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As you can probably tell that dogs and cats are all men’s and women’s best friends. They are considered as being faithful companions that stick to their owners through thick and thin. So, they also deserve the most premium care. And so we have an amazing range of products like pet clippers available in the market.

But if you do spend a lot of fortune to get your dog’s or cat fur professionally groomed, then wait! We are here to help you!  Grooming your pet is just not only cost-effective but also quite helpful in letting your pet feel comfortable at home. However, brushing and bathing your pet before cutting help get rid of tangles and clumps of hair, making it more difficult for them to get groomed. So, in order to get the grooming properly done, you will need a clipper, comb, and slicker brush. If you get it online, then you will have a professional groomer with you! So, it is time to save money and get things done.

Everything you need to know about animal clippers

Animal clippers are special hair care tools used by professionals. These clippers help in grooming to take care of your precious pet in several ways. No matter if you have a cat or a dog, they will keep growing and will need the same amount of care, attention and grooming as a human child. Therefore you will need to make sure you have all the tools handy when it comes to doing a grooming session for your pet. The hair clippers for pets can help you do the job at home. Luckily there are several options available online. Some come with advanced accessories and features. While others are budget-friendly and can easily do the basic job. Here is a bit more that you need to know about these products.

Use the right tools

In order to groom your pet with a pet hair clipper, you will need a comb, clipper, and slicker brush. But unfortunately, it costs way too expensive than you think. So, to lower your purchasing headache, you can buy these pet hair clippers in It is your one-stop destination for buying any pet supplier things at the best price. But before buying it online, keep in mind that you can go for stainless steel. However, it is a bit pricier but will last longer than your expectation. But it provides one of the cleanest and strongest cuts out there for your pet’s fur.

Make sure not to pull hair

Always make sure to keep your pet hair clipper sharp. Ensure that grooming your pet clippers should be kept sharp at all times because when you cut your own hair, a sharp scissor can easily slice through without causing any discomfort to your skin. Ensure that the pet hair clipper should be sharp so that it may cut with the top of the clippers. To get your hands on the best grooming clippers, all you can do is to hop on and buy these professional pet hair clippers for your pet.

Go in the right direction

To cut the hair of your pet, you need a sharp blade to execute it in a better way. You can use the pet hair clipper and clip the growth of the dog’s hair for a smooth and natural-looking coat. However, cutting in the right direction takes some time, so make sure to pay attention while cutting the hair in a smooth way. You can buy animal hair clippers in at the best prices. Here on our shopping portal, you can take a look at 500 various brands available on our site, such as Wahl, Andis, Oster, Babyliss, Braun, Remington, Oneisall.

Tips on how to buy Pet Hair Clippers online in the UAE

With summers are around the corner, the chances of pet grooming become higher as they want to have fun in the sun. So, in order to groom your pet, you can order pet hair clippers online on where you can place your order at the most affordable prices. But before getting your hands on it, you should be aware of some tips which you can apply during your shopping. Keep on reading.

  • Identify your needs – Very first thing which you have to do is to identify your needs. Always start your shopping by deciding what your pet will need the most. If there is hot weather outside and your pet is feeling uncomfortable, then your pet must need a quality pet hair clipper to chop their hair to feel good in the summers.
  • Understand what your breed should look like – It is always the best thing to know how your pet should look before breaking out the clippers. Moreover, you can find this out easily by going to the breed club website. There you can get some grooming tips too!
  • Make sure the clippers don’t get too hot – Make sure to not burn your pet’s skin with the hot clippers. You need to get into the practice of turning the blades off regularly and touching them to the best temperature. You can spray on clipper coolant or lubricant and switch to another clipper. Then change out the blades for cooler ones and put the hot blade on something metal.
  • Look for buying policies – Make sure you are buying from reliable brands. It is always important to check on return or exchange policies before placing an order. It will help you make a secure investment in any product while making a purchase online.

Also, if you are looking for the best pet clippers for long hair dogs, here at you can! Search over 500 brands are selling top-quality branded pet supplies and accessories online. From branded pet hair clippers to pet shampoo, here you can find all. All you have to do is to set your budget limit and know your pet’s needs and the requirement to find an ideal option for your dog with

Question & Answer

Where to buy pet hair clippers online in UAE?

To get your hands on the best pet hair clipper online in the UAE, you can hop on to Our site has more than 500 top brands dealing with animal care and pet hair clipper products. Our site also offers you easy online access to a wide variety of products from multiple brands. On our online store, you can also visit the relevant category to find the best product for you or else; you can also try the quick search tab to find the possible options available on our store from the brands like Wahl, Andis, Oster, Babyliss, Braun, Remington, Oneisall, and more.

What is the difference between human and pet hair clippers?

If you are curious to know about the difference between human and pet hair clippers, then know that the clipper blades for human hair have finer teeth. It comes with 10 blades, which leaves hair 1/16 inch from the pet’s body. Both the hair and pet clipper blades come in fine-tooth or skip tooth varieties. For pets, skip tooth blades have wider teeth for cutting through mats without pulling the fur. So, if you want to get your hands on the pet clipper for a cat or pet clipper for dogs, then without any doubt, hop on and start your best shopping today!

How to sharpen pet hair clippers?

In order to sharpen pet hair clippers, you will need to follow some steps, and then you are all set to use them! The very first step will be to clean the blades, for that take the blades out of the clippers and brush the blades. Now, use a cleaning solution to clean the blades. It is time to gather the sharpening tools for that. You will need a coarse 4000 grit surface whetstone along with an 8000 gritstone. Now, spray the water on the stones and hold the blade at a 34-45 degree angle. Move the blade side to a side across the coarser stone five to ten times. Now, repeat the movement across the fine 8000 grit whetstone. It is time to reassemble the clippers.

How to use a professional pet hair clipper kit?

To use a professional pet hair clipper, you can hold your dog to avoid sudden movement. Now, start shaving from the neck to the back leg and then do the rest on the other side. You will need to choose the right blade because it works better with different kinds of coats and will create different effects. If your pet has long hair, then you will have to use multiple blades and comb attachments in order to get the right kind of cut you are looking for! But make sure that the clippers don’t get too hot. Hop on, which is the UAE’s leading product search engine where you can shop for pet supplier’s things at the best cost.

However, you can also use the search option to do smart shopping with our product search engine. So, what are you waiting for? Start hopping on our site today!

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