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Dogs and cats are men’s best friends. They are faithful companions that stick with their owners through every thick and thin. So, premium care is what they deserve the most. A fine quality of animal shampoos helps you do that.  

By nature, these little angels are playful creatures and tend to wander about. And surely no one can stop them from getting dirty. But we can surely make them clean and help them stay healthy with their playful selves. And as we are talking about cleaning, the process will be incomplete without a quality dog shampoo or cat-specific article. Shampooing is an essential part of the pet cleaning regimen. Just like cats, a dog coat reflects its health. And a healthy dog always carries a shiny bright coat. To maintain it, both external and internal factors are important to consider. Today, this discussion will highlight the importance of animal shampoos. Later we will help you acquire one from stores online. 

Importance of the right type of animal shampoos

There is a wide range of dog and cat shampoos available in the market. With such a comprehensive collection determining which one to use for your pet can be confusing. Hence, we are here to help you understand the most used types of animal shampoos and their pros and cons. Some dog breeds have special skin coat because of their environment or diets etc. Hence, it important is to choose a shampoo based on the breed you own. A wrong choice will have a visibly drastic impact on your pet. Now speaking of the dogs, they have sensitive skin as compared to humans. Hence, using products other than pet-specific can be the worse idea one can implement on your pet.   

Natural ingredient and oatmeal shampoo for dogs 

Not all pet shampoos are made equal. Many have artificial fragrances and colouring that can irritate the canine skin resulting in damage over time. For instance, tea tree-based shampoos are a definite risk. Despite antiseptic and antibacterial properties, a large amount of tea tree oil can cause damage to dogs. Also, avoid dangerous materials like Isopropyl alcohol or formaldehyde. Also, look for brands that are specialized in pet products. Better is to choose an animal shampoo with all-natural ingredients. Oatmeal shampoo for dogs is the best option for most breeds. In contrast, other safe ingredients include aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil etc. 

Dry shampoo for pets 

Dry shampoos for humans have been talk of the town for quite some time. Now, you can find them available for dogs as well. They are a new miracle fix for regular bathing. Foaming or spray mousses based dry shampoos are easily applied. Plus, they are the ideal fix for the in-between times when your pooch needs a quick freshening. Or at times when you don’t have time or inclination to administer a detailed bath. Besides the handy nature, these dry shampoo for pets reduces excessive oil and freshness of the dog or cat fur. And you can do that easily without investing much time, energy and resources required by a traditional wet bathing process. 

Dog and cat shampoo for dry skins 

Remember, dogs are especially prone to flaky or dry skin. Thus, they require especially gentle care and bathing products. Shampooing dogs or cats is already a skin-drying process. It takes off all the natural oil from their skin. This is also the reason why an expert recommends not to brush the dogs too often. Additionally, chemicals in some products can dry out the dog’s skin even more. It is thus essential to read the ingredient label and check for naturally based ingredients. I prefer choosing an animal shampoo with fish oil or oatmeal as they help to moisturize the skin. Meanwhile, natural herbal shampoos are also a safe way to keep your dog’s skin moisturized. 

Medicated dog shampoos for itchy skin and allergies 

Skin issues like bacterial infection, dermatitis, and other types of allergies can leave your dog’s skin irritated. As a result, it becomes susceptible to externally applied products. In all such cases, itching is the most common symptom of allergies in dogs. To address it effectively, one should limit the dog’s exposure to chemicals as much as possible. It is better to consult veterinarians and determine what the actual reason for allergy is. But during such conditions, use hypoallergenic shampoo for pets. Most shampoo treatment demands you to leave the products in for a specific time. Plus, check the recommendations and instructions carefully before you apply them to the animal.

Tips on how to buy Dog Shampoo and conditioner online in the UAE

With summers right at the corner, the chances are that your pet dog will be venturing outside for fun in the sun. Such fun ventures bring a lot of debris, mud and dust. These factors consistently play their role in turning the dog’s coat from shiny and bright to matted and filthy. And the worst part is when they smell. The only solution is to keep your dog clean after such exciting ventures. Today you can find a wide range of dog shampoo choices in your local store. These scented, moisturizing, and whitening collections play an important role in your dog’s health. Here is some crucial information to keep in mind next time you head for shopping shampoo for your dog. Let’s have a look at the needful tips.

  • Identifying the needs – Always start deciding what your dog will need the most – Moisture, bacteria protection or else. You must also decide if it needs animal shampoo with vitamins or fish oil to moisturize or needs some natural care with aloe vera and other ingredients. In most cases, recommended is to prefer organic shampoos for sensitive skin of pets.
  • Check the pH balance – It plays an important role in protecting or damaging the dog’s skin. While buying online, you can find these details about the pH balance in the product descriptions section for each item. For dogs, the average recommended ski pH is between 6.2 to 7.4. Thus, it is important to use a dog-specific shampoo with a specific formulation to maintain the acid: base balance on the dog’s skin.
  • Consider the dog’s skin – It is important to consider the dog’s skin. For dry skin, you will need a moisturizing animal shampoo and for sensitive skin, tend to buy natural products. Remember, ideal pet cleaning products are made with natural ingredients like fish oil, jojoba oil, oatmeal, and other natural oils and herbs. Plus, never leave the dog without proper conditioning after each bath.
  • Natural ingredients – More and more pet owners pay attention to ingredients in pet cleaning and care products. So is your responsibility. You must consider and demand safer, high-quality and purely natural pet shampoo. Dogs prefer buying plant-based products as they work gently on the skin and fur of the dog. You can ask your peer for suggestions before you head to buy one for your dog.
  • Read product reviews – The best thing you can do is know what other customers believe and experience about the product. In online stores, you can find every single product with reviews from real-time customers. These reviews can help you identify if the selected product is suitable for your dog or you need to explore the retail search engine a bit more. Reviewing different products before buying one is always a good idea.

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Question & Answer

Can dog shampoo be used on cats?

Medically it is not recommended to use cat or dog products interchangeably. Both animals have different skin and fur, and thus, they react differently to flea-control products. Hence if you use a dog shampoo that contains ingredients to deal with fleas, the chances are that you will put your cat at risk. The same can happen with natural ingredients. Specifically, the one meant for repelling fleas. Hence, it is better to ask your veterinarian before using any dog product on your cats.

What dog shampoo is best for allergies?

The best option for your furry friend is to buy animal shampoo or conditioner according to their skin and hair type. Also, consider if the pet has any skin disease or sensitivity. Some of the best possible options available in the market include Earthbath All-Natural Pet Shampoo, Paws & Pals Natural Dog-Shampoo and Conditioner, and Fresh’n Clean Scented Shampoo. Meanwhile, you can also consider buying Wahl’s Tick and Flea Shampoo for dogs or Pro Pet Works Natural Oatmeal animal Shampoo + Conditioner and many others.

Where can I buy horse shampoo in Dubai?

Here at, we have more than 500 top global brands and manufacturers dealing with animal shampoo and care products. offer you easy online access to a wide range of products from these brands. You can visit the relevant category to find the products you are looking for. Or use the quick search tab and find the possible options available in the online stores of these brands. Moreover, use the easy search option to do smart shopping with our retail search engine.

Where to buy dog shampoo online?

With hundreds of brands and thousands of products under one banner, is the best place to buy animal products and dog shampoo online. Here you can buy benzoyl peroxide animal shampoo for dogs and pick the best tick shampoo for dogs in one click. The top brands you can find here include Virbac, Epi, Nizoral, Hydra, Pethex, Espree, Davis, Aesop, Dermabenss, and Bio-Groom.

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