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When we have pets, we want to give them all the love and care. Some things help us do so, and one of those things is a pet ID tag. It is a fundamental necessity in the case of dogs and cats, especially. It is cheap and widely available, but a lot of options may confuse you. So, here are some things to know about choosing the best. 

A pet tag refers to a small tag that contains the dog’s identity and important information about the pet. You will usually find cats and dogs wearing it. There are many colours and shapes in which pet tags can be found. Rescue organisations and humane societies recommend pets wear these tags. It displays that the wearer is not stray. With the useful information on this tag, if anyone finds a lost pet, they will contact the owner. It may be collar-mount or handing from the collar’s surface. These may make a bit of noise, but those are also available if you want silent options. The information on these tags may vary. On this page, we will explore much more about them. So, read on! 

Things you need to know about cat and dog tags

Pet tags come in various options, varying based on their size, shapes, colours, cost, material, brand and more factors. This can give you an idea of how many options are there to choose from. But the selection should be made as per the requirements. The pet tag may contain various information like the dog license number, pet’s name, owner’s contact number, address, and sometimes, even a QR code that can take you to the pet’s online profile. The common materials for making pet tags are metal and plastic. You can also find rubber varieties. Go for the one that is properly attached to the collar leash of the dog or cat. Let us explore more things you need to know about them before choosing one. 

Dog collar tags

When you have a dog, the ID tag becomes a necessity. The “possible cost” of not it is more costly than the “actual cost” of buying it. These days, it has become straightforward to find pet ID tags that would keep them safe and look good on them. However, impulsively choosing one because of its low-cost and cute look is unwise. Pet tags for dogs are available in many shapes, sizes, and materials. They may hold varying information based upon your preferences. Some have just the name, whereas others may have logos or artwork, too. They may stick to the collar leash or hang from it. Whichever variety you choose, make sure it offers the required safety.

Cat name tags

Your little furry friend may be naughty enough to hide or run here and there. But with a cat name tag, the owner can be a bit free from the tension of losing the cat. The cat ID tag enables someone to contact the owner in case the loss is found. Just like dog tags, cat tags also come in many shapes and sizes. There may be variations in terms of colours as well. In some varieties, the front can carry the name, whereas the back can be personalised with many lines of text. You can go for blank dog tags as well as the ones where sellers allow you for customisation. You might have to mention things yourself on the blank pet tags for cats, whereas the ready-made ones come with printed text and graphics.

Popular materials like silicone and stainless steel pet tags

You can find pet tags in many materials; however, stainless steel and silicone varieties are popular choices. When it comes to durability, stainless steel tags stand the test of time. The engraved patterns look even better. The best part about these tags is that they do not get damaged easily. However, products such as soap, hairspray, food, and perfume may tarnish the metal. Silicone dog tags are other popular varieties that come in safe, stylish, and comfortable patterns. The best part about them is that they are cheap and there is no annoying jingle noise one has to deal with.

Tips on how to buy Pet Tags online in Dubai

You must have seen many pets carrying tags, but when it comes to purchasing one, you have to be aware of the inner details. Even after knowing the details, it can be an overwhelming experience for you to choose the best variety since there is a lot to choose from. Well, take it easy, if you keep certain factors in mind, you will be able to choose what’s appropriate and best. So, here are some tips that will help you get through this effortlessly.

  • Consider material – Pet tags come in many materials ranging from rubber to stainless steel and more. However, different materials come with different properties. For example, stainless steel is durable but may get affected due to things like soap, perfume etc. On the other hand, the rubber is quite cheap, and there is no annoying jingle noise. Whichever materials you choose, make sure it’s friendly to dogs’ or cats’ skin.
  • Go for a right built – Go for a shape that does not hurt the pet’s neck or skin in any way. The round or oval shapes are the best choices. However, you can go for customized shapes also.
  • Look for enough space – A pet tag is useful only when it contains useful information like pet’s name, owner’s name, phone number, address and more. The ID tag enables someone to contact the owner in case the lost pet is found.
  • Shop online – Shopping for tags online will make it easy for you to find the exact varieties, and at the same time, there is a lot to choose from. Moreover, you will save yourself from travelling to pet care shops and spending time buying. Over online stores, things get done with a few clicks.

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Question & Answer

How much does a dog tag cost?

The cost of a dog tag depends upon its material, brand, size, and more factors. These are some of the factors that would affect the cost. For example, a stainless steel pet tag would cost you a bit more than regular rubber varieties. Moreover, different brands rate their products differently as per the quality they offer. If you want to compare prices, you are in the right place. On, you can compare prices and find the cheap ones as per your budget.

Where to buy dog tag silencers online in the UAE?

Dog tag silencers can be found right here on Here on our product search engine, you can find over 500 trusted online stores that sell products at affordable prices. Moreover, it is easy to filter options to reach those according to your requirements and budget. You can also sort them to find the required varieties quickly. Since there are so many options available in the market, setting your preferences will help you a lot. So, go ahead and buy it now!

What to put on a pet tag?

The pet tag may contain various information like the dog license number, pet’s name, owner’s contact number, address, and sometimes, even a QR code that can take you to the pet’s online profile. You can put many more useful things as per your preferences. But keep it short and useful so that someone may know where they have to reach. It can be a very useful thing if you lose your dog somewhere. Enter important information that helps someone reach the owner.

Which is the best pet tag for dogs?

The best tag for your dog will be the one that suits your preferences. These tags come in a wide range of options. Although, some are better than others. If you search for good brands, you can go for popular ones like Pet Finder, Lucky Pet, Kennel Club, and Sureflap. If you want to explore their collections in one place, then find them right here. On our product search engine, you can find plenty of options. Not just that, we list products offered by the best brands.

Whichever variety you are looking for, the above guide will help you choose the best tag for your pet. On, you can find numerous options offered by popular brands. You can also read the product description to dive deep into details. Moreover, compare prices to find cheaper products. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and do not miss the latest collection. Also, do not forget to explore other animal care products under the pet supplies category.