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About Dog Baskets

Dog baskets are multi-purpose due to which you must have seen them available in different designs. An indoor basket is one example, and another one is mounted on either the front or rear side of the bike. There are many other variants available in the online marketplace. You can choose one based on your purpose. We are sure you have decided upon the objective of your purchase. So, moving ahead, you can gather some basic understanding here, and you are good to go.

The love for dogs has taken their human companion to travel with them and carry them everywhere they go. Seeing this culture, manufacturers have come up with smart inventions, thinking of convenience and comfort. Dog basket beds and basket for bikes are such products that you wouldn’t mind owning. And about the budget, you can find them available from cheap dog basket online in UAE to expensive luxury dog baskets.

Types of dog baskets

You can divide these basket as per the placement, material, and style. First, placements can be front or rear, and both are equally effective. Most of you choose front to continuously keep an eye on your pooch and supervise to check if there is discomfort or so. On the other hand, you can choose the rear position if your dog is a large breed, and at the front, he will block your sight, leading to mishaps on the road. That’s all about the placement, and about materials, there are metal, wood, plastic, and wicker materials available online. The third segregation is through style, which we leave upon you to decide. To visibly explore some products, you can start with a rear-mounted dog basket for the bike.

Wicker dog basket

Wicker is a material of pliable twigs that are woven together to create furniture or basket. So, when you consider wicker for your dog, you should also consider having a soft liner because just wicker can make long rides discomforting. Other than that, they look elegant and elevate your bike’s appearance overall. You can also use them as storage box when riding alone. As these wicker baskets have an open-top, you can consider buying a sun shield separately to keep the sun off. Now, if the material sounds appealing, you can explore and buy a dog wicker basket for large and small dogs.

Dog basket bed

Do not think of them as convertible products, which you can use on bikes as well as indoors as beds. Both the basket bed and bicycle mounted basket are two different products. Now, speaking of basket bed, you can think of them as no different from other beds other than appearance. Dog baskets have heightened walls and soft liners to give your dog his personal space and comfort. By customising this bed, you can make it a luxury dog basket. Our shopping platform has a dog basket bed for sale if you would like to explore. The variants and flexible budget range would amaze you, for sure.

Puppy basket

A bike basket for puppies is usually enclosed as puppies are not trained enough to not get influenced by the hooligans in the surroundings. He may react or maybe jump off the basket to attack or from fear. To prevent this, it is better you invest in an enclosed basket. For ventilation and supervising, every product has a see-through mesh fabric. Some additional items as an attachment are a bottle holder, extra sleeves outside, or straps to carry the basket-like a backpack. If the features mentioned seem interesting, you can check out our retail search engine and explore some interesting products.

Tips on how to buy Dog baskets online

You need to train your dog to be familiar with the dog basket, and the training goes in two parts. The first part is when you make your dog sit inside the basket and make the time comfortable. The second part is when your dog starts to enjoy the ride. Both the parts need you to indulge in the purchase a little more and find the appropriate specifications. Here, we have compiled a few bullet points that will help you scrutinise any product, whether it is a plastic dog basket or a luxury dog basket.

  • Placement – Large dog baskets often mounted on the back seat and small dogs or puppy baskets in the front. However, large dog breeds do not fit into any bike, so that would be a real problem here because there is not any bike that is invented to be compatible with larger breeds.
  • Journey long or short – Some of you might be planning a road trip with your dog, or some of you only want to stroll in a nearby park with him. Depending on the journey time, you can invest in the features like a weatherproof basket and emphasise more or less the comfort factor.
  • Additional items – If the journey is going to be long enough, you have to buy goggles and a helmet for your pooch for the same reason you need them. However, dogs are not familiar with them, you got to take breaks in between after short intervals to check on them.
  • Proper ventilation – Most of the products are open from the top with belts to prevent your dog from jumping off. Other products have the top of the product elevated for ventilation as well as security. Especially if you are fabric baskets, you should scrutinise the ventilation feature as fabric products are often enclosed.
  • Bearing capacity – What if you buy a large dog basket thinking it would be suitable for all large breeds, but it turns out the trash? To prevent such happenings, you should check the bearing capacity, which should not be less than the weight of your dog.
  • Appearance – Do not forget to save some of your budgets to indulge in the looks factor. Once you start exploring the products online, you will see attractive patterns, colours, and style that will add to the beauty of your bike. So, you can choose the one that complements your bike.

Along with these tips, a list of brand names will further narrow down your purchase and let you make an informed decision. Some of the names include Prestige Wicker, BarksBar, and Trixie. To find more, you can visit our shopping search engine and explore the variants available online.

Question & Answer

Are dog bike baskets safe?

The safety of the basket lies in the sturdy design and strong adherence to the bike without fail. However, the safety of your dog is sometimes dependent on the surroundings. The basket product can only protect him from attacks, providing the pooch is well-behaved. Otherwise, growing aggression and anxiety within the basket can lead to dangerous situations. To avoid such mishaps and to follow all the safety measures, you need to conduct proper training where your dog gets familiar with the basket and movements when the bike is on the road. Other than these fair points, a quality product, a trained dog, and a good rider are all make a ride and people safe.

What is the best dog basket for bikes?

The best dog basket is durable, strong, and attractive. However, talking of the best dog baskets, you can find multiple brands boasting of their products. Choosing one as the best depends on a lot of parameters. Some of these include travel, dog breed, and placement. For example, you may find Trixie brands’ front dog basket exciting enough to buy. Or other dog baskets at Coolaroo or Bunty brand are appealing too. Likewise, by contemplating your preferences, you can easily find the best-suited product.

How much does a dog basket cost?

A very basic fabric or animal basket with handlebar hooks can cost you around AED50. As you go for more advanced and look for a more stylish appearance, the prices will go higher. For example, one such product with durable material and sturdy design can cost you around AED2000. So, you can expect the budget to rise once more and more features got added. There are also versatile products, which can be used as a pet basket as well as utility storage.

Where to buy a dog basket in Dubai?

Our platform, is an excellent space to begin your shopping drive. Here, under one roof, you can expect to see multiple brands and their unique products. Hence, it is convenient to compare different products, filter the budget, and grab the best deal. You do not have to hop from one brand to others and invest so much time in your research. A few brand names include Bunty, Trixie, BarksBar, and more. You can expect to see more such reputed names upon your visit to our platform. is an excellent platform to search for dog baskets, animal clothing, toys, and anything else under pet supplies. You do not have to anywhere else as the shops, brands, products, and deals are here to save both your time and money.