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About Crepe Paper

One of the most popular products that people use for making craft items and scrapbooks is crepe paper. You can also hear kids calling them creep papers. Nonetheless, the popularity is intact and the main reason for this popularity is its selection of colours and the fact that you can make flowers and models that look convincing with it.

Crepe paper is similar to tissue papers in some ways. The major difference is that these papers have a layer of glue coating over them. This coating gives it some interesting features that make it ideal for craftwork. Creep paper actually gets its name from the crinkle texture on it that looks like crepe fabric. This texture is achieved by the use of a special machine that gathers the paper after coating the glue. This texture remains on the paper permanently because of the glue. So, if you want to know more about them, read this article. It will help you determine what type of crepe to buy.

Types of crepe paper

Even though it is hard to tell different types of crepe papers for people who are not much used to it, it will become pretty evident once you start working with it. There is no doubt that the wide range of options among creep papers is a great thing. However, that also makes it hard to find the right type of crepe among all others. In order to know which crepe, you should use for a particular project, first, you need to know what each of them is capable of doing. Here is a list of the four most common types of creep papers.

Fine crepe paper

Just like the name indicates, the fine paper is very lightweight and thin. And because it is thin, it is easy to fold fine crepe into complex shapes without any difficulty. So, if you want to make delicate artwork with complex geometry, this type of crepe is the best choice. People prefer fine crepes for making delicate things like Mexican paper flowers and fine dresses for dolls and barbies. However, as this paper is really thin, you would need more of it for a project. So, remember to buy more rolls if you are going for this.

Doublette crepe paper

Compared to fine crepe, doublette crepe has a smoother finish and is definitely thicker. Basically, doublette crepe is just two layers of fine crepe bound together by the use of an adhesive. But in the case of a good quality doublette, this lamination will be seamless and will be hard to separate between the layers. Similar to a fine crepe, these are available as both single-sheet folds and also large rolls. However, as it is thicker, rolls that look similar to that of a fine crepe won’t be the same size. In fact, when you unfold a roll of doublette creep paper, it will be only a quarter of the size of fine crepe.

Florist crepe paper

Florist crepe is thicker than a fine crepe but not as much as that of doublette crepe. Moreover, you will find florist crepe in two different levels of thickness. The finer one amongst the two weighs 160 grams per square meter of the paper. The heavier one, on the other hand, weighs twenty grams more than this. It is hard to tell both of them apart. As you can tell from the name, florist crepe is the popular choice for making paper flowers. It offers superior shades of colours and is pretty durable. People also make dresses out of florist crepe for store mannequins.

Metallic crepe paper

Sometimes you might need your designs to have a little more shine than what an ordinary crepe paper can give. In that case, you need to use metallic creep paper. These are not fully metallic, though. They just have a layer of metallic coating on them. Most of the time, it will be of a thin layer of aluminium. Even though that makes it a tad bit costlier than a regular crepe, they are still not too expensive. Rather than using just metallic crepe completely, most people use this to add decoration over the regular crepe.

Tips on how to buy Crepe Paper

Buying crepe papers for your art project might not feel like a difficult task at first. But if you are looking for the best results, you need to make sure that you are buying the right kind of crepe paper. And as there are so many different varieties among crepe papers, you will have to be careful while shopping for them. However, it can be easier if you know what to look for in them. Here are some tips that you can follow while shopping for crepe paper.

  • Choose the colours – You might already have an idea about what colours to use for a certain project even before you start shopping for crepe. So, make sure that you buy the crepe in exactly the right chase as you want in your project. Sometimes the shade can be slightly different than the one you need.
  • Type of paper – There are half a dozen different types of crepe papers out there that you can choose from. However, rather than using a random type of crepe, you should always go for the right thickness and texture. This applies to both scrapbooking as well as making models of flowers and other art models.
  • Size of the roll – To finish a project successfully, you need the right size of crepe paper. The first step to do that is to make an estimate of how much paper you will need. You will need to do this for all the different colours and paper types you will be using. After that, you have to make sure that you are buying the right size of paper.
  • Features – Not all creep papers are the same. Some of them come with handy features like waterproofing and tear proofing. Waterproof papers are great for crafting flowers. That way they will retain their freshness for a long time even if some water gets on it. Tearproof papers are harder to tear if you pull along its length. However, you still can cut the paper using scissors or by pulling the paper along its width.

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Question & Answer

Are crepe paper and tissue paper the same?

Tissue paper and crepe paper are two completely different things. The obvious differences are in the colours and the feel of the paper. Crepe papers come in a lot of different colours and shades and are often thick. Tissue papers, on the other hand, are mostly white. Although there are tissue papers of other colours, they are not as varied as crepe. The finish that you get from both of these is also a lot different. Although you can rarely replace tissue papers for crepe, it is only possible for very few specific applications.

How to make crepe paper flowers?

One of the easiest ways to make flower decorations at home is using crepe paper. This is because creep papers are cheap and also the unique texture on crepe gives flowers a very convincing look. But before you start making flowers, you will need sticks, scissors, glue gun, floral tape, wires and other essential items. Then depending on what flower, you want to replicate, you need to cut the crepe in a suitable shape. Folding these pieces will give you the shape of petals. Then cut the paper in narrow strips to look like stamen. You can combine both of these to complete the look of a flower.

How long do crepe flowers last?

Unlike natural flowers, crepe flowers do not wilt. However, that doesn’t mean they will last forever. Being paper, crepe is sensitive to elements like water and dust. Unless you are using waterproof crepe, any droplets of water will ruin your crepe flowers. It is also nearly impossible to clean crepe once dust gets on it. So, if you are making crepe flowers for an event or a wedding, it is better not to make them a long time in advance. And if you want to keep them safe from water and dust, keep them inside boxes away from moisture and sunlight.