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About Dog Houses

Dog houses are different from dog beds. They have a solid roof over and are bigger than beds. The size, shape, style, and overall construction depends on you and your fixed budget range. You can make it as basic or as luxurious as you want. But before you start to imagine the perfect house for your pooch, let’s explore the variants available in the market and the best approach to buy the right house the first time.

There are reasons to buy a dog house, or should we say a basic parameter you should understand. Will your dog be happy with your purchase? Your dog loves staying outdoors, or you have a compact space inside or some other reason you think a dog house would be good. If there is no legit reason, then you are probably buying it for aesthetical purpose, and the product won’t be used much. So, keeping that purpose in mind, you should spend on the products’ features. Otherwise, you would just end up wasting your time and money. All in all, you shouldn’t regret or feel that few things are missing. So, leave no stone unturned, spend a little extra time exploring and click on the buy button when you are fully satisfied.

Before you buy an outdoor dog house

Forget about the material and features as of now, and just think of your dog enjoying this house, and your purpose gets fulfilled too. Overall, your purpose is to make your dog happy, but let’s think of other corners you may be neglecting. Do you travel a lot with your dog? If yes, then why not buy a portable dog house or you can call it a tent that collapses and build up in a few minutes? If not, then how about a sturdy house standing in your backyard or front garden? All we want to say is to decide upon the placement first. Once you know where the house is going to stay, you can look at that place and imagine the design, colours, and style. You can then fix your budget as well. To get an idea, let’s explore wooden dog house prices at our online shops.

Large dog houses

You can explore wooden, metal, or fabric houses for your big furry friend. To be honest, you can be all fancy about buying a house for your large adult breed. Reason? They won’t outgrow whatever you build. So, why not have it all? You have a little window for him to peak outside, a front porch, a roof, or even a dedicated place for his food, treats, and water. If you would like to place a small inflatable pool in front, that would be cool but only if the dog loves it. Otherwise, all the features would be a waste. You have to explore as much as you can to get more ideas and to make it look like a whole big project. Check out some big dog houses in Dubai and see if you see something interesting.

Puppy houses

These are usually portable products, and they better be like that because you don’t know whether your puppy likes to sit outdoors or not. You will explore him and his behaviour eventually. So, you can stick to basic products yet fancy. For example, a folding dog house with panels could be perfect. You can make space outdoor or indoors for it because puppies until they don’t evolve, follows you everywhere. And if he doesn’t find his bed or house to sit in, he will occupy the sofa or chairs. If you are the kind of owner who likes to train your puppy to not sit on the sofa or bed, then this is the right time. And buying a dog house that you can carry around for him to recognise and sit is a good practice.

Heated dog house

Climate is one factor to look for when buying an outdoor dog house. For cold environments, it is better to get the dog house treated with warm air. You can either buy a heated dog house or separately buy a heated blanket to put inside. In contrast, you can also buy a pet house with ac for warm weather. You can always let your dog hop inside when you think the outside temperature is unbearable, but treating their space is equally important for their day to day activities. You can explore options at our online shops or can continue to our tips section to further narrow down your purchase.

Tips on how to buy Dog houses online

For pet supplies like a dog house, you have to create a warming atmosphere in there with everything your furry friend needs. You can stow his toys, some cushions, a blanket, and have a dedicated space for his food and water. With all this to happen, you should understand the ins and outs of every product you set your eyes on. Here, we have compiled some fine pointers to kickstart your shopping drive.

  • Size and placement – Measure your dog first, and once you do, read the specifications list to see which size out of small, large, or extra-large will fit best. It might happen that you want to buy enough room for your pooch, and not just a compact-sized product. In that case, you must consider the placement as well. You need to measure your dog and place both.
  • Material and purpose – Material depends on your purpose and vice versa. For example, if you want to make the house stand strong in one place, wood or metal are excellent choices. However, if you want it to slide indoors, you can choose a plastic or fabric product. In contrast, if you want to carry it around in a bag, you can invest in portable houses. One such design is a nylon-made collapsible dog house.
  • Temperature & weather control – No matter what the material is, it should prevent rain and wind from coming inside. You can have a window for air circulation, a cooling fan, or ac, or a heated blanket. All of this to make the inside temperature appropriate for your dog. You have to see the type of climate that mostly remains in your region and buy the product accordingly.
  • Design consideration – Door, floor, roof, and ventilation are a few things you need to think separately about. You can pick the door that is not lockable. It might get lock accidentally, which is a situation you do not want for your dog to happen. The door and window can be of fabric material while the floor and roof are usually of the same raw material as of the product. You can put a mattress or sheet inside as your dog likes it.
  • Roofing shape and purpose – You can either go for the shed roof or flat surface roof. The advantage of having a flat surface is that you can make it a sitting arrangement for your dog by aligning stairs from the side. This sounds like occupying more space, and yes it does. So, check out if you have a big corner for such things or you can skip having additional parts.

We hope the tips would be helpful in making an informed decision. Along with these tips, we would also like to provide you with a handy list of brands, because when exploring, it is a great idea to have a few brand names in mind so that you know you are going in the right direction. So, a few names include Kooldog, Petsfit, Suncast, Aspen pet, Petmate, Hobbydog, Mister Pet, Trixie, and Tangkula. You can find all of them or even more on our shopping search engine . If you don’t want to search with a specific brand, you can start exploring dog beds for sale online in UAE. See where the search takes you.

Question & Answer

Do dogs really use dog houses?

Yes, they do. Anything that they think is theirs, they use them. If you feel your dog is hesitating is may be because he is not used to a dog house in his puppy age. So, something you can do is stow his favourite toy or treat inside to at least make his way. Once he is inside and likes it, we are sure he will get a habit of it. Also, it may happen that your dog does not like the idea of resting in confined spaces. For that, you can either invest in big dog houses or have a removable roof.

How big should a dog house be?

It should be enough for your dog to stretch and roll once. When he stretches, and still there is space left in the edges, that means the size is perfect. When you look at the size specifications, make sure you check the inside measurements. That means you shouldn’t count the thickness of wood, plastic or whatever the product is made from but focus on the inside space. This is a common mistake many of you make and end up with a small size house. You can measure your dog from head to tail and also his height to outline the basic measurements of length, breadth, and height.

Where to buy cheap dog houses?

You can find many platforms luring you with prices that are too cheap to be true. You should be alert in that case because they might want you to compromise in quality, which no customer wants. In contrast, our dedicated section of animal baskets provides you with a plethora of options while taking care of your companions’ comfort and your pocket both.

We are sure you won’t regret clicking on our shopping platform, that is The smooth navigation console, genuine reviews, online shops, multiple brands, all together make the platform a one-stop solution and thereby your shopping drive seamless.