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About Flip Over Papers

Flip charts are an excellent tool for making business presentations and also for teaching children. Instead of buying new flip chart boards every time you run out of paper, you can simply purchase new flip chart papers and replace the old ones.

Basically, flip charts are just large sheets of paper. You can use them similar to a whiteboard and use a marking pen two write and draw on it. However, unlike a whiteboard, you don’t have to discard what you have already written on a flip chart paper when you run out of space to write new things. That way, you will have a physical record of the things you have written on it. This can be great for some specific purposes and can be even better than regular digital presentations for that reason. Read this article to know more about flip chart papers so that you can make the right choices when you are shopping for them.

Four ways to get the most out of flip chart pads

There are a lot of benefits that come with using flip chart pads for presentation. However old school a flip chart pad might feel, it is a really effective way to communicate with your audience. Having something that you can write and draw on when you are talking gives you more freedom to visualise your ideas without anything getting in between, like a mouse or a keyboard. As flip chart papers are inexpensive, you can use them to display draft reports and edit them as your discussion progresses. Here are a few ways that can help you improve the use of flip chart pads.

Use colours wisely

Adding a bit of colour to your flip chart presentations is a really great idea. However, it is a double-edged sword. If you use too much of it, your presentations can look really bad. So, what is the right balance when it comes to using colours in a flip chart? Well, one rule to follow is not to use more than four colours on the same page. Furthermore, you can try to follow the same colour palette for the entire length of the presentation. This will give a very professional feel to your presentation using flip charts. Also, too many colours can be distracting to the viewers.

Too much text can be overwhelming

If you want to keep your presentation attractive and straightforward, you should limit the amount of text in it. One rule that is true for all kinds of presentations is that you should only use text for bullet points. Don’t use flip charts to write entire paragraphs of texts. And even when you are using bullet points, keep it to a maximum of nine points. Nine lines of text are not just an arbitrary number. Experiments show that most people can remember up to nine lines of text in their short-term memory without any difficulty. And they tend to forget the rest of it.

Implement borders

Instead of using the entire area of chart paper, you should try to limit the workspace by using borders. This border can be like a real box that you draw inside the flip chart paper or an imaginary line that you never cross while writing on the paper. In either case, the use of borders can make your presentations visually appealing. If you want to make it a bit better, try adding shadows to the border. This will make your workspace look three dimensional by giving it a raised appearance from the paper that you are working on.

Use pictures

Sometimes pictures can speak louder than words. Therefore, use pictures generously and strategically. Let the pictures simplify your job of explaining the concepts. There are two ways to add images to the presentation. One way is to blend the pictures with the layout of the text. However, this is a little tricky, and you will need to plan out both the image and text before designing the presentation. The easier way is to keep pictures and text as separate blocks. That way, the layout of the picture does not affect the layout of the text, and you can design them independently.

Tips on how to buy Flip Chart Paper Online

The first step to making a fantastic flip chart presentation is to find the best paper for the flip chart. Rather than going for any paper out there, making the right choices can mean all the difference. However, if you are a first-timer, finding the right kind of paper can feel overwhelming. In order to find the right type of flip chart paper, you should first know what to look for in them. Here are a few tips that you can look for when you are shopping for them.

  • Size – The first thing to look for while selecting the flip chart paper is to find the right size for it. The paper should be large enough for your purpose and also should fit on the flip chart board that you use. Usually, flip chart papers come in a few different standard sizes and finding the right size is not that difficult.
  • Thickness – The general rule is that the thicker the paper, the better. Thick papers do not tear easily and do not cause bloating when you are using marking pens. However, there are a few downsides to thicker papers. For one thing, the thicker the paper, the heavier it becomes. As you would be using thirty or fifty papers for one presentation, this weight can add up quickly.
  • Colour of the paper – Flip chart papers come in a lot of different colours. In fact, with a bit of searching, you should be able to find a paper of any shade. And even if you are looking for white papers, there can come in more than one shade of white. Most of the time, pure white papers are the best for creating flip chart presentations. However, sometimes flip chart papers that are a bit off white can be the perfect fit.
  • Features – Rather than being just a plain sheet of paper, some flip chart papers actually come with holes punched on top of them. This makes it easier to fix those papers on a flip chart board. However, this is not common to all flip chart papers because not all of them are supposed to be held using hole pouches.

Another thing to consider when you are shopping for flip chart papers is how it is made. Ordinary papers use pulp made from cut down wood. If you are going for recycled paper instead of regular paper, it will be less demanding on the environment. And besides flip chart papers, you will also need other stationery items. The good news is that you can find all of them using our shopping search engine. Here, there are over 500 shops and brands offering your much-needed office supplies from 3M, Sinarline, Modest, and FIS.

Question & Answer

What is the right flipchart paper size?

There is no one size fits all type of flip chart paper out there. And for that reason, you will need to find a flip chart paper that fits your needs. There are two things that you should consider while shopping for them. Firstly, think about the size of the room and the size of the crowd that you are addressing. A regular-sized sheet might look smaller if the room is quite large. On the other hand, you don’t need a huge piece of paper if it is a small office presentation with four or five people around. Secondly, make sure that the paper fits the board you have.

What are the uses of flip charts?

The main reason why people use flip charts is to explain something quickly and more effectively. It is a lot similar to using a whiteboard. However, you don’t have to erase the paper when you run out of space. Instead, you can flip the paper. Flip charts also have a few major advantages over conventional digital presentations. Firstly, you can present a flip chart anywhere without the risk of running into errors, and anybody can use a flip chart without any special training. Secondly, flip charts are a great option if you want to make live drawings in front of an audience.

How do you use flip charts effectively?

One rule that is true for all kinds of presentations is the fact that you need to be prepared. Trying to do a presentation without being prepared can be disastrous. Another thing to consider is the position of the chart. Place the chart in a position that is easy for your audience to see from all different angles. Probably one mistake that people that are not really experienced in using flip charts make is to clutter the whole sheet with text and a lot of different colours. If you want your presentation to be attractive and easily understandable, focus on simplifying the layout and use minimal amounts of text.

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