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Tableware plates are a broad and generally concave piece of the flat vessel that is used to serve and eat food from. In most cultures of the world, these flat vessels are the most common tool for eating food, if it is not liquid.

Apart from being an essential tableware accessory, the plates have many other uses. They are also used for decorative and ceremonial purposes, to present food on a table, or to carry food and other small items from one place to another. Traditionally plate come in a circular shape, but today we can find them in square, rectangular or even triangular shapes as well. Generally, they are made of water-resistant material with sufficient durability to hold the weight of any food and at any temperature. Today we are going to talk about different types of plates that are part of the big tableware family.

Types of tableware plates

Before modern plates became a part of our home and living , people used to eat on large leaves, seashells, or gourd halves. Later came clay that leads to the art of early pottery and extension in the dinnerware range. With time clay was replaced by metal, ceramic and many other materials that you can find in the market now.  Today there is a wide range of this tableware according to size, material, colour, design, and usage. You can also find a special type of decorative style for tables, and a unique plate and bowl set to enhance the aesthetic value of a dining table. Modern dinner plates are made of a variety of material; some of the most common types we can find in the market are as follow.

Ceramic plates

They are perhaps the most common type of modern plat people use daily. They are incredibly useful and are in use for years without causing any problem, else than breakage. Versatility is the primary reason why all love ceramic plats. And therefore, they range from simple daily use items to extremely decorative plates that you can only dare to take off the shelves on special occasions. These items also have a high visual appearance and an extensive collection of colours, prints and styles to choose from. So, the selection of any design or size is generally based on the preferred use of the items

Glass plates

Besides ceramic, people love using glass tableware. Glass plates are also used regularly. The fame of these styles is major because they fall between the special and casual types, considering their look and durability. Although buying a fine quality glass plate is not expensive, there are many faceting designs and makes that may cost a few extra bucks. And the choices include everything from crystal clear glass to shaded items with or without patterns. These items are virtually perfect for any occasion and also dishwasher safe.

Melamine plates

A large number of people have no idea about these plates at all, but many are still using them on a daily basis. These are plastic made, designed for day to day use. They are made of an organic chemical known as Melamine. It is also used in making other types of plastic cutlery and tableware. This material is easy to use and clean and comes in various interesting designs. You can also find a wide collection of melamine tableware with cartoon characters, especially designs for kids. Although they are an ideal option for kids and toddlers, they do not microwave safe and need a little effort while cleaning.

Earthenware plates

These types are quite a fashionable member of the family because they have a little thicker, and they feature a fine glaze on them. This glaze is the unique selling point of this type as it creates opportunities for artisans to draw intricate designs full of their creativity. As a result, we can find them in solid colours, ethnic imprints, or cultural and traditional footprints depicted on these plates and tableware made of earthenware. However, this feature also adds on the price and make them a comparatively expensive option to buy

Stoneware plates

Technically these types of plates can fall under the ceramic category, but it is sufficiently distinct from falling in their kind. They also stand among the commonly used kind of tableware on this date. Stoneware is durable, and thus it can go a long mile. Additionally, such material is less likely to get scratches which once again make them ideal for regular use. Clay is a primary material used in the manufacturing of these plates. It gives a unique to look stoneware plates and is one of the best-selling points in this case.

Tips on how to buy Plates online in the UAE

No matter if you are looking for a simple standard dining plate or digging for the best dessert plates to buy, online stores are the best place to look for new items online. This is the only way you can be sure of purchasing a modern set of plates for your household or a commercial dining facility. However, on a product search engine online, you will find dozens of options that can confuse you for sure. Therefore, we are here to share some tips on how you can make a smart buying decision for your next tableware shopping online. Here are the points you need to consider while buying dining plates online in the UAE.

  • Shape – It is a good idea to start with the shape. Unlike past, today plates are available in almost all shapes; circular, rectangle, square, oval and even with irregular borders. You can make a choice based on your taste and other crockery items you already own.
  • Size – With the variety in shapes comes varying sizes. Even if you opt for a simple circular plate, there are varying sizes based on the use (dessert plates; main course plates; rice plates, etc.). You need to decide for which purpose you need the plates and search accordingly.
  • Material – Now comes the most important consideration. As said earlier, some materials are aesthetically luxurious and durable while others are not. For daily use, prefer material with high durability. Whereas, for a special occasion you can opt for sensational designs with a delicate look or feel.
  • Colours – In the market, you can find everything, from crystal clear and brown glass to standard white and jet black dining plates. Always consider the colour of existing crockery in your kitchen and try to pick a colour that can match or mix with the items in your cabinet. It will add value to your dining experience overall.
  • Quantity – Once you are done with aesthetics and relevant features, it’s time to decide how many plates a minimum you will need for your family or guests. It’s important to keep some spare items in your cupboard. They will come in handy in times of emergency or in case of any unpleasant incident.

Plates are an important part of our daily life, from high-quality ceramic options to natural bamboo made disposable or recyclable plates; the market has a plethora of options for the users. But stores like give you the unique opportunity to explore all these options while sitting on your couch at home or office. You can use the website to explore all the possible designs, materials, size options and place orders in a hassle-free manner.

Question & Answer

Can plates be recycled?

Yes, plates can be recycled. Some recyclable options are mostly made of paper and natural materials like bamboo. These types are easy to recycle and have their plants for the purpose. However, if your old ceramic plate is broken or torn with time, ends up with faded colours and apparent scratches on the surface, you can use your creativity and convert them into decorative plates to enhance the interior of your living room or kitchen.

Are plates made of glass?

Plates are commonly made of porcelain, ceramic, bone china and other such materials. However, today we can also find them made of fine quality glass, wood metal and other materials. Glass plates are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and colours. You can find them in clear glass or in tints like brown, black and other colours. Sometimes you can also find them made of glass with engraved shades creating a texture. Explore the tableware section of Home and Living at to find all these possible options.

Can plates go under the grill?

It depends on the material your plate is made of. For example, you can never put a plastic plate in the oven or under the grill. Likewise, this is the case for more of the glass tableware, whereas some of the high-quality ceramic and bone china accessories are grill safe. If not, the plates will crack when they get in contact with any level of thermal stress. So, if you are looking for grill friendly options, read the product description section of selected products and make buying decisions accordingly.

Where to buy ceramic plates online?

The best idea is to explore a product search engine to look at all the latest options in tableware. This is where you can compare the products from global brands and manufacturers. It will help you make smart and economical buying decisions. At you can find products from top brands like Dixie, Dine well, Elite d’Art , Consept, Ozlem Tuna, Corelle, Gibson, Chinet, Hefty, and Nordic Ware. Besides, you can also use the price comparison tool to find branded plates fitting your budget.

Moreover, you can explore and buy products from top global shops and make your home a dream come true with just a few clicks.

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