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About Tracing Paper

Originally developed for architectural and engineering drawings, tracing paper is now popular among artists for general practices like drawing, layering, calligraphy & many more. If you search for the best papers for your next project, here is the guide that will help you.

Tracing paper is a type of paper that has low opacity. This paper was originally invented for architects and design engineers to develop designs that could be traced precisely. However, it is not a popular tool for artists to achieve precise results in drawing, layering, calligraphy and more such art forms. It is a versatile art medium on which you can use a pencil, pen, and marker with ease. Artists use it commonly to experiment with various shapes and images before creating a final drawing or painting. However, they come in a wide assortment of options. If you are planning to buy a tracing paper roll online in the UAE, let us explore them in a bit of detail.

Things to know about translucent tracing paper

It has low opacity that allows light to pass through it. It has been named so based on its ability to help trace designs. When you put trace paper on any image, you will see the picture through it. Due to the translucent surface, it becomes easy to find the picture’s edges and trace them. With some papers, you can even trace the sewing patterns on fabrics. Not just tracing, this paper also help artists plan their final designs or illustrations. They have many more uses, but not all the trace papers may suit your purpose. You may choose from Swedish tracing paper, graphite paper, trace down the paper and more varieties. It is necessary to choose the best and appropriate type, though. So, read on and know more. 

Regular A4 tracing paper

This is one of the common requirements of people who like drawing or lettering. It comes in sets containing many sheets that you can use in your project. The set of tracing paper for drawing would usually contain sheets with a smooth surface and good transparency. It is an apt choice for beginner artists and architects to practice the techniques. A high-quality set will accept a technical pen, ink, marker, pencil, pen, and other mediums. From personal to commercial usage, this paper works everywhere. Even your kids will require them in accomplishing their drawing projects at schools. 

Graphite transfer paper

Graphite transfer paper is a special type of paper that designers or artists use to transfer designs from one surface to another. It is one of the great tools to speed up your artwork. It is much similar to carbon paper but has been made especially for designers and artists. Carbon paper may leave the lines that stay, but if you use quality graphite transfer paper, you will erase it. However, if you have colours included in your project, you must know that some colours can set even the graphite lines permanent on the paper. To use this transfer paper, you need to slide it between the image and the paper you are drawing. Then, use a sharp pencil for tracing work. 

About Canson paper, Pacon tracing paper & more

Canson is a popular name for its tracing pads that has high-quality papers to suit the demands of artists and designer engineers. It is an ideal choice for the intermediate level to experienced artists and even upper-end school students. Pacon is another brand known for its standard grade transparent paper that artists prefer for sketches and overlays. It can accept markers, pencils, and ink. Strathmore is also a brand popular for its high-quality Strathmore papers that have multiple applications. There is a wide range of brands and sellers that deal in tracing papers. Although only a few can live up to your expectations. Moreover, you have to keep certain considerations in mind to select the best and appropriate one. 

Tips on how to buy Tracing Paper in Dubai

Whenever we think about tracing paper, only a picture of translucent off white paper comes to our mind. However, they come in a wide array of options based on the purpose to be served. For example, the paper used for precise tracing must be more transparent than the one used for planning final images. Moreover, tracing paper prices may vary from brand to brand. There are classifications based on uses, durability, brands, and colours as well. So, how do you choose one? Here’s are some tips that will help you.

  • Consider transparency– It should be your first consideration. It comes in different levels of transparency. Your choice depends upon what type of project you are working on. For example, if you want a paper for precise copying, you should choose the one with high transparency.
  • Consider the purpose of purchasing– Some papers are apt for tracing on-paper designs, while others can even help you trace the sewing patterns on fabrics. Some people even want trace papers as transfer papers, but for that, the quality of the paper has to be good. So, your selection also depends upon your purpose.
  •  Consider durability– A tracing paper seems to be a delicate piece of paper to you. However, this is not the case if you go for high quality and durable options. Go for the durable paper that lets you draw and plan on it without tearing.
  •  Choose good brands– If you do not want to spend much time researching or checking the quality, it is safe to go for good and trusted brands. Some of those are Hape, Ikea, and Daiso.

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Question & Answer

Is tracing paper translucent?

Yes, it is a paper that is made to have low opacity. It is a translucent paper that can be used to trace images, letters and even sewing patterns. It does not come in a completely transparent look, but you will see image borders and even details through it. To use it, you have to simply put it over the image that needs to be traced. It is also used by artists to practice design before moving to the final surface.

Is tracing paper waterproof?

It is impervious to water and gas to a great extent. However, it also depends upon the type of paper you have purchase. The paper quality may differ from brand to brand. Some trace papers may have slightly different properties. Though, you can check it in the product specification while purchasing a set.

What is tracing paper made out of?

The manufacturing of this paper is different from a regular one. The transparency of the paper is developed by a diligent selection of raw materials and the manufacturing process. Cellulose fibre is generally used to create the basis of the paper. It usually comes from wood species but may also come from cotton fibre. Since this paper allows the light to pass through it, the manufacturers have to remove any material that obstructs the transmission of light.

Where to buy tracing paper for sewing patterns?

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