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Are you searching for some useful magnets to display photos, announcements and other paperwork on your magnetic or metallic board? If yes, then you should know that they come in a wide range of options. You can go for little magnetic cubes, heavy-duty magnets, dry erase varieties and many more. Read on to explore more!

Magnetic boards at most workplaces have replaced the traditional cork boards. It is because the latter offers you better ways to organize a wide range of data. Moreover, you do not have to maintain them to prevent the wear & tear that is normal with regular cork bulletin boards. However, to operate the magnetic boards, you will require a set of magnets that help you put data on them. Board magnets are objects that can stick to your magnetic board or some special type of metallic board. You will find them in the form of little magnets or magnetic accessories like markers, dusters, date labels and even date magnets for the whiteboard. Popular brands like Board dudes, Nobo, and Magnatag offer high-quality magnets. Read on to know more!

Exploring the popular varieties of board magnets

The most common type you can find in the market or online is the ones that come covered with a round button. You can find them in sets containing colourful options. If you are looking for professional and minimalistic styles for your workspace, you should opt for the shiny silver glass board magnets offered by Sigel. You can even go for magnetic notecards on which you can also write. They work best for the meetings and planning rooms where you want to capture ideas quickly. They come in dry erase and reusable patterns, allowing you to make changes anytime you want. Hence, the options are endless. If you are looking for the best whiteboard magnets for sale online in the UAE, the guide below will help you.   

Glass board magnets

They are on the top of the list of the individuals that put or plan things on glass magnetic boards. You can use them to display photos, notes, reference materials and other things on the board. They come in a clear shade, metallic finish and also colourful options. The high-quality ones are extremely strong and durable to hold securely hold items for a long time. You will mostly find them in neodymium material and circular, rhombus, cylindrical, and many more shapes. You can even go for heavy-duty magnets for glass whiteboards. Glass wallboards and magnets are not just functional in terms of holding things but also offer an aesthetic appeal when used at homes or offices.

Dry erase magnet cards.

If you are tired of sticky notes and pinning items to the boards, then it’s time to know about dry erase card magnets. They come in the form of magnetic cards that can stick on your magnetic boards. The best part is that you can write on these cards with the marker and even dry-erase it. It can be a move around note card that works excellent when you are planning something on board—for example, breaking projects into milestones and deciding timelines. Some cards even come with defined slots for writing headlines, details, timelines, and more. You can find them in a pack of 25, 30, 40, and even more or lesser, depending upon your requirements.

Board magnet buttons

If you search for colourful magnets that can be a versatile tool for you, then go for magnet buttons. They come in fun colours, apt for displaying or marking things on whiteboards, magnet maps, refrigerators, and more surfaces. The surface is mostly smooth, so you do not have to worry about the possibility of scratching the surface. Due to a wide range of colour options, it is easy to colour code them by priority, like red for urgent and green for the already done things. It is a popular choice for places like schools and offices where whiteboards are prominent.

Tips on how to buy Board Magnets in Dubai

Board magnets come with a straightforward functionality, but the wide range of options may confuse you. They may come in plastic button-covered magnets, magnet cards, or even small nickel-plated cubes. Whether you are looking for the best magnet for a dry erase board or name magnets for a whiteboard, you will get find many options to choose from. However, to make the most out of board magnets, you should go for the right option. Keeping certain factors in mind will make shopping easier for you. So, here are some tips that will help you.

  • Understand their types – By now, you must have understood that they come in many options. Some of the common types are button-shaped colourful ones, magnetic cubes, magnetic cards, and heavy-duty magnets. All would stick to your magnetic board but are slightly different. Colourful options are best for holding things to the whiteboard and marking on magnetic maps, whereas, on magnetic cards, you can also write.
  • Consider size and colour – If you need magnets for just holding papers, go for small-sized ones not to take much space on the board. Go for the multi-coloured options if you want to mark something or decide the priority of work.
  • Consider magnetic strength – Different magnets come with different magnetic strengths. For example, neodymium is a powerful magnet, whereas you can also find moderately strong or weak ones in the market, depending upon your requirements and budget.
  • Choose trusted brands – Go for trusted brands if you need strong and reliable magnets. Since they hold essential pieces of documents, you should not rely on low quality and weak magnets. Umbra, Artline, Blomus, and FIS are some of the best brands to choose from.
  • Order your magnets online – You can get magnets in local stores as well online marketplaces. However, if you browse online, you will get a wide variety to choose from. Moreover, there is comfort in getting the product delivered to your office or home.

Use the above tips to shop for the best board magnets as per your requirements. Now that you have known many things about them, are you eager to purchase a set? If yes, then you are in the correct place. offers you a platform where you can find thousands of products offered by trusted sellers. You can compare the features and prices of many products to find the one suiting your budget and requirements. So, look no further and grab the best magnets and other office supplies at affordable prices.

Question & Answer

Where can I buy a whiteboard magnet online in the UAE?

If you are looking for the best stores to buy whiteboard magnets, then you are in the right place. On, we have more than 500 online stores that offer the best options at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for button options or magnetic cards, you can find almost everything here. If you have budget restrictions, you can go for cheap options by comparing prices. So, look no further and browse the huge collection on our product search engine to find the best product falling in your budget.

 Will magnets stick to a whiteboard?

If your whiteboard is magnetic, then the magnets will stick to it. Magnetic whiteboards generally have a white surface deposited on a thin metal sheet. If that metal is capable of attracting the magnet, then you can surely put magnets on it. However, some boards do not have such backing or surface, so they will not serve the purpose. So, if you are looking for magnetic boards, you should specifically ask for the same. Some websites even have filters to differentiate magnetic and non-magnetic styles.

How to attach board magnet buttons?

The board magnet button can be simply applied on any magnetic surface. You need just to face the magnetic side to the surface. However, putting them on your board is not recommended without keeping any paper in between as it may result in scratches. But if you are using button magnets to mark locations on a magnetic map, then you can surely use them alone. Whether you want to attach something to your refrigerator, magnetic map, whiteboard, or lockers, they work pretty much everywhere.

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