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About Map Pins

A set of multicoloured map pins is required to mark locations, travel routes and addresses on maps. You can find them in a variety of colours, shapes, and lengths depending upon the usage. In order to choose the best set, you need to know a bit more about them. Let us explore!

A map pin is a type of push pin that contains a head and a pointed needle. It is generally used to mark locations and routes on a map. However, you can also use them to pin anything on the board, say photography, a note, or any important paperwork. The head of the pin is generally made up of durable plastic, whereas the needle comes in steel material. If you invest in high-quality pins, they will not bend or break easily. The best map pins have a sharp point so that it is easy to insert them on any pinboard or bulletin board. The best is that they come in reusable forms. So, when the work is over at one spot, you can use them for another purpose. If you plan to buy map pins online in the UAE, then here is the guide that will help you.

Things you need to know about map pins

Map pins generally come in sets containing hundreds of different coloured pins. Red, orange, green, blue, white, black, purple, and yellow are some of the common colours you may find in the box. You can also find them in both round-shaped and flag-shaped head.  Their main use is to mark the locations on the map. However, you can use them on soft cork boards as well to attach notes, photos, and some paperwork. Pushpins work for offices, school projects and also, homes. They are great at locating the spots where you have travelled and planning to travel. Read on to know more.

Common types of the map push pin

The most common type of push pin is the one that has a round head. It comes in a set of hundreds of pins of different colours. Map pins with flag-shaped head are also common and easier to apply. Some people also use thumbtacks instead of push pins for marking locations on a map and pinning things to boards; however, they have a flat head. It makes them lesser visible and comparatively tough to remove. Map pins have heads made up of plastic and needle of steel usually. But you can also find different options that have completed metal bodies.

Uses of push pins or map pin flags

The primary use of a map pin is to mark locations or addresses on maps. With the help of pins, you can mark all the locations you have travelled and planning to go to. Apart from the map board, you can also use them to put pictures on a bulletin board. They are also ideal for putting notices about company functions, safety procedures, important messages, and more paperwork on wallboards . The good thing is that they do not require a hammer or any tool for installation. They come with a sharp needlepoint that can be easily inserted into the board. However, you have put a gentle pressure while application else, the pin may bend or break. Also, you can use them on those boards only that allow the insertion.

Hobby Lobby map push pins & other popular varieties

When it comes to purchasing push pins, you can find a wide range of options in the market. They may appear the same at first look, but they differ on the basis of quality and usability. Not all the pins are created equally. Hence, not all of them will live up to your expectations. However, you can rely on popular brands such as Hobby Lobby, Maped, and Suki. They are known for their high-quality push pins. For example, on Hobby Lobby, you can find assorted colours push pins, metallic and even wooden varieties that will coordinate seamlessly with your office interiors. Maped is another popular name for its school products and office supplies . They release top quality, eye-catchy reusable pins.

Tips on how to buy Map Pins in Dubai

Map pins come in a wide assortment of options that vary based on size, shape, colours, sets, material, and more factors. As the possibilities are so many, you might get confused while choosing one. Some come in the form of plastic colourful heads and steel pins, whereas others come in a whole metallic body. It’s easy for you to get many different options in the market. So, keep certain factors in mind to choose the best. Here are a few tips that will help you.

  • Know your requirements – You may be considering map pins for marking locations on the map or clipping pictures or other materials to the bulletin board. However, the pins with a round or flag head are appropriate for the first requirements, but thumbtacks work well when it comes to pinning some paperwork to the board. It lays flat on the surface. If you are considering pins for a DIY project or your kid’s school project, you can go for various shapes like stars, heart etc.
  • Purchase the right amount – Push pins usually come in sets. The set may contain any number of pins, say, 50, 100, 500 and even more. However, you need to know the approximate amount you are going to require. Also, keep in mind that they are reusable.
  • Consider the shape – You can find push pins in the round head, flag-shaped head, flat style, and more shapes. Your choice depends upon your personal preferences. However, if you are looking for map pins, you should prefer round or flag pins. But to attach things to the bulletin board, prefer the flat varieties.
  • Choose trusted brands – You can find millions of options in the market. However, only a few would perform well. A key to this problem is to go for the best brands. Kate Spade, HK, Outus, and Deli are some of the reliable brands. The best is that you can find all of them right here.

Now that you know many things about map pins, it’s time to explore the best options. You can embark on your browsing journey right here. On, you can find a huge collection of push pins offered by the industry’s best brands. On our product search engine , you can use features like filters and sorting to quicken the search. So, what are you waiting for? Look no further and start your searching before the latest collection vanishes.

Question & Answer

Where to buy map push pin online in the UAE?

If you are looking for map pins for sale online in the UAE, you do not have to look any further. You are already in the right place. is one store for your all kinds of map pins requirements. Here, you can find over 500 online stores that sell high quality and best varieties. So, you will have a lot to choose from. If you feel overwhelmed with the range of options, use filters to narrow them down. Moreover, if you are looking for cheap map pins, you can easily compare prices to find pocket-friendly sets.

How much is a map push pin?

You can find map push pins costing less than 10 AED and even more than hundreds of AEDs, depending upon its type and number of pins in the set. The cost will also depend upon a few more factors like the pins’ brand, seller, and durability. If you go for high-quality products, they may cost you high. But at the same time, you will be satisfied with the quality. Since it is a reusable thing, you should invest in the best quality. If you are looking for cheap options, you can compare prices right here and find what falls under your budget.

What size of map push pin do I need?

It depends upon your requirements. The size of the pins can vary from set to set. However, you will usually find its size near the ball diameter of 1/ 8 inches and the total length of 3/ 5 inches. You can find smaller and higher sizes than this as per your requirements. For example, to mark the location on the map, you will need a tall pin, whereas to attach something to the bulletin board, you can go for small and flat ones.

By now, you must have understood the push pins and their varieties. So, are you ready to explore a huge collection? Well, you have arrived at the right place for that. At, you can browse many options for push pins ranging from round head to flag varieties and many more. Find the best brands and sellers here. So, its time to move ahead and get your hands on the best ones now!

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