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A dog bed would be your companion’s personal space, so keep that in mind while moving any product to the shopping cart. Think of the comfort, design, style, climate, your room’s interior, portability, and many other factors before you hit the buy button. Step back if you are in awe of any online dog bed you just saw and going to buy one impulsively. Believe us, more than half of the time impulse decisions result in a not so durable product. So, put in some efforts and understand your dog’s needs from his perspective.

There are three approaches you can run parallel while buying dog beds online in the UAE. The first approach is scrutinising the quality of the product you set your eyes on. The second approach is more of an aesthetical parameter. You can look at the colour, prints, and overall design. Then, the third approach is whether you will be having one or more dog best at your place, according to which, you can fix your budget. You have to spend an ample amount of time if you want to make an informed decision.

Types of dog beds

To be honest, there are many. You can find animal baskets based on size, gender, age, material, budget, comfort, weather, and much more. You might like to have a large dog bed even if you have a chihuahua. Therefore, your preferences or your pet’s behaviour matters a lot when it comes to choosing his bed. Is your pet outdoorsy? Buy an outdoor dog bed with a canopy for him if you have a space for it, of course. Another valid point here to understand is making a fixed place for your dog, so he knows where to go whenever he feels low or want a place to relax. In that case, you can buy more than one bed and set it up in different places. There are also waterproof orthopaedic dog beds available for special cases. So, based on your pet needs, you can buy a suitable one.

Elevated dog bed

Elevated type is slightly or more above the ground, just like human beds. But these are small, depending on your dog breed. The manufacturing of this bed is not only about design and luxury but lots of other things. When your dog is lifted above the floor, air can circulate underneath that makes the temperature bearable during extremely hot or cold climates. That’s an advantage you can have over the stuffed beds. Also, elevated ones are easy to clean and have low maintenance. These beds can be wooden dog bed or made of metal as well. However, stuffed ones have their own benefits. You can compare both on our retail search engine.

Cooling dog bed

Do you think your dog can adjust its temperature as per the climate? Well, you might be wrong here. Nowadays, due to dog breeding, not every dog breed can adjust himself to the local climate. So, make sure you make a comfortable space for your dog. And for that, there are types of cooling beds you can search. One type is a bed filled with water that stays cool for 5-7 hours. However, if your dog chews everything, skip this option. The next type of cooling bed is pressure-activated and gel-based, which works by absorbing the temperature around. The third one is phase-changing cooling pads, which stays cool the longest thereby expensive too. Do consider these options while buying a dog bed online.

Large dog bed

Thickness, material, cushioning, and comfort are some factors you need to check while buying beds for big breeds. Because big dogs are heavy, make sure of the foam quality so the product would not flatten. Considering the best foam for your dog, you can buy a Casper memory foam dog bed. Here, you can either buy a product with a non-skid bottom or purchase this bottom separately. Further, you can put a washable cover on top and a therapeutic cooling pad to make this space luxurious. While stowing accessories, do not forget the aesthetics and maintain colour-coding throughout. Here is one idea – you can have an elevated dog bed with stuffed orthopaedic foam bedding on top of it. 

Puppy beds

Puppies have different demands, which are different from what you have in adult or old dog beds. First of all, the puppies’ behaviour is extremely curious. They chew a lot, not just the bed, but they will chew whatever they hop on. Also, they are in training so you can expect a dirty bed too. Considering all this, do not put too much money on your puppy bed or you can just go for vet beds, which you can cut according to the size you want. Or buy beds which are easy to wash. Check out washable dog beds on sale at our online shops. Some of you may think of buying a big-sized bed that will last till his adult age. Well, you can, but you need to be very cautious of the durability factor. 

Tips on how to buy Dog beds online

Comfort for your four-legged friend means different. Some like to find a confined place like under the sofa or some rollover your bed beside you. By looking at these habits, you can easily find the best dog bed, which your pet will love to have. Here, we have compiled some pointers that will give you a kickstart in your shopping drive. You can further validate your purchase by reading genuine reviews, which is also available on our shopping search engine.

  • Consider size and shape– Measure your pooch from head to tail, and look for a size bigger than that. If you want to invest one from his puppy age to adult, you should check out his grown-up size and invest accordingly. About shape, you can buy any you want or look at the space where you are going to lace. If it is a corner or around some edge, you can invest in a square or rectangular shape, so it fits. Otherwise, the round cushioned bed also seem nice and funky.
  • Make sturdiness the prime factor – As we have mentioned earlier as well that you have to keep in mind your dog’s behaviour when buying a bed. So, you should see if your dog chews things or if he is a puppy, he is going to chew the cushions or foam-filling inside. This would be harmful to his health. In that case, you can invest in wooden or metal beds with padding on it. And slowly, you can train him not to do it, but until then, distract him with toys or treats.
  • Other added accessories – There are many accessories you can add to make the personal space for your dog. These products could be cooling pads, toys, and aesthetical like cushions or a bright & colourful sheet. If you want the bed outdoors and don’t want to invest in another bed with a roof, you can buy a canopy instead. This will serve the purpose equally well.
  • Take care of medical issues if any – Dogs with hip or joint problems are better off with an orthopaedic bed. These beds can range from memory foam to regular padding that influences the price tag as well. If your dog is small or young, you can buy an overstuffed bed. However, you should invest in high-end foam if yours is a large breed. You can also consult your vet in this case.
  • Easy to wash products – A dog plays around, get dirty, and is happy doing so. Thus, you can’t stop your companion from doing what dogs do, but you can make sure that he doesn’t bring any germs inside. You have to keep maintenance of his bed periodically. If you live in a damp climate or if you travel or hike with your pooch often, you can invest in an easy-to-wash product. Yes, these options are available in the market. All you got to do is type what you need at our shopping platform that is
  • More than one bed – Just like you make your sitting arrangements at every corner of your house, you can do that for your dog as well. You can have more than one dog bed, but in different styles and place them in your living room or outdoor. You can also consider other places like your workplace, study area, or any nook where you relax. If you like this option of having more than one bed, make sure you have one as a primary bed where you spend on comfort and take others as secondary.

We hope the tips will give you a broader perspective of investing in a dog’s bed. Along with these bullet points, we would also like to mention some brands because having them handy is a great idea while shopping. So, a few names include Fatboy, Bunty, Wolfybeds, MaxiPet, and Petmate. You can find them all or even more such brands at our online shops. You can hop on to any and see if anything interesting pops up.

Question & Answer

Can dog beds be washed?

Yes, you can wash your dog beds either in a washing machine or hand washing. You must look at the specifications that mentioned care instructions. This could be one of the points you may want to check even before buying the bed, especially if your dog loves being dirty. In that case, washing the bed every day with your hand could be fussy. If you already have one, you can consider putting a sheet on top, that is easy to wash as compared to the foam-filled thick bed. You can even vacuum the bed from time to time or put it under the sunlight to kill germs.

What are orthopaedic dog beds?

Orthopaedic beds provide full-body support and are good for every dog, not just the ones with any muscle or bone deformities. It can either have an orthopaedic foam mattress or polyfilled. The type of foam and its thickness influence the budget range. Whatever you prefer, make sure the product is thick enough. Carry out a test by pushing the bed with your hand, and if you can touch the ground, the bed is not orthopaedic at all. Consider your budget and dog’s needs before hitting the buy button.

How much does dog beds cost online?

Well, a dog bed can be of AED40 and goes up to a skyrocketing price tag. If you want something fancy and luxurious, then we don’t think you want to look at the price tag. You can set your priorities before even exploring the products. However, if you have a fixed budget, you can start from a basic bed and reach up to the point your budget allows. Make sure that you leave some space for last-minute adjustment or accessories. So, everything comes down to your preferences and your dog’s needs.

Where to buy dog beds cheap?

You can check out brands like Casper, Kuranda, and Coolaroo on our product search engine. Out of the mentioned ones, Casper brands has something like engineered products you should not skip to explore. You can grab features like 2-layer foam construction, removable cover, easy-to-wash, and many more. Other than that, you can head towards the Kuranda brand if you want a chew-free product for your chewer companion. Similarly, you can search for more brands at our online shops and scrutinise their features to come up with a perfect product.

Hope we have catered for every query, tips, and data about purchasing a bed for your fur companion. It’s time to start refining the products available under the Pet supplies section at our platform – If you wish to explore more than beds, you can explore the rest of the section, and we are sure you won’t regret it.