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About Cover Stock Paper

The cover paper refers to the paper with enough strength to protect the pages lying beneath or between it. If you want to cover any of your print materials like pamphlets, reports, catalogues and even books, you will require it. However, to select an appropriate variety of cover stock paper, you need to dive deep into details. So, read on!

The qualities that make cover stock different from regular paper are its strength and durability. They can withstand folds and normal wear & tear that make them apt for covering purposes. You can find them in a variety of finishes, textures, colours and coatings. Depending upon your requirements, the cover stock will undergo printing, embossing, die-cutting, laminating etc. So, it is easy to mould them the way you want, and they will still be sturdy and protective. Their weight may range from 50 to 60, 65, 80, 90, 100, and even 130-pound. It can be more or lesser based on the variety you pick. If you search for the best cover stock paper for books, notebooks, and other materials, then here is the guide that assist help you.

Things to know about cover stock paper

You must be confused between the card stock and cover stock. Both are thick, durable, and come in rainbow colours. You can use both in any of your printing and crafts projects. However, if you go deep into details, you will find out that cover stocks have a protective layer or finish that cardstock do not have. Hence, it is a handy item for making posters, report covers, notebook covers etc. Most of the printed books have uncoated paper stocks for the inner pages, whereas a coated one for the book cover. Read on to explore more about cover papers.

Cover stock & cardstock weights explained.

You will often come across the statements explaining cover stock as heavy and coated paper having a weight ranging from 65 to 130 lbs. However, 80 lbs is the most common weight for cardstocks. You may find it in lower or higher weight options, depending upon your project requirements. Mostly, the weight, in this case, refers to the weight of 500 sheets at the standard size of 20 x 26 inches. If you want to understand cover stock measurements precisely, you must know that it is typically measured by calliper or thickness in points where 1/1,000 inch makes one point.

Understanding matte & glossy cover stocks

A glossy finish means the paper will look shiny. But if you choose the matte finish, it will give you a muted appearance. Both types hold colours, images and text well, but your choice depends upon whether you need a shiny appearance or not. Glossy one produces a cleaner and deeper look, but matte is also pretty much in fashion, especially in professional environments. Your selection affects the appearance and the experience and feel of the thing you use it on. There is not much difference in the pricing of these cover stocks. You can find both for any decent budget you have.

Understanding brown cover paper & plastic covers

While searching for cover papers, you will also come across a different variety of covers. This means the brown, plastic, and other types of covers that one applies externally over a book or notebook to protect it from wear & tear. The brown covers come in the form of sheets that you need to cut to cover books. Similarly, you may go for plastic covers. They can be found in the form of sheets as well as folders. Due to its waterproof nature and transparency, you will find its usage more than other types of covers. If you do not want to waste your time cutting and covering books with sheets, you may also go for stretchable book covers. They come in basic to colourful prints and fit around books easily.

Tips on how to buy Cover Papers in the UAE

Covers papers come in various sizes, weight, thickness, shades, and price slabs. However, you must choose the right variety for the success of the project. The options are so many that it can be an experience full of confusion for you. Whether you are looking for the best cardstock weight for scrapbooking or book cover, you should consider certain factors. Here are some tips that will help you find and pick the best variety.

  • Consider the number of papers – Cover papers come in the form of sets containing multiple sheets. So, it makes an important consideration. Choose the required number of sheers as per your project requirements.
  • Consider weight & size – These papers come in different weights, thickness, and dimensions. Your choice depends upon the type of papers you need for your project. So, it also makes an important consideration.
  • Know your purpose – The term cover paper or book covers may refer to both the hard paper used in the manufacturing of books, business cards, report covers, etc., and the brown or plastic sheets that externally cover the books for additional protection. So, before buying one, you should know your purpose to choose the right one.
  • Understand matte vs glossy look – Glossy finish means the paper will look shiny. But, if you choose the matte finish, it will give you a muted appearance. Both types hold colours, images and text well, but your choice depends upon whether you need a shiny appearance or not.

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Question & Answer

 What is cover weight paper?

Cover weight paper is a thick and sturdy form of paper that sometimes refers to cardstock. It may come in both coated as well as uncoated types. The coating is usually done to add certain qualities to the paper-like surface gloss, thickness, weight, strength and reduce ink absorbency. On the other hand, uncoated ones will have a rough surface, resulting in a non-shiny or less glossy finish.

 Where to buy heavyweight cardstock online in the UAE?

If you search for the best collection for heavyweight cardstock papers, then you have arrived at the right place. On, you can find a huge collection of these papers offered by over 500 trusted online stores in the industry. Moreover, you can filters, sorting, and direct search to quicken your browsing. Also, you can find other stationery right here. So, go ahead and do not miss the latest collection.

 What is cover stock paper?

Cover stock is a thick and durable paper that people use to make the covers of catalogues, books, pamphlets, reports, and other print materials. The factors that differentiate a cover stock from a normal paper are its strength and thickness. It may come in different finishes, coating options, textures etc. These papers can even undergo printing, embossing, die cuts and many other things that increase their usability.

 Which one is better: text weight paper or cover weight paper?

There is a wide assortment of papers to choose from. If you are confused between text weight paper and cover stock paper, weight and strength can be the deciding factors. 20 lb. paper is generally used with standard documents. Papers over 20 lb will allow you to print text and colour without it bleeding through the paper. On the other hand, the cover stock is used when you need a durable construction like making book covers, invites, business cards etc.

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