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The most difficult task is keeping track of students’ and employees’ attendance. You will need to know if all the students report daily for a school. If not, have a follow-up with the parents. To ensure the students are not up to some mischievous activities. As for an organisation, you need to keep track of is the human resource. Since they are the organisation’s most significant assets and expense. To ensure employees’ performance, you need to manage their time well. Or keep track of the times they are in the office and times like lunch breaks. One asset that can be equally helpful in offices and schools tracking attendance is a simple attendance board.

A daily attendance board is a perfect addition to an organisation or school that makes monitoring attendances easy. With this school attendance board, you can quickly know who is present and absent. An attendance board facilitate easy follow-up. You can see if they got permission. Or give a reason for not being in school. On the other hand, an organisation with an attendance board can monitor employees. Like who came in late and leave early or didn’t come to work. This will lead to the employee’s punishment or even help determine the pay according to the time an employee works. A daily attendance board can play a significant role in pushing students or employees to school. Or work daily, be on time as they know that attendance is kept on record.

Advantages of using an attendance board in an organisation 

Having an attendance board will encourage the employees to be present at work. It will significantly reduce absenteeism and prolonged breaks during working hours. This means that they will save time to do more work in the office. As a result, there will be an increase in productivity. Also, employees will always be on time and don’t leave earlier than required. It will help you assess the performance of each individual who doesn’t have the floor. Rewarding punctual ones will help you earn benefits from their skills. In response, you will see more punctual people working for you. One way or another, these boards can play a significant role in our business performance.

Identify potential problems related to attendance.

This board can help you keep track of so many things. For instance, you can have an overview of the entire team. Or an individual in a specific period. Such summaries and reports are usually helpful in making plans. Most managers and heads of departments use these reports for long and short term planning. These may include time scheduling, behavioural changes, or financial rules and regulations. Or you can also use them to come up with good attendance policies. Also, monitoring absenteeism using an attendance chart board in school helps assess the students. The teachers can then reach out to parents to solve the problem.

Attendance tracking provide proofs

any company or person can face a legal issue. It can result from conflict between the employee and employer or else. An attendance tracking system offers real help in any such situation. Such tracks can offer proof for a wage, hour audit or more during any lawsuit. These records can help the companies to defend themselves in case of any pending dues related issue. Likewise, if the employee claims to have worked overtime and is still unpaid, the records can help him. With that said, practising attendance regularly can save both parties from hassle. For the same reason, these records hold greater importance in any commercial lawsuit.

Make vacations more fun.

Attendance tracking makes your year-long scheduling easier. You and the approving authority will have a detailed track of your off days. So when the time comes for a vacation, you’ll be able to calculate available days you can take off on. Like an attendance board for vacation schedules, a centralised plan will make this easier. It will simplify the process for employees to get off on their preferred dates. Moreover, it will help the managers track what is coming next and who can keep an alternative for a person on leave. Furthermore, the records make counting the leaves an employee takes. This basic employee function facilitates several organisational benefits. For instance, it assists the employee to be accountable for their time. Likewise, it offers important data to make business decisions.

Reduce absenteeism using an attendance board

Constant absenteeism and tardiness by employees can affect the performance of your organisation. Employees will always come to work and arrive at the required time if they know that an organisation has a record for their absenteeism. The presence of an attendance board also makes it easier to follow up and solve absenteeism and tardiness issues. If the levels are high, then solutions are discussed quickly. Many attendance board ideas for offices and schools. Most of them are easy to implement. They can help prevent absenteeism significantly. To be more accurate in tracking and monitoring the absenteeism and tardiness trends. You can use a smart attendance board that stores attendance data through a signing in and out feature.

Easier to identify and reward hardworking employees

Most companies around the globe offer performance base rewards to its employee. It is a proven and effective way to promote hardwood and punctuality in the workers. The only way to track the eligibility of an employee is by evaluating the time he gave to the office and work done. As for time spent, the attendance system or presence board is the best way. It gives details to decision-makers about how dedicated an individual is to his work. Like how much time he is spending off-premise. Or how much leave he is taking per year or month. For performance, they use other parameters. Both recombinations can help make reward decisions for every employee. Hence promoting better and healthier work ethics in each individual to gain professional success.

Tips on how to buy Attendance Boards online in the UAE

An attendance board is a useful tool in an office or school. It helps in monitoring attendance and the working hours of employees. However, there are certain points to consider in mind while purchasing. Considering these points can help you find a lasting and useful product. As different brands offer variations in the product, it’s easy to get confused. Luckily we are here to help. Today we share tips that will help you find the best attendance board online in the UAE.

  • Consider the number of employees – When buying an attendance board, you should consider the number of employees in your organisation. This will help you choose an attendance board that can hold all the information you need. If your organisation is large, you can choose a smart attendance board with enough memory. It will help in tracking a large number of employees. Plus, it will be the best way to capture and store attendance information.
  • You will place it – An attendance board should be easily accessible by all. Therefore look at the place where you are going to install it. Ideally, you can integrate it with other electronics in your office to allow automated monitoring.
  • The customisations you want – Some types of tables are customizable. Hence you can decorate them according to the occasion or your brand theme. Or you can add new information as per your needs. For instance, you can have one with pictures, employee names and a place to show if they are present. The possibilities are endless when it comes to design.
  • The number of departments or classrooms – Monitoring employees from different departments can be difficult. The same applies to monitoring students in different classes. Getting attendance boards for each department or class can help. Especially if the heads of departments or class representatives do the monitoring. All you need is the final report on attendances provided by the department supervisors.
  • Its expandability to accommodate growth – Buy an attendance board with the thoughts of what the future holds. Will you be expanding the organisation and increasing the number of employees? Here, getting a board that allows for expansion can be the best option. Or you can go digital with a smart attendance board. These boards allow growth data and storing the old data from employees.

At, you can see the reviews on some of the best products in the market. Genuine reviews can simplify your decision-making process as they provide opinions by people already using the product. Since you are purchasing online, reviews are the only determiner of a good and bad product.

Question & Answer

What is the best attendance board?

To get the best attendance table, you must check if it satisfies all your needs in terms of information about your employees and how well it helps you track the time and attendances daily. You can also check on the material used to make it durable and can last a long time without getting destroyed. The best attendance board should be flexible enough to allow for various changes like an increase in your organisation’s number of employees. The advancement in technology has enabled some new and better attendance tables to be introduced, including smart attendance tables. They are currently considered the best over the traditional boards as they are accurate with data and allow one to check previous data entries. Data storage is critical.

Where to buy an attendance board for office online Dubai?

You can buy high-quality attendance wallboard at our product search engine. makes the whole process straightforward by giving you all the assistance you need, plus you can access a significant number of shops and stores as you look for the best attendance board from the comfort of your home. You can see the quoted prices set by the different traders and select the more affordable price without compromising quality. Buying at Shops .ae also offers numerous discounts and promotions on the various attendance boards, making them more affordable. Also, you get assistance when buying as you are provided with reviews by customers who have purchased the same products. Get the best shopping experience by buying through

How much is the attendance board?

Attendance boards are pretty much affordable, but some are more expensive depending on their features and how accurately they track attendances and working times for employees. The prices also vary depending on the materials used to make them and their maintenance when in use. For an organisation or school, price should not be an issue. It would help if you went for the best brands in the market. Such brands have all the helpful features and can serve you for a long time. They are also flexible to accommodate the expansion of the number of employees or students. Expect to pay more for the digital smart boards because they do more than just track the employee’s attendance.

Improve your organisation’s performance and productivity by buying a daily attendance board to monitor attendance and reduce absenteeism. Due to the numerous numbers of retailers, has a wide variety of office supplies to choose from, plus you can compare prices without leaving the site. Explore for the best online shopping experience and affordable prices!