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If you are looking for a visible and flexible spot where you can put your all reminders, invites, meeting schedules, and everything you want to remember, you should invest in a well-designed memo board. Read on to know about the varieties they come in, along with some tips to choose the best.

Are you looking for something that can remind you absolutely about anything? The meetings, invites, your to-dos, special messages, birthdays, anniversaries and more! If yes, then a memo board should be on the top of your list. Whether it is about home or office, it can be a highly flexible and functional wall décor. It works as a visible repository for items like notes, planners, photos, to-do lists and small things like that. You can find them in fabric, wooden and metallic finishes. Moreover, there is a wide range of size and shape options to choose from. If it is hard for you to choose the best, the guide will help you.

Exploring various small to large memo board varieties

Memo boards come in a wide assortment of options based on their size, shape, construction material and other factors. Some will be like small chalkboards, whereas others can be large enough to contain all the essential items from notes to photos. Whether you want to buy a large memo board online in the UAE or a compact one, you will get many varieties to choose from. You can find them in a range of colours as per your existing office aesthetics. You can hang them on the wall, or you can also hang them through a chain or thread for a stylish look. If you wonder how to attach things, then there are many ways based on the model you choose. You can put sticky notes or attach notes or photos with binders. Let us explore some of the popular varieties in detail.

Wire memo board

A wired board comes in the form of a mesh board. It is a useful wall organizer that helps you keep essential things on display. Most of the models come with clips and hooks so that you can securely attach things. It is an ultra-flexible board on which you can put notes, to-do lists, photographs, calendars and even accessories like jewellery and glasses. They are not only functional but also offer an aesthetic appeal. You can find them in different frame shapes like rectangular, circular, world map style, and more.

Fabric memo board

This is another popular type of board that comes in a fabric finish. It is often padded and has a ribbon mesh design on it. You can easily slide the papers, notes, or photographs under the ribbon. These boards are simple, good looking and have a stylish ensemble. You can find them in a range of colours like grey, brown, navy blue and more. Go for the one that suits your existing interior aesthetics. Many interior décor enthusiasts also DIY these boards using cork boards, fabric, wadding, staple gun, and pins. If you often misplace important cards and letters, then this is a must-have for you. It can be a stylish and practical addition to any office or home. It ensures all of your paperwork remains properly organized.

Photo memo board

Just returned from a trip or celebrated a birthday or company day? Would you like to keep those moments alive forever? Well, you can have them in front of you always with the help of a photo memo board. These boards are perfect memo boards for home offices, office cubicles, college dorms, classrooms, and even bedrooms. You can find them in wooden, metallic, and even padded varieties depending upon your indoor aesthetics. Moreover, they may come in wallboard, tabletop and free-standing styles depending on your needs. You can slide in the photographs under the ribbons or attach them through pins or hooks. The attachment depends upon the type of board you bring.

Tips on how to buy Memo Board in Dubai

It may seem to be a straightforward purchase, but when you actually shop for a memo board, the vast number of options out there may confuse you. Some come in wooden forms, whereas others can be wired or cushioned. They differ depending on many factors like size, material, pattern, attachment method, and more. So, here are some tips that will help you select an appropriate style.

  • Consider surface material – The surface material for boards is not just cork now. You can find fabric, metal mesh, and even rubber composite options now. On fabric patterns with ribbon, you can easily slide the papers, notes, or photographs under the ribbon, whereas, on meshed varieties, you can just hang papers with binders. So, choose the surface material as per your requirements and preferences.
  • Consider frame – You can find boards in both framed and unframed patterns. However, we will recommend the ones with the frame as they are stylish and durable. But if you want to save a few bucks, then you can go for the unframed patterns.
  • Consider the placement – You can find boards in free-standing, wall-mounted and even tabletop styles. So, your choice depends upon the placement you want for the board. Hence, it makes an important consideration.
  • Look for low maintenance styles – Like other products, a memo board also needs proper maintenance to stay in good condition. So, go for a product that you can easily clean with a dry cloth or maybe, a cleaning brush.

If you now know the concept of memo boards, would you like to explore a vast collection? Well, you are in the correct place for that. On our product search engine, you can access a vast collection offered by the best brands like Balvi, Laura Ashley, Ikea, Bi-Office, and 3M. Moreover, you can compare prices if you are looking for cheap memo boards. So, what are you waiting for now? Go ahead and pick the best styles for your home or office.

Question & Answer

Where to buy memo board online in the UAE?

If you are looking for memo boards for sale online in the UAE, then look no further. You have already arrived at your destination. At, you can find an extensive collection offered by popular sellers of the industry. We have brought together more than 500 trusted online stores in one place so that you can have enough varieties to choose from. You can also compare costs offered by various sellers here. So, make no delay and grab the best styles while stock lasts.

What is a burlap memo board?

A burlap board is a board made up of burlap. It is a coarse canvas woven from materials like jute, hemp, and other fibres like that. It often comes in a light brown texture. People mostly DIY this style at home using canvas, backing board, scissors, frame, and materials. If you want a natural-looking and inexpensive variety, then you can go for it. It would suit you if you a DIY or handicrafts type interiors. There is a wide range of options you can go for when it comes to memo board. However, burlap is one of a kind.

What is a fabric memo board?

As the name suggests, a fabric memo board is made up of fabric. These boards are often padded to gain volume and offer an aesthetic appeal. Usually, they would come with a crisscross of ribbons over them. You can slide your paperwork below these ribbons. You can find them in both plain as well as printed patterns. Plain patterns are preferred by people who are more towards the minimalistic side where printed options are also popular. Moreover, there is a wide variety of shades and shapes to choose from.

How to hang a memo board?

It depends upon the type of memo board you have. There are many varieties out there in the market. So, the way you hang it may differ according to that. If it has a hook behind it, then it is just a one-nail-and-done affair. You can hang it on any nail. But make sure the nail is properly and tightly attached to the wall. Some boards also come with a ribbon or thread. These can be hung through nails or any wall fixture. If you have a DIY board, use a ribbon to turn it into a hanging board.

The above-mentioned guide will assist you to pick the best board online. However, if you are thinking about where to initiate the journey, you will be glad to know something. You can start your search right here. On, it is easy to find a wide range of options of various sizes, shapes, patterns, materials, and prices. Further, you can set your choices like budget, seller, and brand to find good options. Also, find other office supplies right here. So, look no further! Have a good browsing experience ahead on our search engine.