About Eau De Cologne

Fragrances come in many forms, including perfume, eau de toilette, and the favourite of many, i.e. eau de cologne. This is the guide for those who are exploring the last category of fragrances. Colognes come in a wide assortment of options, varying based on brands, fragrances, prices, and more factors. Let us explore how to go for the best.

Eau de cologne is the category of perfumes originating from Cologne, Germany. It was originally mixed in the year 1709. Since then, it has become a generic term for scented formulations in a concentration of 2–5% and even more based on the type of essential oil or a blend of extracts, alcohol, and water. With the dilute ethanol (70–90%) base, cologne has a blend of citrus oils comprising of oils of lemon, orange, lime and more. However, in modern American English, many use this term for perfumes marketed for men or an affordable version of the costly and popular perfume. On this page, we will explore many more about it so that you can pick the best and cheap eau de cologne.

Exploring some popular eau de cologne

Cologne is used for many kinds of fragrances these days, but only specific blends of fragrances fall under this category. They are fresh, fruity, and very light. It usually lasts for around two hours, but this may also vary from brand to brand. Cologne helps you smell good, lift your mood, and may also evoke good memories. Thanks to new brands and designers, you have a wide range of fragrances to choose from. However, choosing one depends upon the many things like your choice, budget, how lasting you expect it to be, and many more. Let us explore some of the popular ones in detail. Towards the end, you will also find some tips to buy eau de cologne online in the UAE.

Chanel eau de cologne

It is one of the popular releases by Chanel. It lies among the expensive range of colognes. However, it is not the most expensive one out there. It comes in a light citrusy-fresh scent. The top notes are Lemon, Bergamot, Citruses and Green Notes; middle notes are Neroli, Petitgrain and Spicy Notes; base notes are Musk and Tonka Bean. You can also find other varieties with different fragrances. It has been an iconic symbol of simplicity and elegance for years. It is one of the best releases by Chanel that is comes with an exquisite interpretation teaming the freshness of mandarin and bergamot along with neroli.

Bvlgari eau de cologne

Bvlgari offers a wide range of colognes to choose from. For example, Eau Parfumèe au the blanc eau de Cologne spray is a soothing luxury fragrance for both men and women with the reminiscent of white Himalayan Tea. It offers a captivating scent that pleases the people who look for deep relaxation in moments of luxury. Eau Parfumèe au the vert Eau de cologne, on the other hand, is also for both men and women. It pays homage to Japanese Green Tea. You can choose from many more fragrances at Bvlgari, depending upon your choice. 

Hermes eau de cologne

Hermes is another popular name in the world of colognes and perfumes. It comes with a wide range of options, each wearing different fragrances and feel. For example, Eau de Narcisse Bleu is truly a homage to freshness. It is said to develop a contrast between narcissus’s dense textured note and the delicacy of a woody accord. Eau de mandarine ambrée, on the other hand, brings a vitality to cologne. It is as mischievous as it is gentle. In a similar way, there is a lot to choose from when it comes to colognes. However, the choice should be as per the fragrance suiting you.

Tips on shopping for Eau De Cologne online in Dubai

No one can deny that selecting fragrances give you an overwhelming experience. You have millions of options to choose from. However, going for the right one is as essential as having one. If you are not a frequent buyer, you must be wondering which one would work the best for you. However, if you keep some factors in mind, you will be able to make the right choice with much lesser effort. So, here are some tips that will help you.

  • Consider your fragrance requirements – They may come in different fragrances ranging from light and clean to strong and enticing. Your selection depends upon your choice and also, the person you are buying it for. This will be the biggest deciding factor while you buy a cologne.
  • Consider season – Difference fragrance families may be suitable for different seasons. For example, in summers, you should look for the aqua, ocean breeze, and mint, whereas, in winters, woody scents perform well. On the other hand, in the rainy season, oriental scents work the best. 
  • Go for popular brands – Sometimes brands can make a huge difference, mainly in the case of colognes or perfumes. The genuine brand will contain real concentration and ingredients. So, make sure you go for trusted and popular brands.
  • Shop for it online– You can make either online or in-store purchases. But the case with in-store purchases is that you will have access to limited varieties. If you want a variety at your fingertips, go for online shopping. You will have a lot to choose from. Moreover, you can get the product delivered at home.

Now that you have explored them, are you eager to purchase one? You will be glad to know that there are enormous options available online and even in stores. However, in physical retail stores, you can access just limited or local options, so prefer ordering online. Look no further if you are looking for the best collection. Right here at, you can find the best men’s eau de cologne offered by popular brands. Also, do not forget to explore other products under the Perfumery category. So, what are you waiting for? Embark on your journey and have a great experience!

Question & Answer

Is eau de cologne the same as toilette?

No, they are different. Eau de toilette has a fragrance concentration between 5% – 15%. It is one of the popular fragrances available in the market. However, it is cheaper than the parfum. Cologne, on the other hand, has a much lower concentration i.e. about 2-4% and high alcohol content. It is cheaper than the above fragrances. Generally, it lasts for around two hours. With the dilute ethanol (70–90%) base, cologne has a blend of citrus oils comprising of oils of lemon, orange, lime and more.

Where to buy eau de cologne online in the UAE?

If you are in search of the best cologne online in the UAE, then you have arrived at the right place. On our product search engine, i.e., you can find trusted online stores. Use features like filters, sorting, and direct search to quickly find the varieties you are looking for. Since there are many options out there, it is always good to set your preferences over filters. Moreover, you can compare prices to find the required fragrances under your budget. So, look no further and start your shopping!

Which is the best eau de cologne?

The best cologne for you will be the one that best suits your requirements and preferences. They may come in different fragrances ranging from light and clean to strong and enticing. However, some of the best brands you can go for include Acqua di Parma, Frederic Malle, Penhaligons, Roja Dove, Dior, Laura Mercier, and The Art Of Shaving. The best part is that you can find their collection right here. The genuine brand will contain real concentration and ingredients. So, make sure you go for a trusted one.

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