the proper use of diapers.

How often do you have to change dog diapers?

According to experts and professional veterinary doctors, changing the diaper vary according to breed. However, in all cases, it is recommended to change the diaper once a day if not more. Also, you can take it off and, on your puppy, use the bathroom. But at times when the diaper is filled with pee or poop, change it at once. Otherwise, it will cause serious health issues and infections in the pet. As a base rule, always make sure the diaper is clean and dry.

What are the best dog diapers to buy?

The ideally perfect option for dig diapers varies according to gender, breed, weight and needs of the dog. However, we have gathered some of the best-selling evergreen items from top stores. These include Vet’s Best Comfort-Fit Disposable Male Wrap, the Pet Magasin Reusable Dog Diapers, the Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers and the Wiki Wags Brand Male Dog Disposable Wraps (Bellybands). Plus, the runner ups include diapers like Wegreeco Premium Diapers for Female Dogs and many others.

Where to buy dog diapers in Dubai?

Right here at we have the biggest collection of pet supplies online in the UAE. Here you can explore and buy products from more than 500 brands. Some to name here are Simple Solution, Four Paws, Alfie, Teamoy, Pooch Pad, Peritas, Top Paws, Wegreeco and many more. Hence if you wish to buy dog diapers online at a cheap price and highest quality explore now. Here you can also use the unique price comparison tool to find a reliable option from top global brands.

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