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Of all the accessories that you buy for your pets, probably what they love most will be comfortable bedding and a nice blanket. Like humans, dogs and cats too love to curl up and sleep in warm and soft places. You can ensure a proper resting time for your animals if you get a good quality animal blanket.

Yes, blankets can and are to provide warmth for the pets. But in fact, there is actually more than one reason for you to buy animal blankets. You can use these blankets for drying them, providing an extra layer of comfort on their bedding, or even to protect your car and furniture from their urine and saliva. Animal blankets are a great help when you are travelling with a canine or a feline. You can spread them on the car seats so that you don’t have to worry about their claws or wet paws ruining the leather. Also, instead of carrying their bedding with you on the trip, a nice thick blanket will suffice if you have one. Read on to find out about the different types of animal blankets you can choose from.

Different types of animal blankets

You don’t want your pet to dig its claws into that expensive set of couches in your living room. Nor do you want a dirty bed when you come home from work. Furthermore, you love your pets. Your pets love to curl up on warm and cosy things in your home, including your lap. If you have an animal blanket, you can use them in many different ways; such as makeshift bedding, to wrap them when you carry them, and to protect your stuff from their mess and curiosity. But it can be confusing to buy as there are a few different types of blankets. So, which type of blanket should you buy?

Waterproof pet blanket

No matter how well trained your pet is, they do sometimes make a mess inside the house. Some pet owners find comfort in thinking that it is a one-off thing and is never going to happen again. But pets do tend to make mistakes sometimes. Well, that’s part and parcel of being a pet. But as a responsible pet owner, you can take precautions that will make it easier for you to clean up after them. You can use waterproof blankets to cover your couch, bed, and car seats. So, if you have a few waterproof blankets, you can lay them on top of your furniture when you leave your pet alone in the house.

Fleece blankets for guinea pigs

Although guinea pigs are cute and easy to tame pets, they are also messy. Keeping their cage clean can be an arduous affair. Using a fleece blanket can help you a lot if you are a guinea pig owner. There is no better fabric than fleece to use in guinea pig cages. It is soft, non-sticky, and easy to clean. Fleece blankets can easily let the water through them and provide dry bedding for your pets. The same feature also makes fleece easy to wash and dry. And what’s more, they are cheap and very durable. Fleece blankets are available in a wide variety of colours and styles, as well.

Personalised dog blankets

You can add an extra touch of love to your pets’ blanket by embroidering something special on it. You can embroider a name or a design that is really unique to your pet. Choose your colour and your style for that. You can either choose from the collection of styles that already exist or if you want to get creative, design your own style. When you get a personalised blanket for your pet, you might also want to buy cute looking bedding that goes with the blanket as well. You can keep the lovely animals cosy and warm and also make them feel at home and loved with a personalised blanket.

Heated animal blankets

When it is winter, and it is chilling, you can feel warm with jackets and scarves. But you don’t want your pets to feel cold either, do you? Your pet will love a heated blanket when the weather turns chilly. There are a few different types of heated blankets out there. There are self-heating blankets that have a heat reflector fabric in them, and there are electric heated blankets that have thermostat heat controllers. While electric heated blankets provide consistent warmth, you can only use them near wall sockets. Choose a self-heating blanket to use when you are travelling or if you don’t want to plug the blanket into a socket every time for them to work.

Tips on how to buy Animal Blankets Online

Regardless of which type of blanket you choose, there are a few things to look for when you are buying. You need a blanket that will protect your household items without compromising the safety of your pets. They should give you the best value for your money as well. Following these tips will help you choose a good blanket for your pet.

  • Quality of the blanket – Dogs and cats are restless, and we love it even though it might mean that your household items will have a shorter lifespan. When it comes to the blankets that are meant to be abused by your pets all the time, you want something that is resilient.
  • The comfort of the blanket – The main reason for you to buy an animal blanket is that you want to give them a snuggly spot to curl up. So, you don’t want something that makes too much noise, that is too stiff, or blankets that are crinkly.
  • Beware of allergens – Like humans, animals too have allergies to some substances. There are a few possible ways your pets might get an allergic reaction from the blanket. It can be because of the small microfibre dust that comes off of it or because of the detergent that you used to wash the blanket with. In any case, if they start acting uncomfortable, you should remove the blanket from them.
  • Safety – There is no doubt that your pets will chew on, claw, and try to shred the blankets that you give them. That’s very natural. But you should make sure that the fibre of the cloth won’t come off easily and get inside their digestive system. And use a breathable material so that you can avoid the chance of suffocation.

Finally, consider your lifestyle when you choose the blanket. Do you go a lot of hiking with your pet? Do you always take them with you in your car? Does your pet mostly stay inside or outside? You should get a blanket that is most suitable for your needs. You can find all kinds of blankets using our UAE search engine . It will let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best ones among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from the pet supplies category.

Question & Answer

Are weighted animal blankets safe?

Some people like sleeping under the warmth of weighted blankets; they get a sense of safety under it. But some just hate it. When it comes to your pets, it’s the same. But there is a catch. Weighted blankets that are designed for humans can weigh around one or two kilograms, and that can be too heavy for an animal that only weighs five or ten kilos. So, if you must get weighted animal blankets, get a lighter one. Weighted blankets that are too heavy can cause discomfort or injury to your pets. It might restrict their movement and force them into uncomfortable positions.

Do cats like blankets over them?

The answer is yes. But cats and dogs differ in their preferences for blankets. Some cats do like being under blankets while others don’t. You may find that your cat likes curling up on the blanket more than being covered by them. And in the case of kittens, the fur of their mother is their favourite blanket. So, you don’t need to get a blanket for the kittens. As a general rule, cats like blankets for their comfort and heat. But when it comes to how they use them, the cat will decide that. You can try a few different ways and find out what your cat likes more.

Are fleece blankets safe for dogs?

Your dog will try to shred and chew on the blankets. So, the animal blankets should be safe so that the small fibres do not cause a blockage in their stomach. Blankets that have loose threading, or if the thread of the blankets comes out when the pet uses its claws, such blankets might not be safe to give to your dog. But in the case of fleece blankets, they are harder for dogs to shred. Neither do fleece blankets have fibres that come off. Moreover, the fabric is very soft and warm for the pet. So, yes, fleece blankets are a hundred per cent safe for dogs. And the best brands you can rely on our Furhaven, Scruffs, Trixie, Buddyrest, and many more.

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