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Petting cats is fun! It has a calming effect on humans. So, as a parent, it is our responsibility to generate a soothing environment for them too. In such a case, what is better than picking a great basket? Let us explore various cat baskets you can pick for your feline. 

Cat baskets are essential for various purposes ranging from being a bed to a carrier to your furry friend. They come in different models and sizes. They might be a complete home to your cat or just a cushion. Whichever cat basket you choose, make sure it is large enough, easy to wash and above all, comfortable for your feline. Plastic, felt, and the fabric is some of the materials that manufacturers use to make baskets. If the basket becomes a familiar place for cats, they start developing a positive association with it. Let us explore various cat baskets that we could make your cat’s life happy and healthy. Also, know where to get the best pet supplies products.

Popular types of cat baskets

Cats look for places that are warm, soft and comfortable. They can stay at any such spot for a long time. Although, if these places are moved as per our whim, the cats can feel dejected. Getting a cat basket can be a permanent solution, though. The exciting part is that it comes in various options like a fibre bed, a hanging basket, and even a wicker carrier. A fibre bed works as a sleeping place for cats, whereas the hanging baskets provide ease of movement. On the other hand, Wicker baskets come with a fantastic woven surface with windows at the front so that our furry friend can see us all the time while she relaxes. Let us understand in detail. 

Cat basket beds

Cat beds are soft, comfortable and above all, portable. You can move them to any of your cat’s favourite places. The reason why cats love basket beds is that they can sleep inside and feel protected. Moreover, it is easy to see what’s happening around us just by taking out heads a bit. The choice of cat beds depends significantly upon the weather. For example, in summers, plastic baskets are suitable for the feline to get enough of the air, whereas warm fabric is a must in winters. Furthermore, the cat beds come with removable cushions and cute pom-poms to keep your little one entertained. 

Plastic cat basket carriers

You may need to transport your cat for various reasons, including home moves, travelling, holidays, and vet appointments. If you would like to make the movement escape-proof, pet carriers are a must. However, many cats would not like the idea of being captured. So, make sure it is spacious enough so that the cat fits and can even sleep inside. It is great to choose a carrier that is sturdy and made up of impact-resistant plastic. Plastic cat baskets come apart easily without making a lot of noise that can startle your cat. Moreover, they have a front or top opening to give cats fresh air and let them see the place around. 

Wicker cat basket

A wicker animal basket is of weaving organic cane, reed or branches. The best part is that the basket is comfortable and good, looking at the same time. It complements every place it is taken from home to the veterinary’s site. They are not claustrophobic. Due to being spacious and having a front opening, cats find them the best to stay in. Whether you buy a large wicker cat basket or a small one, look for the one that has a soft spongy cushion. Also, in most wicker baskets, the sides fix to a plywood base, making them sturdy.  

Tips on how to buy Cat Baskets in Dubai

Cat baskets come in a wide variety depending upon many factors like why you require them, what your cat likes or what is the construction material. They range from soft cushioned beds to hanging baskets and wicker carriers. You can find so many options under each category that selecting one can be overwhelming for you. So, here are some guiding tips that would help you buy the best basket for your little furball.

  • Purpose of the basket A basket offers you enough ease in keeping the cat comfortably at home and places you go. However, they come in many forms like a bed, hanging or a cage. Each basket has a separate purpose. For example, if you need a cat basket for bedding, it should have cushions so that the cat can sleep with all the comfort. On the other hand, carrier baskets are more of an escape-proof cage with a sturdy locking system and soundproof mechanism. So, keep in mind the purpose for which you require the basket and filter down your choices accordingly.
  • Size – Size is the next important consideration while buying a basket for your furry friend. The size of the basket should be according to your cat’s size, not too large and not too small. Too large baskets are difficult to place anywhere at home, and it is even harder to move them. On the other hand, if you buy a small cat basket, it can turn out to be claustrophobic for your cat. Go for the size that makes it easy for your feline to sit and sleep comfortably inside.
  • Construction material – Cat baskets come in a wide assortment of construction materials ranging from plastic to wood and fabrics. Hardcover carriers are plastic made generally. Pet cargo carrier is another variety that keeps the pets safe during flight or other transportation. In contrast, pets require soft covers and interiors at home so that they can stay comfortably.
  • Safety – Our pet’s safety is of paramount importance for us. While choosing a basket for your little one, make sure it does not have a rough surface or sharp corners inside. If you are going to use it as a carrier, then make sure it is escape-proof so that you don’t get worried about losing them.

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Question & Answer

Do cats actually use cat baskets?

Yes, cats use baskets to comfortably sit in, sleep and even move from one place to another. The confined space of a basket might make you wonder if the cat loves the idea or not. However, we would like to tell you that cats love small spaces. She loves lounging in things like a laundry basket, under bed covers, dryers, and even shopping bags. Bringing a basket for your cat does not only serve their love for small spaces but also makes it easy for pet owners never to lose their cats. Baskets are safe and comfortable.

Why do cats like baskets?

Cats like baskets due to their love for small and cosy spaces. They require protection and warmth all the time. Also, they like to stay in baskets or boxes rather than big halls so that the predators cannot attack their sides or behind. The flexible spine of cats makes them easily fit into a confined area. So, space is never an issue for them. So, if you are looking for a cosy and comfortable space for your cat, a basket can be the best option. So, go for it and bring home the best you can.

What size should the cat basket be?

The cat baskets come in a standard size of 20 by 20 by 12 inches if you want to keep just one cat inside. However, for multiple cats, a large basket goes fine that comes in varying sizes, but the common one is 24 by 22 by 13½ inches. A cat basket should be spacious enough to keep the cat comfortably in all positions, from sitting to sleeping. Your selection also depends on the size of cat you have. They come in varied sizes so consider as per your requirements.

Where to buy cat baskets?

Cat baskets are available in most pet stores. Although the variety you get there is limited. So, it is great to order it online. Many online stores sell cat baskets, and the plus point is that you can get a massive number of options. If you feel even a bit overwhelmed, come to us in where we have brought together over 500 online stores that sell best cat baskets. We have all the varieties ranging from plastic baskets to wickers and netted fabrics. You can even compare prices to find the baskets under your budget.

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