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About Decopatch Papers

Decoupage is not exactly a new artform. However, more and more people are taking an interest in this traditional paper art these days. If you are one of them, then you cannot do without decopatch paper sets.

Basically, decoupage means to cut-out designs and pictures from pieces of paper and glue it onto any surface. But instead of trying to create a collage of pictures, in decoupage you try to achieve something beautiful similar to a mosaic. There are no strict guidelines on how you should do it. So, you can use your imagination to come up with innovative ways to make something look good. You can use decoupage to good use in your home and make a boring looking interior a bright and interesting place to live. Read this article before you start shopping for decopatch papers.

A beginners’ guide to decoupage

Decoupage is probably one of the most versatile artforms out there. And unlike many other art forms out there you can do it as a pastime activity, or you can upgrade the look of your furniture and home interior with it. It is also a hobby that you can take up without spending little to nothing. Or even better, you can play around with stuff around your house that you thought was worthless and create something meaningful out of it. But before all that, you should know what decoupage really is. This article will tell you everything you need to know about it as a beginner.

Introduction to decoupage

The word decoupage has its roots in the French language. The French word decouper meant to cut out something. When it comes to art, this means to make new things by cutting bits and pieces of paper. So, what materials can you use for decoupage? Well, almost anything that is lying around in your house. It can be old cardboard boxes, pictures, plastic, furniture, mirrors, or anything. Decoupage does not mean you have to change a thing completely to something different. Rather, you can decoupage to change the appearance of your furniture or flower vase, without affecting their functionality.

Decoupage paper

Technically, you can use a lot of different types of papers for decoupage. However, there is something called decoupage paper that is specifically meant for this art form. They are available in many different designs and textures. So, if you are just starting out, using special decoupage papers will be much easier for you. Apart from decoupage papers, you can also use fabric, paper napkins, pages from magazines, and wallpaper. For beginners, it will be easier to work with pictures that have well-defined edges. That will make it easier for them to cut out compared to pictures with blurred edges.

Glueing together the pieces

After cutting everything, you have to glue them to create the art. This part is also as hard as cutting. But what kind of glue should you use for decoupage papers? Well, there are a couple of options when it comes to glueing decoupage papers. The first and most popular option is to use special decoupage glues. This glue is made specifically for this craft, and you can find them easily. The best part about this glue is that it also doubles as varnish. If you are looking for an all-round glue, PVA glue is a good option. Spray glue that people use for other kinds of craftwork will work decently for decoupage as well.

Decoupage tools

Apart from scissors, you need a few other tools to pull off decoupage design successfully. A craft knife is an essential item to have in your decoupage tool kit. It is great for cutting out details and making intricate designs. But make sure that the knife is really sharp to avoid tearing the paper. After varnishing, you will need sandpaper to make further fine adjustments. You can use it to remove excess glue as well. Keep cotton wool at your hands when you are using varnish as you can use it to remove excess glue before setting it.

Tips on how to buy Decopatch Paper Online

Shopping for decopatch papers might not seem like a difficult task at first. But when you really get into it, it can be a lot harder than you think. Even when there are no clear cut rules that dictate what you can and what you cannot use for decoupage, there are still some things you should be aware of before shopping for them if you are a beginner. Selecting the right kind of paper will be easy once you know what to look for. Here are some tips that you can follow while shopping for decopatch papers.

  • Choose the type of paper – There isn’t just one type of decopatch paper out there. Rather, you can pick and choose from a variety of them. Furthermore, you can use more than one type of paper for the same project. Also, as you will be adding layers of varnish over the paper anyway, the texture of the paper doesn’t really matter. This gives you a lot of freedom.
  • Picking the right design – The most important thing to look for in decopatch papers is the design. Regardless of where you are taking the paper from or what kind of paper you are taking, for a particular project, all of them should complement each other’s design language. Actually, what makes a decoupage project appealing is when all the different pieces of paper come together and form one meaningful design.
  • The thickness of the paper – Even though there are no rules about what kind of papers you can choose for a decoupage project, you still have to consider how thick the paper is. This will affect the workability of the paper. If the paper is too thin, like tissue paper, it can tear very easily. This will seriously limit how much you can do with it. Therefore, it is preferable to use paper that is a bit thicker.
  • Working with pictures – It is better to stay away from papers that have pictures on both sides. Once you apply glue to the paper, the picture on the other side will show through. But if you still want to use the picture, you can scan and print it on another paper. That way, you can avoid messing your decoupage design.

These are some of the factors which you need to keep in mind while shopping online. However, you need many things for your decoupage project apart from decopatch papers. Some of them are glue, scissors, varnish, and many more. So, choose as your default shopping browser & experience happy shopping experiences. We are the best UAE online shopping with 500+ brands & shops allied with it. You can also use the filter option to choose between the price, brands, thickness, and so on. However, don’t forget to check out mind-blowing products under the office supplies category. Some of the best stationery brands you can check out include Hobbycraft, Mod Podge, Stamperia, Aistcraft, Calambour, and more.

Question & Answer

How much decopatch paper do you need?

To be honest, it is hard to say how much decopatch paper you need for a particular project. Most probably, you will be using more than one or two different papers for a project. And it is rare for people to plan out how exactly they are going to use it. So, it is better to do some simple calculations rather than trying to get it exactly right. For example, if you want to decoupage on a cabinet and you are going to use two different papers in equal parts, then make sure that each one of them has at least half the surface area of the cabinet.

How to use decopatch paper?

Before you use the paper on any surface, you have to prepare the surface by cleaning it. After that, cut the paper along with pictures and patterns. To get the borders right, first, make a rough cut with scissors and then cut the edges using a craft knife. You can also use colour to mask any slight imperfections. Then comes the hardest part. Arrange the pictures and find a pattern and position that you are happy with. Better try a few different variations before finalising one. Finally, you have to glue it all on the surface and apply a few layers of varnish on top of it until it is nice and smooth.

Are decopatch papers expensive?

Decopatch papers come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. For that reason, there are both cheap and expensive types of decopatch papers. However, you can also improvise your decoupage design using items that you would find around your house. Pieces of magazine papers, envelopes, and boxes all can be used for making beautiful decoupage designs. As it is an art, it will take practice and dedication to get good at it. However, with time and effort, you will be able to create beautiful designs out of seemingly worthless things.

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